My Year of Binchy – Week 13: the mystery death is…

Thursday, March 28
  • Book: Echoes
  • Pages: 472 – 544
  • Location: Front Stoop
  • Smoking: Sour Sleep
  • Playlist: The Leftovers Season 1+2+3
  • Did I cry? Yes, when the first song that played when I started the playlist was “Let the Mystery Be”, exactly what I needed to hear right this second. And then again at a very sad/sweet father/daughter moment that will be a major spoiler if I tell you about. I miss my dad. And then a third time when this song came on at the end of the night.

Full disclosure: this might be a little disjointed because before I started reading I got a phone call that Mickey got let go from his job and now my brain is in a full on tailspin. I am glad to have some tools at my disposal to help me navigate this.

My feet are cold, but I kept reading and I kept reading because there was such a compelling roll out of information that I just couldn’t wait to see how the next person reacted to the news. Just masterful, masterful writing.

Mickey came home from non-work (idk what else to call it) and we had a bit of a talk. Things are scary now and very uncertain, especially since he was the only breadwinner basically. My few clients were a tiny drop in the bucket that aren’t even enough to eat on. So yeah, scary is the right word.

We were doing okay and looking actually good for the first time in our lives, then we had to pay for a new heart, then inflation and the cost of living went sky high superfast. Even with Mickey’s new good-paying job, we were on the brink of struggling, while trying to maintain and build a small savings.

And now we really are, lol.

But I told him, everything is always working out for us. This TikToker who has been making a gummi bear chandelier for two years always reminds me of that. And I reminded Mickey of that today.

Luckily, I just picked up some extra freelance work writing for Again, a tiny, miniscule drop in the bucket, but it’s something, you know?

In unrelated news, anyone wanna buy a snowman?

Friday, March 29
  • Book: Echoes
  • Pages: 544 – 598
  • Location: Back Stoop
  • Smoking: some old junk I cannot recall the name of
  • Playlist: For All Mankind
  • Did I cry? I’m predicting yes, based on both my mood and the playlist I am listening to. I was right, I did.

Oooh, we’re starting with meeting the parents!!!!

Also, before I even start reading, I do a couple doinker hits and today I am sitting facing the sun and I closed my eyes and I could see red. When I have bright lights outside my body is the only time I don’t see black static when I close my eyes. Thanks, aphantasia.

Okay, let’s read.

I’m worried about Gerry. I know he wouldn’t take this news well and he hasn’t. Now, I’m worried he’s the body at the beginning. Like, he flung himself offa the DANGEROUSLY SLIPPERY PATH and into the sea as some big declaration of love or something.

Okay, NOW I am worried about Angela O’Hara. I’m afraid she’s gonna throw herself onto the rough rocks of the beach, ashamed at the lie she has been upholding all these years. She is so worried the town of Castlebay will hate her.

Also, if Castlebay is real, I would like to go to there.

I said earlier that I wasn’t as into this book as I was the previous reads, but I think that is because I am used to focusing on the relationships. Now, I am wholly invested in the mystery. It’s so well done. Anyone is a suspect.

There is a character named Mickey Mack and it is really fucking with my brain.

While I’ve been out here reading, Mickey has been doing things around the yard. He made stage two of our fire pit and lit a fire and we stood by it for a bit. Then he went and raked up so many sticks from the side yard. We will probably add them to the bug snug in the back near the butterfly circle garden.

We are doing okay. Everything is always working out for us.

Saturday, March 30

For a while it seemed like not much was happening in this book, just getting to know everyone really thoroughly. NOW, though, NOW it seems like everything is happening at once. Let’s see what happens today!

Okay here is something wild to think about – in this book, it is an anomaly to wear a different shirt every day. Shopowners are wearing them for four days at a time. But then, maybe that is more to say about the class of the people I am reading about and less about the times. Probably a combination.

I’m gonna finish up this book tomorrow and the mystery death with be revealed. I’m have it narrowed down to two people at this point: Gerry (who has turned very creepy) or Clare (who is suffering from post partum depression). I could also see Caroline or David doing something dramatic, too.

Oh also, there could be a Gerry murders David scenario, which would be just oof.

Mickey came outside with me again tonight and made another fire. Today I moved my chair closer to that fire.

It was lovely. I am excited to see what tomorrow’s reading (and the end of the book), brings!

Sunday, March 31 (easter)
  • Book: Echoes
  • Pages: 657-END!
  • Location: Backyard by the FIRE
  • Smoking: a mish mash
  • Playlist: The Leftovers 1+2+3
  • Did I cry? Yes, at the very end.

Before we came out to the backyard for outside time, we spent a couple more hours outside working on the yard. It feels good to do physical styff with my body. I don’t mind being sore if I know what caused it!

Ok, let’s see who the mystery water death is…

Okay! I have 94% of the book done and I know who died! It is very sad, but not as much as it would have been before this person went off the rails. It was also one of my theories! I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHICH ONE.

Now the whole town is gonna find out and the book will be over. Next up is Firefly Summer.

I also do not recall anything about this one.

Today while I read, Mickey tended to the fire (pictured above) and then he walked away for a bit and it was very quiet. Then I looked over my shoulder to see how my time lapse was doing (just making sure it didn’t fall over) and saw him happily tying up bunches of twigs with twine. It is very nice to have company during my reading times. I thought it might distract or detract, but it does not.Not one bit.

There is something to be said for trying things before judging them unnecessarily, I guess.

Ok (I know I start sentences that way a lot), let’s finish this for real. How’s everyone gonna react?

Okay, so the reactions weren’t really the end of the book. They were kind of all lumped together so that one of the main characters would do something so terrifically out of character that I exclaimed aloud, “What the FUCK?!” and read the rest of the book with my mouth agape.

One day I will have to come out up with some sort of rating systems for this project. I can’t use “Binchys” because, to me, that sounds like a bird. What would the Binchy species of bird look like? Green and purple and gold, I think. But pastels – aside from the green. The green would be a deep emerald that borders on teal, just a smidge.

p.s. if you are invested in the death in anyway and want to know who it was, let me know. I will also tell you the dramatic thing that made me say, “WHAT THE FUCK?!’ at the end.


  1. woozxyl

    I am very particular about what I read; I’ve always said ‘if I want to cry, there’s a lot of history to read.’ So I don’t read books that will make me cry; my Mama is always trying to share books by authors like Binchy and I must decline. I am all for people enjoying what they like.
    I am concerned about Mickey losing his job. I hope he has options and that he has applied for UC in the meantime and that he’s doing ok mentally. I’ll be sending positive thoughts in your direction!

    • Jacki

      I used to avoid crying, but I have found it to be a great release lately. It makes it easier to deal with all the rest of my emotions. I bottled way too much up before.

      Thanks for the positive thoughts – we appreciate it! He applied for UC almost immediately, at my urging. =) You know I’ve been here before. =)

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