My Year of Binchy – Week 14: Do You Know How to Relax?

Monday, April 1

Let’s see who I’m gonna meet again for the —uhh, at least fourth time.

This book has chapters! That feels less stressful somehow to my brain. I have no idea why yet, but I will figure it out I’m sure.

Okay, I am already into this book. The husband of the main family of this story is both a pub owner and a poet and it doesn’t seem (yet) like he is the alcoholic type of pub owner. This town feels comforting already.

And there are twins! I dunno why but I get excited when there are twins in a book… or movie… or tv show. Hell, probably a radio play, too.

Mickey did some weed whipping (that is what they call it up here) and then started a fire and then wandered around the yard a bit.

Then he came up to me and said, “I don’t know how to relax.”

I knew that feeling immediately because it was one of the things that caused me to start doing this. It worked for a while. Then, I started getting all twitchy like I should be doing something else (it’s my brain’s dumb fault, all spinning for no dang reason) and would check my email and Facebook and whatever else instead of reading.

So I took my phone out of commission by doing a time-lapse every night while I read. That worked for a while and I was able to relax. But then! My brain started spinning out again, convincing me that there were more important things I should be doing other than relaxing, causing me to use my iPad more and more often to check things I didn’t need to check.

Today, I installed Merlin, the bird-identifying app in order to keep me from doing that. I think this is a great idea because I heard a great horned owl for the first time ever today.

I told Mickey all this, too. I understand not being able to relax. It’s like I have to force my body to keep me from doing that. It’s getting more receptive to it, though.

Tomorrow ends the “wallow” period we allowed ourselves and we’re gonna hit the ground running, filing for unemployment and hitting up this place right down the road that has a perfect job for Mickey. Even more perfect than the one he left.

I would really love to become even more of a small-town Melvindale human.

Wednesday, April 3
  • Book: Firefly Summer
  • Chapters: 3-4.5
  • Location: Backyard
  • Smoking: Mish Mash
  • Playlist: Succession Party
  • Did I cry? Yes, with happiness, because the sun was hitting the clouds just right and a good song was on and I had Mickey here to share it with. I will have to say, that other than the whole money thing, (seriously, anyone wanna snowman?), this has been a really nice week or so.

As I am reading today, I find myself wondering this: is it better to accept someone as is or help them get better? This is based on a character in a book, who is a drunk. The townspeople cover up for them. If they are found in the street, passed out from drink, the townsfolk of Mountfern will devise some sort of story and deliver them back where they belong. So, they are accepting this person as is, but keeping them stuck in a cycle.

But here’s the thing, is it their place to help people get unstuck from a cycle? Is it anyone’s? If someone is genuinely looking for help to break a pattern or whatever, yes, you help. But you accept the mistakes as they grow, because growing is hard.

I dunno. This is something I am thinking about now.

There is another Gerry Power in this book. Let’s hope he fares better than the last one. There is also a Tom Brady, who is NOT a great person. There is also a Matt Foley!

We got rained out midway through, so I stopped midway through a chapter.

Saturday, April 6

It looks lovely out today after the past couple of days of surprise rain, so fingers crossed we’re out here for the duration. Mickey’s out here with me, looking at nature and doing Mickey things.

Last week, he gave his resume to a really promising position only a couple of miles from home. I putting out all the good vibes that it is a good fit for both of them and we cement our “hometown folks” feelings. I’d appreciate your vibes too, but maybe when you are reading this he will already have it! We shall see.

okay, now it is book time.

This book feels different than the previous ones because I find the story and characters so compelling that I don’t take time to type here or even contemplate my life. Or maybe it’s just that my brain needs a true escape right now.

Either way, I’ll take it. This book is great.


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