My Year of Binchy – Week 15: This Book is Stupid Good

Monday, April 8
  • Book: Firefly Summer
  • Chapters: wherever I was through chapter 6.
  • Location: Front porch
  • Smoking: Leftover something
  • Playlist: Nothing, just the traffic driving by
  • Did I cry? Nope

We spent the bulk of the afternoon outside for the eclipse yesterday and it was lovely. In the evening time, Mickey and I were playing video games: he on his PS5 and me on my Switch. He disappeared for a bit and then came back saying, “You don’t have to stop playing, but maybe you should bring it outside.”

My Switch was almost dead so I left it to charge and brought my Kindle to read instead. I am into this book, y’all. I think this was one I didn’t read a lot cause it didn’t hit all those romance notes I was so big on when I was a younger Jacki. I am interested in the adult business of this one.

So I read a chapter while Mickey arted on his iPad. It was a lovely time and I am glad he pulled me outside. I really and truly feel like Mickey getting let go was a blessing in disguise. Again, the money part is scary, because I don’t want to leave this area or this house. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with them both.

So again, I ask… anyone wanna buy my very first ceramics project?

Tuesday, April 9
  • Book: Firefly Summer
  • Chapters: 7 – 9
  • Location: Backyard by the fire circle, 73 degrees
  • Smoking: The last of my lovely, lovely gorilla stuff
  • Playlist: For All Mankind – really hoping for a “Three Little Birds” song break
  • Did I cry? No!

I couldn’t get outside fast enough. It is gorgeous out today. Sunny AF and not too hot. Barely any humidity, just the sun’s rays on my face.

Mickey is behind me whittling or chopping up branches for the fire pit. I’m trying not to perceive him, because I know what that does to our brains. But it makes me happy to have him out here working or relaxing behind me.

I’m reading – starting part 2 of this book today, so I’m assuming there is some sort of time jump coming. My guess is the twins will be high school aged.

Let’s see!

Okay, so I read the most I’ve ever read sitting outside and it was all very good. The time jump wasn’t an age change, it was the death of a major character, that was only really a minor character in the end. Their impact was the major thing is what I think is happening.

This book is so compelling that I’m just not taking breaks for typing. I’m sure there will be more of this tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 10

We have moved to the front stoop for today because we are installing a new row of twinkly lights. When I say “we”, I mostly mean Mickey, because he is the more mechanical one that can actually “see” in his brain how things work together or how they will look in the end. Me? I just have to wing it all on account of the aphantasia.

I twirled a bunch of solar twinkle lights on the front porch railings and now we are continuing the path to line the sidewalk as far as this two-pack of solar-powered fairy lights can take us. I like the solar powered ones because then it’s up to nature when they turn on and off. I love seeing which strands turn on first every day.

Okay, now lets see what the townsfolk of Mountfern have for us.

Good stuff and an end to part 2.

We’re ending on another tragedy, folks. One my OCD brain was NOT predicting.

So far I thought:

  • the twins would get trapped in the cave and die
  • Kerry would do something terrible and hide in the cave and get trapped and die
  • Ms. Rachel Fine would kill herself in some dramatic manner
  • The whole of Fernscourt would topple over on Patrick, killing him instantly.
  • Maggie would jump from high atop a mountain into the creek to fit in with the rest of the kids. She will land wrong, breaking her back and dying instantly
  • Kerry will get Kitty pregnant and it will be the scandal of the town
  • Kate Ryan’s husband (whose name I cannot currently recall) will die suddenly of a heart attack, leaving her a widow with a mess of kids. She will fall in love with Patrick which will break Fergus’ heart, because he wanted to white knight that shit and be her savior and marry her. So he kills himself

I know you don’t know these people so these theories mean nothing to you, but I had to get them out somewhere.

There was a different tragedy and it is going to change everything. I can’t wait to start part 3.

We installed the new twinkle lights. I am trying to stay out here until they turn on.

Saturday, April 13

I am still listening to this playlist because it seems to be refusing to play “Three Little Birds”. If I just play the song myself, it won’t have the emotional impact I am looking for. I need to to come about naturally. Please let that happen today.

Halfway through my reading time, Mickey called me over to show me what he’d done with last year’s vegetable garden patch. He’d lined it with old fence pieces in a very aesthetic manner. We are gonna attempt to take an aerial shot later.

Then I read a bit more and the only two things I have to say about it other than I am loving it are both about Dara.

  1. I love that name.
  2. She should be a stand up comedian. Girl has jokes.

Mickey called me back over to show me the excellent soil he’d uncovered. He also had a big box of wildflower seeds in his hands. I got up and we sprinkled the seeds on the 100% lovely soil.

”I just wanted you to be a part of that,” he said as I went back to my book.

As I went back to my book just now, “three little birds” came on. I’m happy.


  1. woozxyl

    I am concerned for you. Are there other Mickey-jobs in Melvindale? HUGS

    • Jacki

      There are honestly a lot more Mickey-shaped jobs available up here than there were in Florida, so I am still very hopeful!

      Please don’t waste one bit of energy being worried for me or us – instead turn that energy into positive vibes that he finds something – or between the two of us, WE find two somethings that will allow us to stay here in the Professor Haus that we love so much.

      The universe doesn’t need anymore worry FOR us, you know? I’m even trying to limit the worry we are doing ourselves, because it doesn’t really do any good.

      I’m more into focusing on the possibilities. And those are endless.

      And like I keep writing and keep telling myself: everything is always working out for me.

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