My Year of Binchy – Week 16: Two Days Only!

Monday, April 15
  • Book: Firefly Summer
  • Chapters: 15-16
  • Location: by the tulips
  • Smoking: Leftover something
  • Playlist: The Americans soundtrack
  • Did I cry? nah dawg

New reading view unlocked. (see photo below all these words, okay?)

My brain fought me on this so hard, y’all, but I really wanted to spend some time with my tulips while they are blooming. To be fair, we do have tulips all over the freaking yard (yay), but this section has the highest concentration.

Mickey is over in another part of the yard working on the vegetable bed for planting soon. I’m gonna try to grow asparaguses and carrots, y’all. And tomatoes again, of course.

He has also been doing some good job applying – we’re still waiting to hear back from the place in the town we live in. He sent a follow-up to them today. He also applied at US Steel, which feels promising, and kind of like a bookend thing, because his dad also worked in steel.

I just really don’t want to leave the magical place and I am scared deep down that we might have to.

We had a lovely weekend. We seem to have established a pattern of walking to Allen Park and getting some coffee at one of the Coney Islands downtown and sharing a plate of hashbrowns. The particular coney island that we visit is home to quite the cast of characters.

Speaking of characters, let’s get to reading.

Well, we started part five? And the twins had a very romantic 15th birthday party. Rachel Fine is transforming Mountfern in a way that really warms my heart. She sees the best bits of people and helps them see those same bits in themselves.

That’s what I want to be/do/how I want to live.

Sunday, April 21

  • Book: Firefly Summer
  • Chapters: 17-
  • Location: Front Porch
  • Smoking: Jelly jelly something or other
  • The Leftovers 1+2+3
  • Did I cry? Yes, midway through the first song before I even started reading. Just silent tears, though. And it wasn’t even a fancy song, just a song from the score!

I didn’t read that much this week, because my time has been all filled with writing articles and it has been either cold or rainy all week. I find it very difficult to do my reading inside when Mickey is also here for some reason. I know it’s just my brain’s dumb issue with being perceived or whatever, but I do find it to be wholly annoying, cause I really want to know what happens next in the book.

So I’m finding out today!

I have some warm coffee and a gorgeous sky. It’s only in the 50’s and kind of windy, so Mickey didn’t come outside today. He had an interview Friday with a company less than two miles from our house – and he said everything went great until they got to the pay portion of events, which was about half of what he was making before. He’s been applying like crazy, so hopefully, this is just the first interview of many.

Ugh ‘Homeward Bound’ is on now and that was my theme song the year we bought this place. I don’t want to leave it.

Send us good vibes y’all. Until then, anyone wanna buy a snowman?

Ok, I’m reading now. Be back in a bit (I know you don’t know the difference if I’m here or not, but I like these ridiculous transitions, so here we are.)

Oh no oh no oh no oh no, one of the things I thought might happen in the book DID happen.

Oh, this is going to change everything.

This would seriously make such a good miniseries. I can almost picture it and I don’t even have the ability to picture things in my brain!


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