My Year of Binchy – Week 20: It’s All About Kit

Tuesday, May 14

I am so excited I have made this 20 weeks. I am so proud of myself for not abandoning it. Cause really, I think it’s only making me happy, and it’s difficult for me to keep up things that only serve that purpose.

So yay me.

Also, today right before I began reading I exclaimed, “Ooh, I get to spend time with Benny and Eve!”

  • Book: Circle of Friends
  • Chapters: 3-5
  • Location: Back driveway facing the red clover
  • Smoking: White Runtz + Red Runtz mixed (we went to the ouid shopppe)
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?

Yes, when I remembered the horrible tragedy that happens near the beginning of this book.

Thoughts while reading (could be about the book, could not):

The other girl is called Nan and she is perfectly fine at the moment. Beautiful, like the cover of a magazine, but with a drunk dad. I did forget that part of Nan’s story when I was so mean to her last week.

Then, I remembered another parental figure who is so important in this book and I think I’m really gonna relate to her on this read.

Oh, I guess I should give y’all a job/life update. No one has had a job offer yet, despite still applying like crazy. I made a post on Facebook looking for work and got nothing in return. Mickey had a phone interview with Henry Ford Health and that would be a really cool job for him to get, cause imagine how good their healthcare must be.

I applied today for a copywriter job at Weedmaps and I really think that would be a great fit for me… and so much fun.

Okay, I am eager to get back to reading.

But I had to stop because I cried again, because I realized what scared 17-year-old was so drawn to in this book. There was a successful single mother. Who raised a good kid and still made a living on her own terms.

It wasn’t Benny, even though I felt so similar to her. It wasn’t Eve and it defintiely wasn’t Nan. It was Kit. And I didn’t even remember her when I started rereading this. Oh, I think this read is going to become VERY emotional.

Ugh, it is so hard to stop reading this book. The chapters are short too, so it’s easy to bust through them.

Right now, I love almost everyone except Sean Walsh and Nan’s Father.

I love reading about these people.

This book makes me feel so warm inside.

New birds heard:


Large Gray Babbler (pictured bedlow), Eurasian Collared Dove, Chimney Swift, Long-eared owl, House finch, Common Eider

Wednesday, May 15
  • Book: Circle of Friends
  • Chapters: 6-7
  • Location: Back driveway while mickey tends to the the back garden bed
  • Smoking: Suber Buff
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?

Of course I did. Multiple times. So many. It’s dumb. I hate it, but also I know the emotional release is great for me, you know?

Thoughts while reading:

Two birds just flew over my head. I have a nice view today.

Bonus: you can see my time-lapse set up for the day. You can see those on my tiktok: valleyofoh.

Okay, I am eager to get into Benny and Eve and, most importantly, Kit. Oh, no I already know I am going to cry.

I’ve finished a chapter and, as of right now, everything is coming up Milhouse for everyone. I mean, aside from the dead kid, but we’ve kind of moved on from him for now.

We did meet another character who I’d forgotten about and that is Heather, who happens to be Eve’s long lost cousin. I think Heather is a part of the climax somehow? We shall see.

Oh, also I guess I should update on ye old job hunt.

Mickey had his mechanical assessment with US Steel today and… it was not what we anticipated. His recruiter at US Steel obviously doesn’t understand the intricacies of the industry that she is recruiting for or else Mickey would never had ended up at this test… which was a written test that ended with a welding test that was not supposed to be part of anything.

All is not lost there, though. The next step is to take the general assessment online next week and see what he qualifies there, though.

And all of this is okay, because he just applied to a job that I feel like would be a way better fit for him anyway. A mechanical mainentance technician at a local cannabis company. The pay is solid and I feel like it aligns with his skill set really well.

I have a tingle in my insides about this job for some reason. Even though I can’t visualize, I can see it.

It makes sense in my brain, I promise.

So I’m excited to see how that pans out. I know I haven’t typed it out here, but I say it to myself at least once a day and that is:

Everything is always working out for us.

I have still been applying to jobs with hefty paychecks too. I’m confident I could shine in any role I was given, but I am not good at getting hired, y’all. I’m terrible at selling myself or seeing the things that I do as accomplishments.

But then that shit was reinforced in the workforce by things like a CEO refusing to change my title from Social Media Manager for six years despite me being the sole member of the marketing department for six stores with a robust online presence and quarterly events.

That job taught me everything I need to know to do any of these jobs I’m applying for, but, fuck I hate my job title.

Okay, back to reading.

Mickey is mulching behind me and it is kind of a relaxing noise. I’d call it, like, green noise or something.

Okay, now back to reading… for real.

I don’t have much to say. This book is perfection

New Birds Heard


Saturday, May 18 (D’s 29th birthday!!!!)

  • Reading: Circle of Friends
  • Chapters: 8-11
  • Location: back driveway after planting about 100 bulbs
  • Smoking: Red Runtz
Listening to:
Did I cry?

I did not!

Thoughts while reading

Okay first of all a Mickey job update – and it’s a good one! He has a second interview with the very first job he applied for after getting let go. It’s called Mill Steel, it’s literally right down the road from us – less than two miles, and we’ve already met the fella that would be his boss.

So Monday, he goes for a walkaround of the place he’d be working and he and the potential new boss can get a feel for each other. All the vibes I have about this place have been great since the beginning.

Nadga has been following Mickey’s job search very closely. For the last three weeks she has advised me to pray to St. Jude. I am not very religious, but my brother Ryan’s son name is Jude and I believe in that kid a LOT.

So yesterday, I sent Ryan $10 on PayPal with the message “BJAC”. It stands for “Buy Jude a Candy” and is pronounced like you think it would be. It is a shorthand we have been using for years.

That is my prayer to St. Jude. If you’d like to pray to him too, I can give you Ryan’s PayPal address. Just message me in a place where you know I exist!

We need all the good vibes we can get.

Today we worked in the yard a few hours and now I am settling in to read and Mickey is settling into playing video games. Tomorrow is my P-Valley teaser event and I am not all nervous about it.

I am confident in the quality of the show, as well as both my knowledge and passion for it.

I am also passionate about reading this damn book. Lesssgoooooooo.

OK, so one thing I wonder everytime I read this book is… what does it mean to be a frigid whore? Like, if you’re whorin’ you’re most likely fuckin’. Maybe it’s a stiff as a board thing? I dunno, but it’s something Nan’s dad called her mom while drunk.

Drunk anger sucks.

OKay, the college kids are getting ready to go to the big dance which is Benny’s first real dance at all. A local dressmaker’s niece is making Benny’s dress out of Benny’s mom’s old brocade skirt and I know she’s gonna look so good.

I dunno how I get excited about the clothing descriptions in Maeve Binchy’s books but somewow they work for me. I guess they are more than just looks, like – broacde is a FEEL for me, you know?

Okay, I normally do not like romance storylines in books or movies, but the one in this book feels so natural. It’s surprising and it just feels right. You just kind of know.

And I’m not even talking about the main storyline. There is more than one thta fits this model!

Oh and Benny is going to lunch with Jack and I remember loving this chapter very much.

The weather is lovely today and I don’t want to go in, so I’m not… yet. One more chapter then Ill go make soup.

New birbs heard

No new birb heard, but I just had a humminbird less than 5 feet from me eating from one of these red clover flowers. It was magical.

Also there may be more birbs later, that’s just the birb update for now. Also I took my socks off so my feet can be outside too.

There are more birbs, here they are: Tennessee Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Barn Swallow, Pine Siskin (uncommon) (also pictured below), Cedar Waxwing

Pine Siskin/Wikimedia Commons
Sunday, May 19
  • Reading: Circle of Friends
  • Chapters: 12 –
  • Location: Front porch in my new (to me) rocking chair
  • Smoking: Subaru Boof or whatever
Listening to:
Did I Cry?

Yes, because of this damn song, as always.

Thoughts while reading:

Okay first off, today is the day of the kick off event to something I cannot even believe is happening. This summer, EngErotics and Valley of Oh (me!) are going to be hosting a P-Valley “book club”… except we’re not reading a book.

We’re watching an episode of this amazing show each week for 8 weeks and then coming together to get loose and chat about it. The show is amazing and filled with drama and real life, and more importantly real life that represents folks that don’t normally see themselves onscreen.

So I am grabbing some downtime before that happens. Figured I might as well read. We thought we’d be excited to get 10 signups, but we are now at 36, so we’ll see what happens.

Let’s read.

Okay, so I was reminded today that this book is also why I was obsessed with the tradition of gifting your girlfriend a watch before you plan to ask her to marry you. There was something so…hmm, comforting about it. LIke, there’s a rhythm to it. Like a heartbeat.

When I was young (before I’d been proposed to for real for real), I wanted nothing more than a watch before a ring.

That feels like my kind of romance somehow.

I tell Mickey all the time that if we ever go to Ireland, I will most likely not make it back home.

Oh, we have a neighbor that drives by often. On the sidewalk. With his doggo. In a Batman-themed golf cart.

We have started waving to him and he back at us.

The other day when I was out here, he stopped quickly and said, “I love your pathways!”

(we have started establishing pathways throughout the property. they look very fairytale-like. i also like them.)

And then he sped by and waved a few more times.

Then, the other day, he stopped completely and said, “I love your house”

I replied with a big smile, “I do, too!”, because I do. It’s an incredible house.

Then he said something about always wanting to zip through out driveway as a short cut.

So I told him to go ahead.

He zipped through out pass-through driveway and sped back up the sidewalk with the biggest smile on his face.

I love it when folks find joy in simple things, man. I love it.

Then today, right before he did his zip through, he yelled, “It’s like driving through a park!

Mickey had just cut the grass.

New birbs heard:

Great Bittern – there wasn’t a photo of this one in my bird app so I had to look it up.

Image from eBird

Cute. Cute.

Then I just heard this fella:

Image: Audubon field guide

Sooty grouse.


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