My Year of Binchy – Week 22: New Book Alert!

Wednesday, May 29
  • Book: Circle of Friends
  • Chapters: 17- End
  • Location: Front porch in my rocking chair, 68 degrees and trying to get sunny
  • Smoking: Red Runtz
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?

Yes, for the dumbest reason. My mind wandered a bit and I thought back to where I am in watching “Mad Men” and remembered that I still have Peggy and Stan’s confessions of love to look forward to. I immediately teared up.

Hormones are weird, man.

Thoughts while reading (could be about the book, could not):

First up, Logan update. He is doing better today, and even gotten up and taken a walk! Big moves, he’s making.

So, big woohoos all around! He should be in the hospital for two more weeks minimum to make sure the heart is fully healed and rejection is no longer a big scary worry. So, fingers crossed things keep going on an upward momentum, yeah?

Also, I wanted to talk about something my brain does when something bad happens. It will do its darnedest to make me avoid doing the things, wearing the things, listening to the things, watching the things, that I was doing, wearing, listening to, watching when <enter bad thing> happened.

Most recently I fell prey to that by inadvertently avoiding reading until today because I cause somewhere back there in the dusty card catalog of my brain, a voice said, “Don’t read again or something bad will happen to Logan.”

If I could have heard it, I would have told it to shut up and read earlier than today. But it was only whispering, and my brain listened like a dummy.

So here I am reading today!

Oh, shit one more thing – Mickey started his new job yesterday and his commute is so short and he came home both days with dirt all over and a smile on his face… and stories about happy things at work. These are things I haven’t seen or heard in a long time. It’s lovely.

Okay, I’m reading for real now.

This is the part of the book where I get super-angry at Nan. She fucked around and found out and then really found out that there was no way no how she was getting married into that frou-frou family. She is not their problem.

So she had to go make herself someone else’s problem. And she picks the worst one. What she’s about to do to Benny gets me so angry. This is why I hate Nan.

Ugh, I think I say this about every Maeve Binchy book at some point, but this would make an excellent mini-series. Someone fund this and I will write it or hire a screenwriter I know (my daughter). Okay, thank you, bye, back to reading.

Nan is honestly such a bitch. Fuck Britta, Nan’s the worst. How selfish to think this is a way out of her predicament. How uncaring to literally every single other person involved, including the person you want to be the father of your baby. INCLUDING THE BABY.

Ugh, it is so gross. I’m viscerally angry at Nan right now. What a bitch. That’s even too nice.

Okay, I think I am calm enough to read again.

I finished it and ended the entire book with rage for Nan.

What next? The Copper Beech

New birds heard:

Probably not many due to the combination of traffic, wind, and music. I was right.

Thursday, May 30
  • Book: The Copper Beech
  • Chapters: 1-2
  • Location: Back driveway looking at the river
  • Smoking: Red Runtz from yesterday
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?


Thoughts while reading:

Mickey is still coming home full of stories and with a smile on his face. It makes me happy to see it and I hope it continues.

I’m starting a new book today and I honestly do not recall one bit about it.

I have a feeling that there is some character with a wild mane of copper hair, but that seems to come standard in all Maeve Binchy books.

Here is my view:

Let’s read.

Okay, I am well into chapter two and I don’t recall this book at all. I must not have read it very many times.

I wonder if it ends with a watery death. I dunno why I get that vibe, but I kind of picture this character Maddy all dead in the river, Laura Palmer-style.

We’ll see.

I also have to remind myself that I don’t have to be a wordy bitch in every one of these posts. Sometimes it’s okay to enjoy the reading ride.

New Birds Heard

Carolina Chickadee, Stellar’s Jay (pictured below), White-tipped Dove, European Robin

Friday, May 31

  • Reading: The Copper Beech
  • Chapters: 3-4
  • Location: Front porch, y’all.
  • Smoking: Uhhh, Suber Booooof? I think?
Listening to:
Thoughts while reading:

It is Friday and Mickey seemed to have another decent day. He got to drive a crane! He’s gonna be on dayshift for a while, so that means he gets done at 3pm every day and is home no later than 3:15. When he gets home, we spend a few minutes together on the front porch, where he tells me about his day. Then he goes and showers while I make lunch.

Then we eat lunch and watch a couple of episodes of M*A*S*H and then go our separate ways for a bit, me to read, him to do yard work or play video games. I like it when he does yard work, though, because he always pulls me away for side quests, like planting carrots or looking at the new path to the river that he cleared.

Yesterday, after lunch and aftermash, he pulled me into the bedroom so that we could starfish (this is a whole mess of Bedtyme Snoopy lore that I do not have the time nor patience to get into. Short story: he formed a religion or a cult or something.) and I could tell him about my day.

It was lovely and relaxing and a nice transition to the day.

And then today he did it again.

Then we both played video games for a little bit and now I am reading. I like the rhythm of these days.

Okay, I am reading now, be back in a bit. (even though it is instantaneous for you.)

Chapter 3 is under my belt. It was about Maura, a plain girl from the village of Shancarrig, who made a life as a hotel maid, got impregnated by the bartender at same hotel, he married her, but then left her when their son was born with Down Syndrome.

This was a rollercoaster of a chapter – and a bunch more happened after what I wrote above! When I read this chapter, I remembered this book, or at least I remembered Michael.

So far, this is a fairly heartwarming book, despite dealing with some heavy topics like shotgun weddings and lying thieves.

I might treat myself to another chapter!

New Birbs Heard:

I’m not even gonna try on front porch days, I think.


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