My Year of Binchy – Week 23: Dr. Jims & Nora Kelly

Monday, June 3
  • Book:The Copper Beech
  • Chapters: 5- nothing – I read chapter 5
  • Location: Front porch
  • Smoking: Dino nuggs (Red Runtz)
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?

Yes, when there was the fastest romance-to-death whiplash that I was NOT expecting.

Thoughts while reading (could be about the book, could not):

Okay, so it is Monday, so Mickey had to work. I had a full day myself, with two extra articles to write for Only in Your State, and preparing for my upcoming P-Valley “Book Club”. (please sign up, I want this to be successful so I can do it with Search Party and Brockmire and Baskets and For All Mankind and The Morning Show and Community and Game Changer and…)

He got home and we had our front porch time where he told me about his day. He got to make brake pads! From scratch! And then install them! (I think I am getting that correct). Then we had lunch and watched M*A*S*H.

Then we had more front porch time. The weather is NICE, y’all.

Then Rob (new character unlocked!) came over to drop off some History Club stuff since we are planning a massive display at the Annual Melvindale Days festival this weekend. We have old photo albums and yearbooks and clothes, even! An old letterman jacket and a cheerleading uniform.

We’ll also be selling stickers and lollipops to raise funds for the Historical Commission. I forgot what a rush it was to get set up for an event. It is like my brain just knows exactly what to do.

Also, I forgot how much I loved creating new lollipop flavors. This time, I’m keeping things local with two exclusive lollipop flavors: Faygo Red Pop and Boston Cooler. What is a Boston Cooler you may ask? Well, delicious, for one. For two, it is Vernor’s Ginger Ale and vanilla ice cream. It’s one of my favorite local treats, also.

One more thing before I start reading. We talked to Logan on Saturday and he told me he read my blog and felt bad! Now I feel bad, but I am also smiling because it makes me happy to know people read my words.

He is doing much better, thank you for asking. He’s hoping to get out on Friday so he can do a show on Sunday. He’s been giving standup a whirl as late, which is quite difficult to do lying down in a hospital bed.

Okay, I will read now. Today’s first chapter is about Dr. Jims.

I am midway through the chapter and quite worried for Dr. Jims. He’s going through it right now. One of the things Maeve Binchy is so good at is getting readers to care about her characters.

Like, I’d punch a bitch for Dr. Jims right now. And his lovely kids. All three of them. I would punch a bitch FOR them, not, “I would punch those bitch kids”. Just had to clarify.

Okay, back to Dr. Jims…

New birds heard:

Eurasian Eagle-Owl (pictured below), Bewick’s Wren

Tuesday, June 4
  • Book: The Copper Beech
  • Chapters: 6-7
  • Location: Back driveway lookin at the poppies
  • Smoking: Dino nuggs (Runtz of the Red Variety)
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?


Thoughts while reading:

Today we are reading about Nora Kelly, but I do want to say one more thing about Dr. Jims – his chapter ended with an absolute banger of a final sentence. It left me with my mouth agape so much I had to read it aloud to Mickey.

Let’s see what today brings!

Like how Dr. Jims story went from happy lovey-dovey to super sad superfast, Nora Kelly’s story did the opposite.

The unthinkable happened… and then the story had the happiest of endings.

I’m gonna read another chapter.

Oh, but other updates first:

One: we talked to Logan last night again and he did his latest tight five for us. Much like the first time we saw Ross McCoy (The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy wherever you get your podcasts) do his first standup set, it was over in less than five minutes.

But, also like Ross’ first set, the jokes were solid and the laughs are there. Logan has a really good casual throwaway delivery when he is comfortable with a joke that I think is gonna work really well on stage. Especially once he becomes comfortable with all his jokes.

AND! Most importantly, he was not afraid to do a very controversial joke that might not have been well-received by the audience. Don’t worry – it’s not one of those controversial-to-be-controversial jokes, instead, it’s one rooted in truth, which is one of my favorite parts about a good set.

Oh, and also, he will most likely be out of the hospital by the time you read this, but for documentation’s sake, he’s supposed to get out on Friday, so that he can do this brunch-time standup set on Sunday.

Yes, he’s gonna wear a mask. No one wants a scare like that again, do they? (thank you all for nodding along)

thing two: Mickey was out here with me a bit – reading a book even! Not a Maeve Binchy book, but a stand-up comedy book that Logan’ll get when Mickey’s done with it.

He went in because he felt itchy though. It’s buggy season.

Ok, I’m gonna read another chapter now. This time it’s Nessa.

It was a lovely love story in the end and I don’t really feel the need to say much more than that. =)

New Birds Heard

None! But we heard a Red-Winged Blackbird and I was reminded of this TikTok, so I wanted to mention it.


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