My Year of Binchy – Week 24: ABF! (another book finished)

Tuesday, June 18
  • Book: The Copper Beech
  • Chapters: 8-9
  • Location: Front Porch, rocking chair
  • Smoking: Suber Boof
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?

Yes. This damn song came on, of course I cried.

AND THEN, while the song was playing, a mother and her daughter of about three with the most expressive eyes were walking down the sidewalk in front of my stoop. The daughter’s face lit up when she saw the pinwheels in our front yard.

Then she (and her mom) smiled and waved at me so hard,

I get it though… the pinwheels delight me too.

Then they walked down this little shortcut path we have cut through our yard to make a shorter walk for folks going that way. Made me all fuzzy and warm inside.

Thoughts while reading (could be about the book, could not):

Hello, I had a very good day today. I got a lot of work done, got some regular Jacki-time writing in, poured boiling water over some driveway weeds, and enjoyed the crisp 60-degree June day.

You know, midwestern things.

Then Mickey came home and we had porch time where he showed me all the things he welded today. It’s a really lovely change hearing about the good things at work, let me tell y’all. This feels like how it should be.

Then we ate soup that I made with stock that I made from the carcass of a rotisserie chicken from our local grocery and boy was it delicious.

Now, I am out here for reading time and Mickey is up in the TV Princess room playing Lego Superheroes of some sort.

Today I am reading about Richard.

Okay, so I hate Richard.

He just thought this sentence, when contemplating his romantic interests in town:

”There were, of course, pretty children.”

He is basically grooming someone. Yech.

And to think this shit used to be considered somewhat romantic.

Turns my stomach.

Okay, so there are, like, zero redeeming qualities to Richard. He can fuck right off. I’m done with his chapter. Goodbye and good riddance. I hope I never think about you again.

Okay, next up Leo, who has felt like a mysterious character throughout this book.

Okay, Leo’s chapter is much better, but a much sadder story for her.

This poor girl is like the secret keeper of her family and that’s not a healthy way to grow up.

Take it from one who knows.

New birds heard:

Not feeling too hopeful about this because of the traffic sounds and music noise being much closer than it normally is.

When I am reading out back, I always place the speaker, like, 20 feet from me, both because it’s more vibe-y that way (lowering the volume is not the same, I’ve tried) and because I can hear the bird sounds better.

When I am out front on the stoop, there is a Google Home speaker right beneath the window behind me. This is a different kind of lovely vibe, though, because it is also hooked up to the speaker in my office, so the music is playing throughout the entire first floor.

the view from the google home speaker

Tuesday, June 11
  • Book: The Copper Beech
  • Chapters: 10, I’m finishing this tonight y’all.
  • Location: Back driveway, facing the house for a change
  • Smoking: Dino Nuggs (Red Runtz)
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?


Thoughts while reading:

I am really settling into the new rhythm of our days. I still hate spelling that word though. No matter how many times I type it, I never get it correct on the first try.

I am also having a beer this evening because the weather demanded it. This is some berry concoction from Shorts Brewing that has been sitting in our fridge for, like, a month. It’s 73 and sunny and it just felt like the right time to drink it, you know?

Today I walked to a nearby gas station that has been part of our community for decades. They had an interesting snack selection, including Fitz soda, which I have never heard of.

When Mickey got home from work, he came loaded with ribs and fried mushrooms. I was already planning salmon and green beans for dinner, so we had a mashup. It was very yum.

The ribs were from Zukin’s which is the place I wrote about for my first article for “Only in Your State”.

Now I’ll finish this book and maybe even start the next one. We’ll see where the evening takes us.

So far, I love this last chapter. It’s a lovely wrap-up of everything and I am happy to report that shitheel Richard is living the life he deserves. It could be worse, in my opinion, but I’m happy knowing he’s not happy, at least.

I am definitely finishing this book and starting another, called The Glass Lake, when I am done. It’s too lovely to go inside and I’ve already eaten dinner, so…

Also, The Glass Lake is SCREAMING for a watery death, right?!

New Birds Heard

None. =(


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