My Year of Binchy – Week 26: New Playlist & Squirrel Feeder Unlocked!

Monday, June 24
  • Book: The Glass Lake
  • Chapters: I dunno, I started mid-chapter, abruptly
  • Location: Back driveway, watching the new squirrel feeder
  • Smoking: California Butter
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?

Yes, I did. This damn song came on.

So I turned it all the way up and stood in the back driveway and listened to the wind through the trees and just lived in every moment of it.

Thoughts while reading (could be about the book, could not):

It is windy, but only about 82 degrees outside. So, it’s lovely.

We bought a new squirrel feeder. This is it:

I feel like it has been one million years since I’ve done this. It was just too hot to even consider last week. I don’t know how I ever did that every single day. I’d forgotten the misery of my sweaty thighs sticking to the car seat or chair if I dare to wear a skirt or pair of shorts.

Ugh, it is the worst.

Mickey’s job is still going well. I am still enjoying hearing about all the new experiences he’s getting to have. And learning how all the machinery works!! It’s fascinating and wonderful and I love learning about the mundanity of new worlds.

I have a couple of new freelance prospects on the line and my P-Valley book club is going better than I ever could have expected.

And for now, I will read this book.

It feels very familiar to another book I read earlier in this journey, but I think that is just because of the body of water theme.

Oh, shit that was only the end of the first chapter. This book’s gonna be a long one.

I already care about so many characters, though. Both the main ones, Kit and Clio. And the hermit, Sister Madeline.

But mostly Rita who is bettering herself already in the first chapter and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

One last thing before we go today. I don’t think I’ve told you about this game I play sometimes while I’m reading.

It’s not so much a game as it is an improv exercise, I guess? I dunno. I’ll explain it.

So sometimes, a certain piece of music will come on and it will sound like a horror movie or something. There is some impulse in my body that takes over sometimes and makes me act out how I would in that scenario.

So with the horror movie music, I had my eyes dart around all fast like quick-cut camera angles. You know, like a victim in a horror movie checking all the angles.

Except the one the murderer is hiding in, of course.

Or, if romance music comes on, I’ll get all soft and make doe eyes at my Kindle. You know, embody the emotion.

Yes, I am weird.

New birds heard:

None, but I can overhear the distant sounds of a baseball game, including the crack of the bat.

Tuesday, June 25
  • Book: The Glass Lake
  • Chapters: 2
  • Location: Front porch, looking for the dang squirrel friends
  • Smoking: Ummm, a mish mash.
What I’m listening to:
Did I cry?

Yes, happy cry, though. “Homeward Bound” came on and that song makes me happy because it became my theme song the year we moved here. It just happened. I didn’t plan it.

This year, I’m 99% sure my SOTY is “Three Little Birds”. I wish I could explain how I *know* this, but my brain is weird.

Okay, but then also again, because holy fuck this book is sad.

Thoughts while reading:

Hello, I am trying reading at a new time today. In the afternoon, before Mickey gets home from work.

He gets done at 3pm every day and is home by 3:10 at the latest. And that’s if he stops to get gas. His new job is so close to home, y’all. When he gets home, we have porch time together and talk about our days.

Then it’s dinner and then evening time. I normally fit my reading time in after eating, but it has felt more like a demand at that time lately, so that is also part of the reason I skipped last week.

However, I also know how important this time alone has been for my mental health. It makes me feel mean that I need a lot of time alone. The other morning I had an epiphany of sorts regarding this topic. I think I need so much alone time as an adult because I always escaped to my room to be alone as a child.

I mean, I was in there for hours on end at all times ever. Making up stories and games and movie posters and dances and all kinds of things. Even when I was in the living room with the family, I was in my own world.

My body and brain are used to being alone. That’s one of the reasons I think Mickey and I’d parallel play/work, uh, works so well for us.

Okay, now to reading.

Okay, so I’m kind of obsessed with Sister Madeline in this book. She’s not a proper nun, but more of a hermit who people in the town stop by and visit.

I think if it weren’t for Mickey and D, I would probably have ended up very much like Sister Madeline. Her life feels very peaceful.

I always wonder why they call the people who don’t want to be part of society crazy. I think wanting to live in the capitalistic hellscape is way crazier than wanting to get out of it.

But then, I fucking hate money. Even though it is nice to have, it fucks too much up to be worth it really.

Not a watery death, but a watery MYSTERY.

The mystery has been solved, but I don’t think it has really been *solved* if you know what I mean. Which you probably do not because you are probably not reading this book.

Oh, man, though. Is this book sad. Poor Kit is going through it and this chapter did not let us get away from her worry and grief.

But in great Maeve Binchy fashion, it was handled head-on and in a matter-of-fact way… in a way that felt human.

I hope that there is happiness ahead for these characters, but I have a bad feeling in my tummy.

New Birds Heard

None. Too many front porch noises.

Sunday, June 30
  • Book: The Glass Lake
  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: Back driveway, looking at my newest poppy patch
  • Smoking: Mish mash of what’s leftover
What I’m Listening To
Did I cry?

We shall see.

Thoughts while reading:

Okay, first off… I hope today’s chapter is way less sad than the last one. I went through it, y’all.

This book is wild. I need to keep this one in mind when recommending Binchy books to people. It’s got it all, the characters, the romance, the excellent writing, and a multi-layered mystery that the audience knows all aspects of.

It’s the characters who are clueless.

And it’s so well written I don’t want to stop reading, but I guess I have to go live the rest of my life.

New birbs heard:

Mickey is weed-whipping behind me, so I’m not hopeful for birb sounds today. The other day I did hear a Cliff Swallow, though.


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