New Achievement Unlocked: Hotel Laundry

The Professor House is not ready yet, nor is it time to close on our house in Florida, so we’re currently living that suite life. 

Yes, we are living in a hotel. 

Our original plan was to only be here until June 13, but we were a little slower to list our Florida house than we should have been to make that date happen. 

So we close on the Florida house on Mickmas (what a gift, huh?) and then on The Professor House on 6/27. 

Then we will be living there forever. 

Which still honestly seems like a dream to me. 

But right now we’re living in a hotel.

Which is a first for me. 

Mickey’s an old pro by this time.

Today, he started his new job and I’m flyin’ that solo hotel life. 

I decided to rewatch “Orange Is the New Black” because it’s filled with characters I love to watch grow AND it’s familiar enough that I don’t have to be fully invested. 

I’m not doing that right now, though. Right now, I’m doing laundry. 

And my tummy is all kinds of nervous because I am not in the same room as the laundry. I just left it in the wild west of the hotel laundry room while I hang in the lobby, getting a feel for the place and listening to “The Leftovers” soundtrack (of course.)

Right now the hotel workers are talking passionately about Faygo and honestly I am here for it. I feel like it is important for you to know how much I enjoy have access to all these Faygo flavors and that I have said “Woop Woop” in Michigan more than I have anywhere else. 

There are 12 minutes left on the first portion of my laundry. 

I am very glad that we had the forethought to bring our own laundry detergent (Frey, for the record. Here is a link to buy it + give me a discount on my next shipment – TO THE PROFESSOR HOUSE), because we are both very sensitive to chemical-y smells and this makes you smell like a literal snack.

I’m a big fan, okay? I’d be sad if I had to smell like everyone else. 

If you try it, the green is our favorite, but the blue smells tight too. 

I also like it because it feels a lot less wasteful and it’s more natural!

But enough about laundry, now the lobby talkers are talking about emergencies. 

I gotta say, it’s a lot more hoppin’ than I was anticipating. 

I just realized how dumb it was for me to get a cup of coffee before starting the dryer portion of events. Now I feel like I have to carry literally everything to the laundry room to make the switch.

Luckily my laptop fits in my awesome travel backpack purse. 


Is it too meta to have a photo of the blog I’m writing in the actual blog? I dunno how the world works. 

Here is some real talk that I wasn’t expecting on this road trip/hotel living adventure. 

My brain thinks I have a fever all the time. 

No exaggeration. 

If you didn’t know already, I was a hermit to the extreme for the last two years. I didn’t go out at all in Orlando until the last week we were in town. So I was fairly certain at all times that I did not have covid. 

As I felt more comfortable, I invited select people over for TV hangs, but what I didn’t tell another living soul was that after every visit, I was very aware of every change in my being. 

Stuffier nose than normal? Mini panic.

Temperature above 98.1? Cue worried face (I run cold normally, it’s unusual that my temperature is over 98.)

All of a sudden face sweat? Freak out and then remember my age.

Weird tummy ache feeling? Start googling to see if that’s even part of it, but then remember that I also ate too many hot nuts the night before. 

I was never sick, but I was always on alert. 

And even though I have been extremely careful with masking up and even sometimes holding my breath when I am around too many people (like more than three near me, lol). 

I know it’s extreme, y’all. I don’t need people to tell me not to worry, if it happens it happens, blah, blah. I know all that stuff. I know I actually have very little control over it all.

But my brain’s gonna worry regardless, so I’m gonna make it feel safe. 

And yesterday I went to a big grocery store to do an actual grocery shop for the first time in over two years. I got nacho supplies and frozen pizzas (aka pms comfort food) because that is all my brain could focus on. 

I did not, however, buy enough junior mints. I’m really into Junior Mints and York Patties right now and I do not know why. 

Next time, I’ll go in with a more organized plan.

I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say I’ve checked my temperature at least 10 times this morning. I’m fine. I feel fine. Everything is fine. 

I’m just trying to convince my brain of that. 

I’ve put my wets in the dryer and now have about 45 minutes to wait while they do their thing. 

There is regular, like, antenna television playing in the lobby and, although I cannot hear what they are saying, I can see the faces on the screen and they are of two abusers. 

And honestly, that’s all I really care to say about that because it really hurts my tummy and brain and soul to watch people I care about treat abuse like it’s a spectator sport. 

It’s not. This isn’t a fun thing to keep you entertained. A lot of the reactions I’m seeing to this whole thing are really gross and I’m honestly taking a step back in some relationships because of it. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, remember that the words you say matter. 

Don’t just say shit to say shit. Say it because you truly mean it and believe in it.

I used to fall into the former camp, where I felt I “owed it to the world” to have an opinion on every single thing that happened, so I’d force my brain to form one, even if it didn’t believe in it completely. 

Y’all, that’s a fun way to get into trouble. Cause for me, if I don’t truly deep down believe something, I have a really hard time defending my stance. 

So I only open my mouth when I really care now.

Thus, I only talk about things that I’m truly passionate about. 

It’s been working out pretty well. 

Not only has the quality of my conversations (even with Mickey, who I talk to a LOT) increased dramatically, but the quality of my thought has too. 

It makes me a better person for me and that’s what I need to be. 

Look, I know most times lately these blogs just turn into a pep talk for myself, but that’s okay, cause that’s obviously what I need right about now. 

I remember before, when I was more like a lump of playdoh and less like a fully realized human being, I had “friends” that would bully me into having opinions about hot topics or, fuck, now that I think about it… even just hot gossip.

Like, they’d hold our friendship hostage until our opinions matched enough to make them happy. 

Y’all, do not do this to you friends. And DEFINITELY DO NOT PUT YOURSELF THROUGH THIS. (This is more as a reminder for me than anyone else.) If someone does this to you they are not interested in being your friend and learning about what makes you tick. 

They are interested in controlling you. 

Differing opinions are such a cool opportunity to learn more things! 

Both about the world and the people you surround yourself with.

Y’all this hotel gets a LOT of phone calls. I could NOT work here. 

So, on “The Leftovers” soundtrack, there is a very jazzy version of “Here Comes the Bride” for some reason and it makes me wonder every single time what the wedding looked like that this version of the song was originally meant for. 

I mean, there was for SURE a wind machine involved, right?


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