New Obsession Unlocked: Wind Farms!

I was… not prepared for this. 

But at one point in our drive from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, I became obsessed with wind farms. It happened instantaneously. 

I’m not exaggerating. 

It was pitch black. Mickey was maneuvering the windiest of roads. And I was being the best passenger ever – in other words I was bopping along to the music and trying not to give off nervous vibes, cause I was feeling the nervous driving vibes that I’d have as the driver.

But I was only the passenger, so I tried my best to get my brain to shut up and enjoy all the new (nighttime) sights. 

This was obviously in the daytime on another day, but I wanted you to see my passenger face. And peep my new sweater – I found it at a vintage store in Twentynine Palms – just put it on the rack that morning, no size, no tag, but it fits me like it was made for me. 

AND IT IS HIGHLIGHTER GREEN/YELLOW! I am obsessed with that color right now. 

And the buttons? Welp, they’re giant safety pins and I love them. I adore this sweater muchly. 

But, yeah, the night we first came into the LA and drive out to the desert, there wasn’t a lot to see. (cause it was dark and nighttime, duhdoy.)

I thought I saw mountains in the distance, but according to my brain that could not be correct because we were going to the desert not the mountains. 

Obviously, I did not look at a topographical map once before this trip. Otherwise I’d have known about the mountains. 

I’m physically shaking my own head at myself as I type. 

Ok, but here we were driving and we rounded the corner when we saw them… SO MANY WINDMILLS. 

My brain (and the rest of my body and soul) liked this very much. So I took lots of pics, which I will now dump delow. 


I have zero idea why I was so taken with them.

I also felt a kind of sadness for the ones that weren’t moving because that means that they weren’t serving their purpose, but then I reminded myself that they are resting and that is super-important, too. 

I guess it most likely stems from my obsession with the industrial areas around town, which I call “Forbidden Roller Coasters” and of course, the flame, which KPerks was kind enough to send me a pic of from MID-AIR. 


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