Newsletters + Daily Poems for No Reason

Now, part of what I do for other people is writing weekly newsletters and blogs. 

To say I have experience in this is an understatement. 

Before I even owned a computer, I would write these daily, like, freeform poems for no reason whatsoever. Basically these poems just encapsulated my days: my wins and losses, what I ate and any good jokes I hear that day of course. 

If someone wanted to read one, I would let them, but wouldn’t really advertise that they existed. Like, if someone was sitting next to me in class and asked, “What are you DOING?” (it was rarely schoolwork… that was already done) instead of the awkwardness of trying to explain this daily never-ending poem to someone, I would just sheepishly hand it over to them.

It’s weird how free I was about some things. 

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The daily poems never made it home with me though. They’d end their days in a trash can more often than not. Because if they came home, I would have to explain in detail every single thought that I wrote down that day. 

As if I could even remember them. 

I guess this blog has felt kind of like those poem thingies at school. I’m gonna keep doing them. 

There’s also gonna be some product-y things available soon, too, so I need a way to tell people about them, I guess. 

So I’m gonna write myself a newsletter. If you wanna read it, there should be a little pop up thingie. Fill it out! 

OK thanks. 



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