Nothin’ But Pumpkin Goodness

One of the recent tools Mickey and I have added to our “work with our brains instead of against them” collection is a white board in the kitchen to write down the things we want to do. 

Because here is what we would do before: 

Say, “Oh this week on your weekend, we should go get more squirrel food. Megan the Squirellion stole the corn log again.”

And we’d say things like that a lot and then when his weekend came around have no idea what we wanted or even needed to do. And the squirrels would only eat corn and sunflower seeds and grapes and walnuts and have no corn log to eat at all.

This week was our first week using the whiteboard and I think it’s gonna work out well for us. We’re knocking off things for both utility and pleasure. 

One of those things was a trip to Block’s Produce Stand and Greenhouse so that I could refill my stash of ramen veggies, Mickey’s lunch potatoes and our apples. WE got an entire basket of apples for, like, $4. Shopping like this has been so easy on the wallet. Between these bi-weekly produce trips and my monthly dairy, eggs and bread delivery (with choco milk in glass bottles! The thickest, most delicious choccy milks), the only thing I really need the grocery store for us our Cherry Coke Zero and Diet Mountain Dew. 

Ok, but none of that matters because I am only writing this blog so I can share some glorious pumpkin pics from our trip to the produce stand:



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