Now Accepting Applications…

For an Oscar date! 

Yes, Mickey will be out of town during my high holy holiday and I am pretty bummed about it. He’s always been really great about helping me make my silly Oscar party dreams a reality. 

Every year in the beforetimes I’d throw some sort of Oscar party. There’d be food and drink lovingly prepared by me and my team… each one of them themed after a Best Picture nominee. 

Of course, me being me, I also included my favorite movies of each year that I felt the stiffs at the Academy overlooked. 

So, yeah, there’s a big spread of food every year. 

There’s also swag bags for each attendee, scavenger hunts, actor debates and winner pickin’.

It’s a fun time. 

Oscar decorations

(we have a little piece of decor from each party still hanging around the house, all mixed in with our regular art) (smoke pic by SPB)

Last year was pretty muted, just sitting here in the house watching and reacting, with no extra food.

But I had a Mickey. I won’t even have *that* this year. So I’m taking applications. 

Here are the requirements:
🏆 Must be vaxxed and boosted and not sick
🏆 Must love movies and be somewhat invested mentally in the awards season films
🏆 Must understand me when I get giddy, cause I will get giddy
🏆 Must enjoy a wide variety of strange food, because that is what I do on Oscar night (On a smaller scale, of course)
🏆 Must not get weirded out if I get emotional over strange things like people thanking their teachers or being left out of “In Memoriam” montages
🏆 Must look for the best in people. I don’t want to spend my favorite holiday trash talking and being mean. Being cuttingly clever is okay, though. 
🏆 Must not find it strange when I get angry at the screen people giving awards to people that don’t deserve it (I get real invested & I will probably have a long list of why they don’t deserve it. This happens a lot in the screenplay category)
🏆 Must be okay with me spouting nonsensical facts that literally only matter as I am saying them
🏆 Must be okay with loud noises
🏆 Must be okay with talking occasional walks outside on the commercial breaks to ‘look at the stars’

🏆 Must be open to the “Pause & Talk” (if you need an explanation, one can and will be provided)

🏆 Must be fine with an array of stuffies hanging about

🏆 Should be relatively okay with me changing the color of the room lighting on a whim (you will be afforded similar priveleges)

And these are just offa the top of my head!!! But I think it’s a good start?
I am opening up my living room to one or two select humans (and unlimited stuffies) for the Oscars.
Think you have what it takes? Or just wanna hang with me on my favorite holiday? Comment here (or on the social media post you saw this on) or send an email to!


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