Ok, So WE Have Been BUSY, Y’all

And I want to blog about all of it, I do.

But dear lord, there is a lot. 

Heck even today we have a full schedule of activities. (in fact so full – I started this blog yesterday and am just now finishing it today.)

I’m getting my hair re-Cherry Coke-d and also chopped all off. 

Mickey’s coming with me too. He has zero idea what he’s gonna have done though. He’s just going in blind. 

I feel like dood hair is easier, because there are less options. But also, I don’t have dood hair, so of course I’d say that. Maybe the limiting options makes it even more difficult to figure out what to do with it. 

Regardless, we’re both getting hair fancy today.   

And then I’ll be working on a sticker-related project for the rest of the day, probably. After I get some more Mod Podge, of course. (this did not happen, we went to look for shoes for my wedding lewk, ate dinner at a Biryani shop, and then I introduced MIckey to Kelly and Shrub from “Welcome to Flatch”.)

So what I wanted to do today (yesterday) was to give you a list of things we’ve been up to (some might get a little bit of a short description if I’m feelin it) and then… you tell me what you want to hear more about. 

If it’s nothin’, cool! There one thing in this list I’m gonna blog about regardless. 

Ok here is the list:

  • Spent 6 months planning on buying something pink and floaty for an upcoming wedding in the desert that we’re headed to this month. Ended up with something green (my least favorite color in history) and LEATHER. WTF! I feel like a total boss, though. And, once again, had an incredible shopping experience. 
  • Watched “Barbarian”. Was gobsmacked by the art of it all and told roughly one million other people to watch it immediately. 
  • Bought Mickey a matching suit at what is most possibly the most chaotic but also most magical suit store in the Downriver area. If the sales folks are to believed, Mickey looks like a snack in his new suit – which is a cream/green/gold fantasy. With smashing olive shoes. 
  • Asked Google to play the same song over and over, always terribly embarrassed about the reason I’m even listening to it in the first place. 
  • I watched “The Hype”, both seasons. It is a streetwear competition show on HBOMax and I think it greatly influenced our wedding lewks. 
  • Bought a flute for $25. Near-perfect condition.
  • Spent over $300 on 38 items (they announced this when we checked out) at an antique store in Livonia. Accidentally. 
  • Got our eyeballs checked and new glasses ordered. At my last couple appointments they told me I had holes in my retinas and to worry if I got regular floaters. Well, now I have a regular floater, so I worried.  
  • Fell for a new-to-me-tv show… not in the first episode, or even the first season. Or heck the second. It was a good show, but in the third season it became great. I am almost done with it. 
  • Had an incredible Lebanese meal, with exactly zero idea of what we were getting into. 

And there is more. But that is what I can recall without going through my receipt drawer or google maps location history. 

I know the second I hit “post” I’ll remember ten more things and beat myself up. But that’s okay, it just means I’ve been living a full life. 

Leave me a comment here or on social media if you feel more comfortable there and tell me if you want to hear more about anything on this list! I (obviously) am in need of some direction.   


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