Oops I Arted

A thing happened yesterday that I was kind of afraid of. 

I got the one-two punch of a pink (they say pink I say rose gold) iPad Air and an Apple Pencil. 

I am not afraid of the iPad, per se, but I was afraid of something happening when I got one. And it 100% did.

It’s one of the things we originally planned to “splurge” on after the sale of the Florida house. I could use it for business and explore some art-y things since I have now given myself permission to do that. 

“But Jacki, you sold that house over a month ago! You’ve had plenty of time to go out and get one!”

And you would be correct, but I have kept putting it off for all of that time. At first it was because I thought I wanted it engraved and we’d order it online, but then I stressed over what to engrave and how clever I should be and realized that wasn’t really the problem. Here is what I was afraid would happen:

It would occupy my time and the house would sit, unchanged, for a long amount of time. 

You know… new toy syndrome!

That is EXACTLY what happened today. I woke up, did some worki emails and asked Bertram (he’s my current Office Stuffie), “What’s on the agenda today?!” 

He replied (in Mickey’s voice, which I was not expecting because normally Bertram doesn’t answer me), “I have you penciled in for 8 hours minimum of iPad-ing.”

That was all the permission I needed. So that’s all I did today. 

Well, to be fair I also built an over-the-sink rack that really helps to drive home the “camp” theme in our kitchen. 

And we had electricians in the house all day and I am proud to report that we are now a zero knob and tube household. AND! We also have all three-pronged outlets. Well, except for one wily one in my office that couldn’t be replaced because “the wires were too short.”

So I guess I did some things.

But I also spent all day in Procreate. Wanna see what I made? Ok, yay!

Here is the very first thing I attempted, just playing around.

I am very into those colors. And, of course… clouds. 

Then I decided to do a portrait of Bacca from memory. Now, please keep in mind that I cannot picture things in my brain so this is just me pulling out the Bacca drawer in my card catalogue and these are the things on the card that says “looks like”.

Full disclosure, I did go back and change the eyes after I looked at Bacca. The eyes before were quite terrifying. 

Ok, then I was like, oh, I’ll go all elementary school and trace something and pulled up a drawing of Snoopy. I decided I would make it LA Brian Snoopy. He went to LA once and will not shut up about it. 

You can tell that is Brian by his black Star Wars ankle band. The crown was added after. I am experimenting with crowns for the TV Princess Room. 

Okay, so those were all done last night. 

This morning I woke up and took a picture of my bro Tracy Morban on his favorite part of the stoop and decided to learn some techniques by tracing it.

For a first shot, I do not think it turned out that bad. My brain kept telling me that I should feel guilty for spending so much time on it (and for what?!) and so I would stop and do some “productive things”.

I still think it turned out pretty good. I think it captures his personality for sure. 

You can see where I got impatient with some of the fill-y in-y bits, though.

Then I whooped when I saw how much battery I had left and decided to tackle something else – one of our Hard Gangs. (Hard gangs are what we call non-stuffies that are part of the canon – you know, Funko Pops, Barbie type-dolls and action figures.)

I am not done yet, because I am trying to tell my brain to calm the fuck down and take its time, but can y’all tell who it is?


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