Please Allow Me to Introduce You to My Latest Bathtime Obsession

You may already be aware that I have been on the hunt for a replacement bath bomb company after recently blueing myself.

Side note: I still have a couple bath bombs left form the company that blue me, but I am very hesitant to use them because that was a lot of cleanup. 

I shouldn’t have to clean up my body after a bath. 

I’ve spent hours googling and reddit-ing bath bomb companies. Nothing hit all the tick boxes. 

I lazed out and bought some cheap bubble bath (because I love bubbles) and used that for a bit. 

Then after trying all my traditional methods of searching I came across these:

There are three different varieties and I love all of them equally. 

The best part is… they are cheap AF in relation to other bathtime products that I’ve found. 

Here’s the thing though, I do not remember what I searched to find them so that I can find other similar things. 

I also can’t find them anywhere but Amazon without stupid high shipping costs, but I look at least once a week to see if I can find them from an independent seller. 

I’ve been using these for a while now and waited to tell y’all about them because I wanted to make sure I liked them and wasn’t just trying to convince myself I liked them, which is what I sometimes do when I am feeling unsure of things. 

I am not unsure of these at all. 

Do I know exactly what they are? No, I do not. 

From what I can gather, they are Japanese Bath Powders formulated to mimic (Or maybe even using?) ingredients from their beneficial hot springs. 

However, I have tried to Google Translate the wrappers and box multiple times and only get translations like:

  • “The gift of spring”
  • “Feeling like a fountain”
  • “Pure humanity”
  • “The sound of herbs”
  • “If seafood appears, discontinue use”

Now, as a longtime fish fearer, that last one kind of frightens me. 

But I’ve been using them for about a month now and no seafood has appeared, so I think I’m safe. 

Here are my reasons why I love them:

  1. They are inexpensive AF. Normally, I’m paying about $6 per bath bomb. With these babies, I get between 12-15 “bath bombs” for no more than $16. A TRUE DEAL, Y’ALL. 
  2. The scents are not overpowering, nor are they overly floral. I like to smell like food, so I’m always trying to stay away from flowered-y smells. I don’t know what the scents are aside from whatever idea of a thing that I translate from the wrappers, HOWEVER, there is one scent that reminds me of citrus and another that makes me smell like a glass of iced tea somehow. 
  3. The colors POP. Yes, if you plop a yellow one in your tub, it sometimes looks like you are sitting in pee, but to make up for that, there is also a highlighter green one that is just pure fun. It delights me. 
  4. My skin is so soft. SO SOFT. I have a weird thing about getting my hands wet, so I am not the best about putting on lotion regularly. I have some spray stuff that I use sometimes, but not as often as I should. My skin always feels soft and moisturized now. Another bonus: I am a skin picker (part of the way my OCD manifests) and my legs are a prime target. This has helped clear up my shame, partially. 
  5. Now, I don’t know the exact science of how or why this works, but I think it keeps my bath warmer. Maybe I should test this hypothesis in some sort of official manner!

Oh and also, they do not stain the tub one stinkin’ bit. 

There are three varieties of these and they are all equally bath-worthy. Here is a little rundown, but also with links so you can buy them for yourself (if you enjoy bathtime as much as I do). (also, yes, these are affiliate links, so if you buy some, I will get some pennies.)

Be warned though, I’m using the words I use in my own brain to describe these, not the official ones. 

  • Milky Bath Powder: These make your bath cloudy, in addition to coloring and scenting the water. 
  • Crisp Bath Powder: These color and scent your water but leave it crystal clear. 
  • Alka-Seltzers: These are little tablets that bubble a little bit. Nothing extravagant or long-lasting, but just enough to be fun.

So that’s the run down! Let me know if you try them and what your experience is like. 

One final warning that I wanted to mention is that some folks in the Amazon reviews said they cough if they put them in bath while they are in the bath. 

I put ’em in about halfway through my bath and ain’t coughed once, but I wanted to full disclose just in cases. 


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