Produce Box

My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. 

No, not because it is hump day or anything silly like that, but because I get my giant produce box delivered from Get Florida Produce

This was the highest of high buys that I made when Mickey was out of town this last time. I had been doing a really good job of eating while he was gone and started feeling kind of *proud* of my body for the first time. Like, I wanted people to look at my STOMACH. Oof that 80s/90s strivin’ for perfection media was hard on a lil Jacki, lemme tell ya. 

So this colorful Facebook ad about local produce came across my Facebook feed one high night. Get Florida Produce, it said. “Yeah!” my high brain said and so I just dove in. 

If you know me at all, this is super weird. I LOVE researching things for a long time until I land on what I think is the perfect *thing* for me. I didn’t even read the REVIEWS for this produce box. 

The first day it arrived, I WAS DELIGHTED. I had fresh fruits and veggies and even a little herb seedling that I was sure to kill within a week. I made a giant salad the first night and was bowled over by the tomatoes. As the week progressed, I had similar experiences with every single thing in the box. 

Like, I guess I had forgotten what real fresh, LOCAL fruits and veggies tasted like. I started squeezing an orange every single morning and drinking it. I eat a salad, like, every week now and fruit every single day.  Yeesh, I say “every single” a lot. 

The best part is, I’ve been expanding my palette. I’m trusting my instincts more than ever in the kitchen and, yes, part of that is watching all the episodes of Top Chef ever created but I’m giving the most credit to Get Florida Produce. 


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