Remembering How to Live With Someone Else

If you saw my morning drank insta post this morning, you might guess what I am so excited about!

Mickey is home! 

He was gone for a little over a month this time, so I developed some… quirks. 

Yeah, that’s a good word for it. 

So, instead of being embarrassed about them, I’m just gonna come clean about all of them right now so that there are no surprises. 

Here is what Mickey’s gonna see me do on this home visit:

  1. Choke eating my gross nutrition cubes every morning. This includes a pep talk to myself, some pacing around and lots of loud yuck noises while eating. 
  2. Posing randomly when I enter a room. Now, I don’t know why I started this, but I like it a lot. I’ll round a corner to enter a room and, once I’ve crossed the threshold, arrange my limbs and face in an abstract form. Then I go about my business. 
  3. Making random noises of celebration or jubilation when something clicks in my brain. Sometimes this also includes an arm movement of sorts. 
  4. Talking at full volume to the Dawson’s Creek kids while I work. 
  5. Writhing around the house for roughly 30 minutes as I slowly put on my wetsuit.
  6. A blissful two hours of silence while I float around the pool. 
  7. My very elaborate de-pooling procedures. I feel like this gets more involved every time. 
  8. My jangly limb dancing when I watch my daily episode of “Treme” and the theme song plays. I have no idea what my body is doing at this time, but it feels good. It is legit my favorite theme song at the moment. 
  9. Me wearing the same hoodie and shorts every evening so that I also feel like a stuffie. (Softserve Clothing is everything I’ve dreamed of.)(don’t worry I also wash them)
  10. Art projects that go on for weeks on end, that get finished with a loud flourish, when I finally figure out what is missing. 
  11. A halfway golden-ed entry way. (this is something I am working on very slowly, but I think it might look incredible when I am done. We’ll see. It’s not like I can picture it in advance.)

And those are just the things I’m consciously embarrassed of. Who knows what other little idiosyncrasies I’ve picked up since I’ve been alone so much. 

I mean there is definitely also calling OKGoogle a bitch all the time. Sometimes in the positive way that I use most frequently but sometimes she only turns on one light and then I get frustrated. 

If I think of anything else I will say it. And, Mickey, if you see me do anything, let me know, too. Sometimes I don’t realize all the silly things I do. 

But mostly, it’s the jangly limb dancing I’m embarrassed about. 


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