Secret Project? What Secret Project?!

Hello, in case you didn’t know, I am currently working on a *really big* secret project. 

One might even call it a “really big shew”. I mean Ed Sullivan would. He always pronounced  “show” unusually and it’s the only way my brain will pronounce it when put together with those words. 

That’s not important, though. 

I do not wish to talk about Ed Sullivan today. I wish to talk about me. 

And my Fella

And my Best Friend

My Fella is, you know, the person that makes sure I have spicy pistachios and orgasms. And also, he was my closest friend for about ten years before we finally decided to start sexin’. And now we’re all domestic partnership-ed up. 

There have been up up ups and down down downs and lots of middlin’ fun times throughout our relationship, but I wouldn’t even trade these past six weeks together for tickets to a White Stripes reunion concert. 

That’s saying a lot. 

I met my Best Friend during the aftermath of the Pulse shooting. But we didn’t solidify our “Capital B, Capital F, Best Friend” status until 5 years ago at me and my Fella’s Oscar party. 

You know the one where Moonlight won but they announced LaLa Land? That was A DAY. 

There was a lot of champagne and excitement that night, so my brain won’t let me remember exactly how the BF-ness transpired, but I know we haven’t strayed since. 

Oscar Party 2017 Scavenger Hunt

(Here is a photo of part of the scavenger hunt from the Oscar Party that year.) 

Between the three of us, we talk about TV a lot.

My Fella & I are always pausing and talking our way through shows, discussing them in ways that I used to only think about in my brain. 

Since the pandemic made normal socializing challenging, My Best Friend & I have a weekly TV date. We started out with Ted Lassocause he didn’t yet have Apple TV+.

(Seriously though y’all, Apple TV+ has enough A+ content to pay the $5 a month. WORTH. IT.) 

We then meandered over to season 1 of Search Party and are now working through the greatest reality TV show of all time ever, The Mole

And again, as we watch, we’re talking about television in a way that I don’t see many other places. 

Then, my Fella got a lightening bolt of inspiration delivered via The 500 Podcast hosted by Josh Adam Meyers. So we started work on this secret project. 

Y’all, it’s been so much fun. SO MUCH FUN. (I’m trying to drop enough hints so that smart people know what the real secret project is.)

I clearly remember when I was early high school aged, sitting in the kitchen at my house and my mom saying, “Stop talking about TV. No one wants to listen to it. You can’t make a career out of it. There is no point.”

That stuck with me, so I was always really embarrassed to talk about TV in the excited passionate way that comes naturally to me. 

No more. (I mean, you saw that I dabbled on Facebook already a bit, lol)

As part of the secret project, I wanted to create a space to talk about Television with other people that love TV as much as we do. 

And I didn’t want Zuck to have his hands on it. I considered making a normal old Facebook group just for ease of use reasons, but then I feel like we don’t really have ownership over our own thoughts. 

Well, me and my friends (you included) are some pretty creative motherfuckers so I want us to own that shit. 

Plus, with a Facebook group, we’re always at the mercy of “facebook jail”. Fuck that. 

So I started thinking about what an ideal place to talk about TV would look like to me. 

And, well, it took me back to the past.

See? The place where my Fella and I originally met was an Internet Forum. It was this amazing place where a group of us discussed our hopes and dreams and everything else in between under the guise of a “fan” site for Orlando radio.

It was a place where relationships died and others grew out of nothing. There were marriages, divorces, births, deaths, and epic parties. It was a truly special place. 

One thing has held true though, I got lifetime friendships out of it. 

So, that’s what we’re doing. With the help of web designer extraordinaire Christian, of course. (seriously, if you need a website, hit me up and I’ll put you in his path… he did this one, too!) 

Click here to register for our Community.

It’s all about TV, but we have a space for movies and general discussion too. And it’s always evolving… if we see a need for something, we’ll make it! 

Now, all y’all old folks who were on the forum with me… this one looks a little different than the Muche, but, you know, times they are a-different and progress is good. If you need any help figuring things out, we have an excellent team of moderators you might already be familiar with. 😉

Speaking of moderation, I want this to be a positive home for TV chatter. So, keep your personal attacks where they belong, on Facebook. 

(Or better yet, figure out what it is you don’t like about yourself that causes you to lash out and attack people on the Internet. You’re better than that.)

Y’all, I am even more excited for this than I am the Oscars this year. 

And that’s saying a lot. 

Come talk television with me! 

p.s. this is where I will try to do all my TV talkin’ from this point forward. Help me break free from Facebook. 


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