Skee Ball, A Lazy River & a Tower

Those are the three things that have made up my dream house for as long as I can remember.

Now, my memory is shit so I really only remember the things I have talked about enough time that they’ve become stories, so take this very bold statement with a grain of salt. 

But if we found a house with all three of these things I’d have a really hard time not moving immediately. 

Obviously my office would be the entire tower and would include everything possible. 

I assume my tower is at least three stories, right? 

So the top floor will be my studio. In this studio, I would like to be able to:

  • write
  • art
  • sing
  • trumpet
  • tap dance

I would also like to accordion or french horn, but I don’t have either of those items yet, so I won’t be greedy. 

Then the next floor down in the tower will be my comfort room. There will be stuffies, Uncle Clifford Paradise Room cloud lights, comfy chairs, couches, floor poofs, many galaxy lamps, a bubble machine, a fridge full of Cherry Coke Zero in cans and a pantry full of Sour Skittles and hot pistachios. 

And of course a big TV with awesome speakers and mood lighting and enough mics and Rock Band instruments for all my friends to play. 

The bottom floor is a Waffle House, obviously.

The lazy river is the moat, of course. It will be saltwater, but there will be zero animals in it because I am askeered of fishies. 

And I’m happy to have a Skee Ball lane in whatever long room in the house that isn’t being used. Maybe I can add tiny cosmic bowling too. 

What would you like to include in your dream house?


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