The Last Half of Neflix’s new season of “The Mole”

Okay, here are episodes 1 & 2…. and 3-5. I’m just gonna do the rest of them all in one shot, because I am feeling too lazy to type to much. This occupies my brain pretty well, though, so that’s good. I do not like this quarantining stuff

Okay, so here we go.

Episode 6

I honestly don’t even remember where we left off. 

Oh yeah, this fun bomb dilemma. 

Joi is greedy – but for money or her own safety? Let’s find out!

Hmm, looks like she’s greedy for trust. 

Oh boy it’s quiz time again. 

I suspect Avori as the winner or the Mole still and it is mostly for one reason – she seems extremely sure of herself as a person. I think that is the number one key to success in this game. 

Fucking christ I hate this phone bit. So so so anticlimactic. 

Oh dip, I didn’t see Pranav leaving. 

Here’s the thing that makes me most mad about this show. I think it’s probably a really good reality show,  but I don’t think it’s “The Mole.” So after I finish it and take some space from it, I plan to watch it again as a totally brand new reality show and see how it feels. 

Okay a middle of the night mission. And a heights mission?

I feel also like Avori is one of the only ones that has the right vibe for the Mole – she’s by far the smartest. Or that’s what the editors want me to think. 

Okay, so just mountaineering? There had better be more to it the challenge than this. 

Ok, here is the twist. Hmm, it’s not overly complicated but it’s  kind of completely random-ish. I miss when there was more skill or intelligence involved in them earning money. 

Now it’s up to the Mole and some guesswork? Eh. EH, I say.

I wonder if the host knows who the Mole is. 

I mean the smartest way for the Mole to win this challenge is to just pick two random backpacks with no thought at all. I mean, that’s how I’d Mole at least. 

Rappelling down would be no problem for me, once I learned the skill. However, if they asked me to tightrope, I think that would be the only thing I’d nope out of. I also don’t like rope bridges very much, but I think I could power through.

Yup, also I feel fine about going up a cliff’s face. Just not across two cliffs. 

Casey is feeling kind of sus and I’d respect this ditzy Mole gameplay to be honest.  We shall see. 

And this is where I would be like, hello, nope, please let me remain. 

There is an episode of “Nathan for You” where he taught himself to tightrope and my pulse rate was UP the entire time. Same thing with that Joseph Gordon Levitt Oscar bait movie where he was the Frenchman (or French-Canadian, I do not recall). JGL tries so hard to win awards, y’all. That’s precisely why he does it. 

Oh wait! This isn’t a tightrope? II can do this! Put me back in the game, coach. 

I think Avori might be the Mole trying to win the team money and she’s butthurt that they are gonna lose it. That’s how her face reads to me. 

Woot. Casey did it!

Stubborn-ass Jacob was wrong. Big surprise. 

I really love Avori’s tie dye. 

Dear lord another late night mission. 

Oooh, this is VERY intriguing.

But then it’s just another twist on “you all chose what order to…”

Do the showrunners not notice the patterns?

Oh boy and another exemption. Bleh.  For a minute I thought there might be a scorpion or snake in there or something. 

I forgot brown bun man was even a contestant.


Episode 7:

That is so cold. Literally. I think this means Kesi is definitely not the Mole. 

Honestly, I really kind of respect this move on her part. I think all of her logic is sound. I’m interested to see how this plays out. 

$49k still seems laughably low for this far in the competition. Wow. 

Ok, we all know I hate this phone thing but I feel compelled to say it anyways. 

Greg is the brown ponytail’s name!

The way they edited Avori just now makes me feel like she is gone. 

Oh shit no. It’s Casey! Dang. Some decent editing this episode, er -or segment of show. Kept me guessing at least!

Avori reminds me of that Emily girl on TikTok that remakes corporation’s logo’s, but, like, with MS Paint. She is the only person Microsoft follows on TikTok. I am delighted with her!

Hmmmm. Spot the fake. This is classic Mole. This feels good. HOWEVER, I kind of hate how they have personified the Mole in the tasks. Why? Did the Mole really create that art? I hope they talk about their inspiration in the finale, because if it was just a production assistant that did it, this is bullshit and they are lying to me. But then the other players would notice if the Mole got extra painting time. 

Either way, I think who made the fake is not important and it’s dumb to make it seem like the Mole did it. 

Wait, I kind of spaced out while I was ranting – how can they can exemptions?! Does everyone who picked the right one get an exemption? REALLY? Is that what I am to assume? Oooooh, a chance to win an exemption. 

Exemptions have become too big a part of gameplay. Bleh. 

Once again this setup could make for an interesting game. Let’s see how they “twist” it to make it crap. 

Okay, oh my god, I love this. I hope this doesn’t go awry. This is the first original idea I feel they’ve had yet. This concept reminds me of that bar wander-y episode of “Ted Lasso” and I hope we get to see the evenings play out!

Eeee, here come the stories!

Jacob is terrible at telling stories. WTF. This doesn’t feel true at all. 

OMG what if they ALL make their stories all bad and fake sounding?!?! That could be awesome. 

NOw Joi’s story is almost TOO detailed, like she had a lot of time to think about it. And honestly, these stories are so underwhelming. I was expecting epic nights of adventure instead of an experience you can get at Gatorland. Underwhelm. 

Oh god, I can’t wait for Avori’s story. Blehhhhhhhhh. Walk on fire. What’s next, throwing axes at their heads?! 

Again, Netflix, I am available for consultation. 

Hmm, Greg’s confessional just then sounded like he might could be the Mole. Did the editors fuck up?

Okay, Joi, obviously telling the truth. Jacob the absolutely shitty liar. 

The ONLY way that’s a good move is if he’s the Mole. This is an excellent way to shift blame away from himself, by “proving” what a “bad” liar he is. 

Oh shit Joi is calling out Jacob!!!! Get it, girl!

I honestly do not know if this blog is enjoyable to read. I am having fun writing it, though and sometimes that’s all that matters. 

Episode 8:

Can they call out the ole this early? Like – and win? That might be kind of cool. Let them decide if they’d rather be guaranteed a win or earn more money while hoping someone else doesn’t guess correctly before they do. Hmm. Interesting. 

Again, I feel like this makes it really obvious that Joi is not the Mole. 

I keep trying to remember to look at the quiz questions, because I loved reading some of the old ones, but I keep spacing out. 

Ahh, but Avori – it’s not taking a shot in the dark! Those questions you don’t know the answer to exist to encourage you to get to know more about the other players. That’s the big thing that’s missing!!!!!!

Ok, dumb phones, who’s going home?

Damn and I just learned his name. Bye brown bun!

I feel like Avori is the best choice for this. Smart folks. 

Ooh, pairing up the remaining players will really fuck with the power dynamics. This could be fun. 

OKay, so this is very similar to that castle rescue in season 1.  Communication will be key. 

Ack a birdcage, why?!

I think Avori is the Mole. I am more and more convinced because she is having to tell the other players HOW to play the game. I kind of hope I am wrong and I have fallen prey to some clever editing. 

I feel like it is obviously pigeon #2. 

Okay, I love throwing in a decoy driver. DECOY DRIVERS!!!! IN A ROUNDABOUT BIT! I love roundabout humour. There is a scene in “Search Party” that I cry laugh at every single time. Roundabouts, man! Always funny. 

Wheeee, elimination time. Wait. Are there no exemptions? I bet there’s a game at dinner. 

I am not a fan of this in your face way Joi is playing… unless she is the Mole, then I respect it. 

Oh dip! No exemptions!

Every episode I’m afraid Avori will go home.  

Ugh dumb phone time. 

Yay Avori is safe!

Episode 9:

Fuck this editing, seriously. SO dumb.

Oh okay, so Jacob’s just a bad player, then.

Oooh, mountains! Ooh, a snow rescue. 

Breaking up into pairs again, interesting. 

I wonder if they’re gonna do the traditional final three game where all the feelings get hurt. I guess I’ll see soon!

Ooh this looks like a fun new skill. I wonder how difficult they’re making this for them. 

 What idiot ever puts Joi in charge of any kind of directions. That would be like Mickey asking me to navigate to Key West. (Last time I did this we ended up almost in Tampa. Please do not ask.)

I don’t enjoy watching people suffer physically. Let ’em work with their smarts instead!

I think too much time is being spent on this challenge. It’s not great television. 

Kesi is being too obvious. Yorsh. 

Will annoys me for some reason, but I can’t really place my finger on why. 

What in the Deal or No Deal?!

How is this strategy? I am bored at the “Assign players to a thing.” 

Yeah, William just keeps getting more annoying. 

I dunno what Kesi is playing at here. Feels weird. 

Honestly if Joi is the Mole I am ABSOLUTELY here for it. Mad respect for this gameplay on her part, but my gut still says the Mole is Avery. Maybe Joi wins. 


Oh I hope Will is gone. 


Oh dip! Not my girl!!!!!

Hmmm. Now, I am stumped. I am definitely rooting on anyone but blonde ponytail. 

Episode 10

Here we goooooooo.

Welp, I guess that answers my question about the Top 3 game. 

The look like extras in a Janelle Monae video and I am here for it. 

OOoh, I like this drone activity. 30 minutes seems short AF, though. 

I would NOT be walking across those chains. Oooh, poles. 

Wuhoh, asplosion. 

Ugh I hope that wasn’t Joi’s obvious Mole behavior. I’d be very disappointed. 

That seemed like a legit fall, though. 

Hmm, do we trust Kesi to catch it? 

I would like to be that close to those flames. 

Here is the final phone ceremony. 

Final prediction – Kesi Mole, Will – Winner.

But I’d rather Joi win. All $101,500. I mean that’s life-changing money, but it should have been so much more than that. 

This is a weird, non-dramatic way to do this. 

YES! Got the Mole right!

Oh shit and the winner. 

Poor Joi.

What weird gameplay for not being the Mole though. 

7 minutes of talking? That’s it? We don’t get to see all the ways she did the things? Oh, here it is. 

I thought this key shit was so obvious. 

Stealing the exemption really threw me off, but this ice challenge was sad sabotage. 

No, disappoint. Netflix, you can email me at for ym assitance. 







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