The Long, Arduous Journey of Gibson the Baseball Sloth

When we moved to Michigan, the very first thing we did was go to a baseball game. Cause for some reason, my brain feels very much at peace when it’s in a baseball stadium.

Since I stopped being ashamed of being a grown up lady that has stuffies, we’ve made a point to buy a stuffie to commemorate important occasions. You know, like first game at your new home baseball stadium, Only if we find a stuffie that’s brimming with personality, though. 

So that’s how Gibson ended up coming home with us. We named him Gibson after a famous Detroit Tigers player named Kirk Gibson. But he didn’t feel like a Kirk, so we called him Gibson. 

He is a sloth. 

He hung out with the piano gang for most of his  time here at the Professor Haus. However for the past couple months he’s been on a journey. 

And he’s a sloth, so the journey’s been, well, slow. 

So, he started on the low bannister (pictured below) and, y’all, honestly I didn’t even noticed he was moving until he made it up past the moon landing. 

Slowly, but surely, Gibson was working his way up the the Princess TV room where he knew some of his friends were hanging out all day and he wanted to go see them. 

At least that’s the story that was building in my head. 

He was persistent, though. 

Gibson wouldn’t move at the same time every day. Some days I’d wake up and he’d be in the same position he was the night before. 

Some days, I’d go up for my bath and he’d have made a little bit of progress, inching ever-closer to the pile of rejected wedding ties in the rotunda. 

And then some days, poor ol Gibson the Sloth needed a rest.

As you can see above, Gibson wasn’t against using accessories to make his way to his friends. 

Including the aforementioned pile of rejected ties. 

I was rooting on him so hard. 

And yeah, I know I could have easily scooped him up and brought him to his friends in one big swoop. But I also know there’s a lot of joy to be found in the journey and I didn’t want Gibson to miss out on that. 

Especially the part where his friends all banded together to help him reach the daybed in the Princess TV room. 


And look how happy his lil face is! He did it! He made it up Stair Mountain, PAST the moon landing, through the rotunda and to his final destination of visiting his friends in the Princess TV Room. 

I am so proud of him. And I think he is too and that’s even more improtant. 


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