Tips & Tricks for Weighted Blankets

Look, I woke up this morning and my brain said this would be a good blog post, so let’s see what happens.

Granted I woke up all cuddled up under my weighted blanket, so I was feeling really warm and happy about life in general, so my brain might have been confused. This might be shit. If it is, I apologize. 

So I’ve had this blanket for just over a year now (if you want to know which one I got, ask me and I’ll send you a link!) and it’s changed my sleepin’ life. 

But there was a learning curve for me. I always try to figure out how to make things work the best for me, so I’m always trying different things and different ways of doing things. 

Ok so, this weighted blanket. My No. 1 tip is this:

Don’t let it get bunched up! You will lose out on the “cool spots” if you do that. (My weighted blanket is cooling so this is important to me.) Lay it flat on top of you when you go to bed!

See? When it gets all bunched up either on top of you or underneath you, it heats up all the parts that are touching your body. So when you switch positions to attempt to stem a hot flash or night sweat off at the start, you’d just be greeted with warm bleh instead of cool, silky awesome. 

Question though: Can you even SLEEP with things bunched up underneath you? HOW?! I cannot comprehend this. I don’t like it when the fitted sheet gets too loose and, like, folds over onto itself. 

No thank you, sir. 

My number two tip is related to switching positions. 

Don’t just roll around underneath the blanket. You’ll get all burritoed and it’s difficult to get out of. And then plus you fuck up the cool. 

So here’s what I do and I don’t know if it will make sense. 

I’m a side sleeper so I lift up my ‘top’ arm and kind of hold the blanket aloft, then I roll to my tummy and put the other arm up and then roll to the other side. 

It sounds like a lot to do while half asleep, but it just comes natural now. It did take a little learning at first. 

Now some stayin’ cool tips. This is the ranges of motion I will go through when I’m trying to get cool in the middle of the night. 

  1. Move my feetsies until they hit a cold part of the blanket. If that doesn’t work I
  2. Pop out one foot. If that’s not enough, I
  3. Pop out a shoulder. If that doesn’t do the trick, I’ll
  4. Pop out a booty. And if that fails, I’ll
  5. Just get up and walk to the bathroom. Lights off, of course. 

With all the fans and stuff we have blasting in our bedroom that walk to the bathroom is enough to get me all chilly and cool again. 

This is my favorite part of the weighted blanket, I think.


When I get back in bed after a “cool escape” it takes me (most of the time) less than a minute to fall back asleep. BWB (Before Weighted Blanket) a bathroom trip would cause at least thirty minutes of toss and turn. I hate toss and turn, y’all. 

I am worried that BedTyme Snoopy’s head is simply gonna pop off one night when I’m changing positions though. He always moves with me and sometimes he gets caught up under the weight. 

He is an old, after all. 


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