Today, I Did A Garden

Hello! If you know anything about me, you’ll know I cannot keep plants alive, let along grow a plant from scratch. 

But today, I planted one of my favorite flowers. And according to everything the Internet and my flower friends are telling me, I did it correctly. 

We shall see. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I am still testing positive! Whee!

Still runny nose AF, coughy in the evenings and Jacki-fevery. The headaches have mostly stopped as well. My body is ache-y AF, though, and that keeps getting worse, but I’d rather be ache-y than not breathe right, so I’ll take it. 

I also don’t have a lot of energy. But I think part of that is the being sore all the time and tossing and turning. 

I’ve also been pretty stir crazy. I’m spending most of my time in my office, which is kind of weird. Why is it weird? Well, it’s weird because it has two points of entry. One is a swingy door leading to the kitchen and is fine. It stays open most of the time, so the only thing weird about it is that it’s closed. 

The other doors to my office are leaded glass french doors. What is weird about that? Welp, it feels like I am in an aquarium or zoo kind of. Like I am an exhibit. 

All I need now is to host Pimp My Ride. Gosh that would be a dream.

So when KPerks messaged me the other day and said that planting tulip bulbs is easy enough even I can’t possibly fuck it up. Just use this special tool to dig a hole and plop in a bulb and the forget about them until spring when they will surprise me with color. 

Then I did a Google to make sure there wasn’t anything more to it and saw there wasn’t.

Yesterday, Mickey went and bought me some bulbs and today, I planted them! Well, some of them. Then I got tired and took a bath. 

Check back in the spring to see if I fucked it up!


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