Today, Let’s Add Some Faces to Some Ghosties!

Like I said the other day, I’ve graduated my ghosties from the 2D world of digital to the 3D world of on canvas and so far they look pretty good. 

They have been sitting on my desk for two days, faceless, though, because I am afraid I will screw them up. 

So today, I’m forcing myself to do them and I’m bringing you along for the ride. 

I’m still testing positive, so what the fuck else am I gonna do today? 

Put faces on ghosties and watch “Search Party” for roughly the millionth time. 

Here’s where we’re starting:


I’ve got two canvases, one painted with old mixed up acrylic paint, the other with watercolor and sharpie for some reason. 

I made the 3D ghostie patterns with a hot glue gun and it was a much bigger challenge than making the shapes with an Apple Pencil. Some of them are quite blob-like, in fact.

Then I painted them with layer and layer and layer of white acrylic paint and then added some white pearlescent acrylic paint. 

Now, the faces. 

First question: Do I use Sharpie? Or do I paint them on? 

Let’s try Sharpie on one of them and paint the other. 


Ooh. Sharpie face is so crisp. Let’s try a paint face.

Paint face was harder to, uh, paint, but I like the way it looks in person. It gives it some texture. 

I’m add some friends and see where this story takes me. 


Okay, so the painting is not going great. I definitely need a smaller brush, but I’m working with what I got. It is definitely not as easy to bring the personality I feel for each ghostie to their faces. 

Let’s see what the sharpie bois are up to.

Okay, so the first sharpie boi was great, but as I keep making faces, it dries out and does not want to keep giving these ghosties personality. But I can make better faces with it! 

Let’s finish the paint buddies. 

Oh yeah, that’s it. I just gotta get a smaller, stiffer brush. Stiffness is important with this task. 

Let’s finish the sharpie bois. Serviceable, but I think I’ll go back in with paint later. 

Here they are together!

I kind of love them, but they still feel unfinished to me. What do you think?




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