Ultra-Specific Snacks

Snacks are one of my love languages. 

Ultra-specific snacks to be, uh, specific. 

The first one I can recall was Wild Cherry Pepsi, which I covered the other day, which turned into my Cherry Coke Zero addiction that is part of my entire being. 

Around that time I also fell hard for Haribo gummi bears, which I still love to this day.

And that lead me to the treat that is most frequently associated with me:

Sour Skittles. 

They are my favorite candy, hands down, no argument ever. I love them. 

I have a specific order I eat them in, and, if I’m being honest a specific method too. 

Between this and the way I made nachos, it’s a wonder I wasn’t diagnosed with OCD sooner.

First off, I almost always eat them one at a time. Then, I’ll suck the sour salt (what else would you even call it?) off of the Skittle and let it get warm and soft in my mouth. Then I SMASH it up against the roof of my mouth and eat it. Moving on to the next flavor. 

Thank goodness I have a little group of friends who are my “sour candy friends” who have similar candy rituals so I don’t feel too embarrassed about it anymore. 

For the first time in my life that I can remember, I have a salty snack addiction. Like, I’ve loved Doritos and other chiops before, but nothing ever stuck. I never craved anything like I did the Sour Skittles and Cherry Coke Zero. 

Wonderful Chili Pistachios

It’s these. I love them. They give me the face hots and I can’t get enough. 

That’s a recent new thing to me, as well. In the past, I’d shy away from hot stuff, but then I became obsessed with Sean Evan’s superior question asking skills on Hot Ones

Well, the night before Mickey left on his last trip a package arrived. 

It was so many bags of these delicious nuts. They’ve been hard for me to find at the grocery so he made sure I didn’t go without while he was gone. 

It made me feel Wonderful. 


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