Um… I think Mickey Secretly Wrote a Comic About Our Stuffies

And didn’t tell me.

Walk with me here. 

So, I told you about our Free Comic Book Day, uh, day the other, uh, day, didn’t I? 

Well, I probably wasn’t properly clear about how “free” is 100% wasn’t. We dropped a fair amount of cashe on both comics and arts and stuff from the independent artists that were selling their wares. 

Well, one of. those things was a comic book called “Jeff!”

Now, this was a comic that Mickey picked out, just casually showed to me in a pile of other comics he had picked out. No emphasis put on it other than, “look how cute this lil dood is”.

I mean, look!

Jeff! really is the cutest!

Then we went about our day and I mostly forgot Jeff! even existed… until we got home to unpack all of our conquests. Then it was the first thing I read. 

And immediately fell in love with. I mean, at first glance, it is like the lives our stuffies lead, but put down on paper with real art! Okay, well not exactly. Like our stuffies haven’t faked a trip to the Leaning Tower yet, but give them enough time and I’m sure they’ll get here. 

Maybe Bryun scored a new role in Ginger’s movie and they need to green screen some things, so they fake a trip to It’ly. Mickey and I have big imaginations. Anything could happen in there, you know?

But then, as I got deeper into the book, it started to feel eerily similar to the actual “things” our stuffies have “gone though”.

I use quotes to let y’all know that I’m not that crazy (yet). I know this is all make believe, so do not fret one bit about my stylish little head. 

The first example came pretty early on in the book – a trip through the big scary machine. 

A few of our stuffies have been through this and lived to tell the tale. 

Mostly BedTyme and Travis though, cause they get the most sleepin’ and cuddlin’ times. Somtimes they get musty, you know? And my OCD wouldn’t allow me to hand wash them.

Well… it would, they would just be so clean I’d’ve worn holes in them. I think that is one of the reason I hesitate to start things sometimes: because my OCD doesn’t know when something is “enough” so it keeps going until things are decidedly “too much”.

So, some of our stuffies have been thought the washing machine, which, as mentioned before, they refer to as the “Big Scary Machine”. Watching Jeff! spin around happily might have loosened them up a bit, but we’ll see what happens next time. 

Oh, also, I should mention that Jeff! the character looks and acts suspiciously like our shark Squishmallow which we have named Sherm. Sherm is very stylish – I think he is currently wearing the most accessories of any of our stuffies. 

Plus, he’s a dead ringer from my Internet Brother Ryan’s kid Jude. 

I mean, it’s uncanny. 

Okay, but in addition to all of that, one of the next things this “fictional” shark named “Jeff” did in this comic book was to VISIT THE TULIPS IN HOLLAND. 

Now, I’m about to get into some embarrassing stuffie lore, so please skip this paragraph if you do not want to think of me as a smol child with a big imagination. Okay? Okay. 

So they stuffies have way more advanced tech that we humans do. In fact, the piece of tech they use most frequently is their Luk system. It is basically a tiny imperceptible camera that they can wear as a necklace so that all the stuffies can experience all the things, not just whatever stuffie is traveling with us at the time. Like, they know to get all the bodies of water for Bedtyme and the brutal architecture for Scream-O. And the birbs for Tracy, of course. 

Yes, I totally store this idea from “the Circle” and “The Every” by Dave Eggers. Those books cause me to think a lot so it was inevitable something would turn up in my everyday life. 

So, while Sherm the shark did not come with us to visit the tulips in Holland, Michigan, he was watching closely to Tracy’s Luk at the time and came up with this here idea:

Look, I don’t want to give away the first issue of what is sure to be a classic comic book. It’s fun as hell, so I recommend getting yourself a copy next time you’re looking for a silly, fun read. 

But there is one more thing I wanted to mention… Doesn’t this look just like a Snoopy House?

Just sayin’.


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