“Vacation” Episodes

Normally, I adore “vacation” episodes of TV. 

The regular characters are out of their boxes and exploring the world just like a normie would. You know, like me! 

I especially enjoyed when all the TGIF shows made their trips to Disney World. Or when Roseanne won the lottery. 

Yes, she is problematic AF, but I watched the show religiously for Dan Conner, one of the most tragic figures in TV comedy history. I also really projected my own family onto the show, seeing myself alternatively in Darlene and Becky depending on what was happening in any given episode. 

Robert the Bear + Art

(this is Row-bear. Enjoy him and the art behind his head. This is unrelated to the rest of the post)

Upon further reflection, I’m totally a DJ, though. He liked movies a lot and wouldn’t shut up right? It’s been a while since I’ve watched and my brain doesn’t remember plot points, only how I feel and snappy dialogue. 

On ER, though? I hate any episode away from the hospital. Road trip to find a crazy mom? Mission to Africa to heal up people? 

No thank you, sir. Give me the Emergency Room proper where chaos reigns. 

I feel so bad to admit this, but when I see the next episode is an “away” episode, I immediately groan.

Or, if I am home alone, yell, “WHAT THE FUCK UGH” and kick something. I really like to overact sometimes when I’m not around anyone. Not over-react… that is an important distinction to me. I am acting that way on purpose. Makes things hard to explain when Mickey’s home and I forget though. 

That’s not even the bad part. 

After the groan or yell, I will then hate watch part of the episode and then fast forward through it to see if there are any ER proper scenes. So if there were any plot points I missed, oops. 

I’m watching ER not desert savior show. 


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