Vice List – February 2024: I Love Blazos & King Kong

This is where all the other things I ate or drank or smoked or enjoyed or whatever that didn’t fit into my Watch Lists. Cause I do more than watch things, you know?

Standout Food:

Pies from Moscheck’s.

We bought two pies for $5 each. One was French Apple and the other was Strawberry Rhubarb. They were both fabulous, but I really enjoyed the latter one. I put a dollop of Cool Whip (pronounced with a hard “h”) on one slice and some melted snow cream Mickey made me and I froze on the other. Yummy!

Then we went back and got another pie for Valentine’s Day/Our Domestic Partnership anniversary. It was four berry and it was decadent. The company who makes them is called Blazos, which is very fun to say. Go on, try it.

Garlic Scapes We Grew Ourselves

Also on Valentine’s Day, we had steaks and baked potatoes and glazed carrots and roasted green beans. As we were carrying our trays upstairs to eat, I paused and said aloud, “I feel like we are forgetting something important, but I cannot figure it out.” Then I shrugged my shoulders and continued my journey.

The next morning, as I was writing my morning pages, I looked over at the cut up OJ bottle sitting on the radiator and smacked the butt of my hand into my forehead, “We forgot the garlic scapes for the baked potatoes!”

A few days later, I planned to make myself pasta for dinner and Mickey told me to leave a note for myself so I wouldn’t forget to use some of our scapes. I did leave a note, but I did not make pasta.

I made hashbrowns and mushrooms (and garlic scapes) and they were delicious. I am looking forward to putting scapes on all the things.

Cheap as Shit Sour Gummi Worms (preferably stale)

I love stale sour/fruity candy. Like, I will buy candy canes and lollipops months and years in advance, with the plan to eat them once they’d gone stale. In fact, I just ate my last 2 year old candy cane the other night. They were perfect.

If I could buy stale old candy, I think I would.

The other day I randomly bought a bag of cheap store brand sour gummi words, ate a couple and left the bag open. The next time I had them, they hit just right. So, I bought another bag to see if this would be something I could replicate.

I did, so I’ma keep buying my buck twenty five bags of sour worms.

Standout Drinks:

Seltzer with grenadine

I’m happy to report that we have sliced down our Cherry Coke Zero and Diet Mountain Dew consumption by like 2/3rds. I’m really impressed, honestly. I’m mean, we’re both such addicts that we both have art of our respective drinks!! However, we are both the flavor of autism that sensory seeks and one of the sensories that we seek is bubbles in our drinks! So, we’ve been drinking a lot of seltzer. I’ve been putting varying levels of grenadine in mine and it’s a treat! I’ve also tried lime and tart cherry juices. Grenadine is my favorite this far.

Standout Smoke:

King Kong flower from Herbology

Y’all. First off, I’ll tell you this: this flower is not pretty. In fact, it’s quite ugly. It doesn’t even smell that well. And it’s dry. And dusty sometimes. But I will tell you that it is the perfect strain for when I need to be talkative. Like, for hosting a viewing party. Or watching Australian Survivor with the Molls and the Barbs. It makes me talki, but not annoyingly so.

Also, it was $35 for an ounce. So there’s that.

Standout Video Games

Breath of the Wild

I think caves are my favorite place in this game. I also really like the depths. And the sky. And the land. Okay, okay, I just love this game.

Here is the thing though. I have trouble getting lost in it when I am home alone. However, when Mickey is home and playing his game, I can happily play for hours on end. My brain is so annoying sometimes.

New York Times Puzzles App

Does this count? I do three puzzles every day now: The mini crossword, wordle and connections. Connections is my favorite so I save it for last.

Is anyone else doing these? Should we be friends?

Books I’m Reading that Aren’t Maeve Binchy

“Running the Light” by Sam Tallent

This book stays on my bath desk at all times. If I can feel my brain getting spinny and annoying and nothing else is keeping my attention, I will turn on the big lights and pick up this book.

I let it fall open to whatever page wants to be read and I read it. Then I keep reading it until my brain shuts up for a while. I don’t know why dark books like this calm my brain so much.

It is written by a man who is without a doubt the funniest comedian I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in person. He did a marionette act with another comedian at the Bull & Bush in Orlando that had almost everyone in the place crying with laughter.

And that place was packed to the gills.

If he is ever, EVER in your town, go see him. Every single time. His mind is so quick, no two shows are ever the same.

Here’s his tour.

Here’s the book.


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