Vice List – January 2024: Snow Cream, Yemeni Coffee, Zelda & More!

This is the place all the things I’m consuming go that doesn’t fit anywhere else. I’m looking for patterns everywhere, y’all!

Standout Food:

Shakshuka made at home, with roasted mushrooms and both chicken and quail eggs. I served this over rice because that is the mouthfeel I wanted. It was tasty and yum.

Snow cream!! It snowed a couple days here and so Mickey made me one of his childhood treats: fresh snow from the back yard, which was super fluffy and powdery, some heavy whipping cream and vanilla. I think he added sugar to his, but mine did not need it. It reminded me of one of my favorite flavors of ice cream – Sweet Cream. I think we’ll be doing this every year.

Meatballs from Moscheks

Almost every week after ceramics, I will go to Moscheks. Sometimes it is snowing and Mickey drove me to ceramics that morning, so he comes with me. Moschek’s is a local grocery that has been in community for 75 years. They have a huge deli counter, staples and a wonderful hot food area.

My goal every week is to get their meatballs. Lately, I’ve been let down a lot. But for my final ceramics class of January, I got my meatballs! Previous weeks, I “settled” for meatloaf or mujaddara.

Crinkle Fries at Parts & Labor

Look, these are a deceptively difficult thing to nail out of the part every single time you make them. It’s easy to end up with a basket of too crispy crinkles and ya girl hates that. Parts & Labor, though, they always get it right.

This is kind of embarrassing, but I totally judge my crinkle fries when I eat them. They are some I’m eager to eat and some that get left in the basket. I don’t like the smol crisp ones that make me feel like one wrong chew will break my dang teeth, which are in a very precarious situation as it is.

Almost universally, Parts & Labor leaves me with less crinkle fries in the basket than anywhere else I’ve found.

Grilled Cheeses

I’ve been making a lot of these. They are my safe no effort food. However, I wanted to mention a crisping trick I learned via Mickey via TikTok. Here is a photo:

And here is the explanation to the photo. See? I put these chopsticks on my plate lips to make sure the sandwich gets air flow on the bottom, so that it stays crispy on all sides. And then I cut it into triangles of course. What do you think I am, a heathen? Raw dogging an uncut grilled cheese. No thank you.

A+ trick that I hope I never forget, but am sure I probably will.

Standout Smoke:

Pure Michigan Live Resin from Humblebee

Snow Bong! Yes, of course I did this. It took me like three full days of freshly fallen snow to remember to do it. All in all it was an A+ novelty of an experience, but it led to cold lips.

Standout Drinks:

Cherry Coke Zero, as always

However, the price on canned soda is ridiculous right now, so we’re really trying to cut back, so I’ve started adding some plain seltzer water to the mix. I need my bubbles yo.

Lemon Ginger Tumeric soda by Culture Pop – this was perfectly bitey

Yemeni White Coffee – this looks like the weakest coffee you have ever passed through your lips, but it’ll give you the buzz you need. It looks like I’m drinking a calming cup of tea, but instead I’m drinking a hot beverage that is almost nutty and tea-like, but with the aforementioned BUZZ.

Standout Video Games

Tears of the Kingdom

I’ve been playing this off and on for a few months now. I’ll go back and forth between this and my racing games (Mario Kart, some Spongebob things and Fast and the Furious). When I get frustrated or bored with one, I’ll switch to the other.

I probably don’t play TOTK like other people. I prefer to walk everywhere and I really like climbing. The story or main characters (aside from Link and Zelda)? Don’t remember ’em! I just walk around like I do in every day life, encountering strangers. If they are nice, I am nice to them. If they try to fight me, I fight them.

It has made me a little sad at times, because I don’t want to fight the red and green doods (bobklins or something?), because I really think they are just out there trying to survive too. I think we could share a meal and be friends. That is not an option though. I have to kill them, so I don’t die.

Also when I play TOtK, I say things to Mickey like, “Sorry I can’t talk to you right now. I’m helping King Dolphin swim up poop river!”

Other Things I Read (that aren’t Maeve Binchy):

I Want to Die but I Want to Eat Tteokbokki: A Memoir by Baek Sehee —

Because of one of the books I am working on (Benji Spaghettihead), I have been seeking out books with neurodivergent protagonists. I’ve read a few that I truly loved (shout out to Convenience Store Woman) and this one is no different. I’m reading a couple chapters a night during bath time. I’ve been trying my best to stay off my phone in the bath (and other times), because I notice my mental health is worse when I’m Scrolling McScrollerson.

The format is a bit jarring at first, as it is mostly told in an interview format, with occasional paragraphs of text reflecting on the conversations. I like it.


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