Walkin’ Playlists Pt. 1: February

Earlier this year, I found myself with a wide gaping amount of alone time, a situation that I was previously never ever ever in before. So, on day one of this alone time, I was just bopping along in this chat room I hang out in all day and asked the following question. 

“What should I listen to on my walk today?”

Now, it is important to note that I am not now, nor have I ever been, known for talking walks. In fact, I am pretty famous for hating physical activity (save for sex and tap dancing) and especially sweating. So, no, walking in the Florida heat is not in my wheelhouse. 

Not missing a beat, though, my dear friend Molls piped in with “Black Flag.” Not wanting to let her down, I set out on a walk, listening to something completely off brand for me.

AND I LOVED IT. In fact, I loved it so much, I made it my mission to repeat it daily. So, for the month of February, I asked a different person every day to give me a playlist to walk to. Literally no one disappointed, so here are ALL the playlists I walked to (and who suggested ’em) during the month of February. 

Yes, I skipped a few days. You caught me. 

I have notes for my March and April lists, too, so you’ll see those soon! Kind of fell off in May, but I’m getting back to it today, June 1!


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