Watch List – April 22-28, 2024: X-Men ‘97 Swagger


Game Changer (Dropout)

Look, we started this on Saturday and we just started season 5, so naturally, I have a lot to say about this show.

There will be a full blog coming at a later date.

Swagger (AppleTV+)

I was in on almost immediately and then Mr. Johnson from Abbott Elementary showed up!

I think he might be a bad guy though.

I really need to talk to my brain about using such black and white language though. Humans are way more nuanced than simply good and bad, you know? I don’t have to sort every single thing and person into a category.

Do better, brain.

Here is the description of the show from professionals, so that you can make an informed decision using something other than my random ramblings.

“Basketball players, their families, and their coaches get swept up into the youth-sports economy. They all must walk a fine line between dreams and ambition, and opportunism and corruption.”

This one is replacing The Americans in the show rotation, so we’ll probably get a couple of episodes in per day – one for dinner and one for soup lunch.

Okay, except we did not. Instead, we have binged 9 episodes in 2 days. Partly because it is rainy. Party because my peri-menopausal, pre-menstrual PMDD-having-ass hormones are in a dark place today (Tuesday) and I am staring down the cliff of depression.

I know it’s a dumb idea to jump, so I won’t. I really don’t think I can. Then it would be two people in a pit.

However, this show is incredible so far, dealing with some hard topics in a really accessible way. The camera work in the sportsball scenes is engaging and wonder if all the actors are actual players in real life.

Then I found out one of the players is none other than Quvenzhané Wallis, AKA Hushpuppy from Beasts of the Southern Wild.

She is as incredible in this as she was Beasts, which she got an Oscar nomination for.

If you like sportsball dramas, this one is for you.

We’re gonna finish this show this week, probably. Season 1 was better than Season 2, but they are both very good.

This show has a lot of heart and soul, y’all.

X-Men ‘97 (Disney+)

This is a bop and the vibe feels right.

I wasn’t expecting the episode 5 allergies, though.

Palm Royale (AppleTV+)

I have been happily watching this show for seven episodes (several episodes, if you’re watching American Survivor), and I didn’t even realize Natalie from The Facts of Life is playing the reporter!

One of the things I think that I love most about this show is that it gives the later middle-aged actors age-appropriate roles that are meaty. This age group is so well represented on this show in a way that doesn’t oversexualize them as younger than they are, or age them to the ends of the earth to make them old meemaws.

Okay, I watched two episodes this week and they were both wonderful. This show is so weird. The most recent episode saw Allison Janney’s character bonding with a beached whale and it was beautiful and sad.

There are two episodes left and I’m excited to see how it all wraps up.

So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu)

This show, like many US reality shows, is moving too fast. I don’t get time to know anyone or their styles or strengths and weaknesses, which is a shame because I really think this new format could better prepare dancers for the real world than the old one.

Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

The episode is called “Spicy Jeff”, prepare for some unhappy word vomit:

p.s. spoilers abound

  • Mickey: “who’s that random white guy?”
  • Jacki: “Hunter. The one who is a “challenge beast” that I’m really heated about his mid-season interview”
  • Q is really playing the most annoyingly, unneccessarily chaotic game
  • oh god now Liz is crying
  • Kenzie is a salon owner and doing so much good stuff with her hair – the buff hair bow, killer braids all the time. She’s gonna get so many clients from this.
  • Is V unkillable? I hope so for Molls’ wallet (she has Venus in our Survivor pool)
  • Three teams of three? What is happening now Jeffs?
  • I do like that they are bringing the reading of tree mail back, but I wish it was more well-written
  • Venus Q Liz, Kenzie Tiff Ben, Charlie Hunter Maria
  • There is someone to root for on each team, but also someone to root against
    • Wait no – The Kenzie team is a+. No hate.
  • Now I almost feel like they are setting up a Q win
  • All of the stategy talk on this season is infuriating
  • I am guessing this is some sort of dumb immunity challenge with an “In addition” reward
  • Def immunity
  • Tiffany is muscular. I missed that somehow.
  • Obstacle course with digging to throwing things and then endurance. Big surprise.
  • They are trying to make this show exciting in the wrong ways. The tension and drama should create itself
  • What an ass Jeff is – calling out the “loser team”
  • Are the editors trying to get us to root on Q?
  • Venus is the only player I truly like and everyone seems to hate her and this breaks my brain
  • Wait. Was there even an “in addition” reward today? Just no reward I guess. I hate this show now.
  • NOt letting them change positions to get relief
  • This is just torture porn. I hate spicy Jeffs.
  • Charlie looks more comfortable than Hunter. He’s got this.
  • Next immunity challenge pitch: vat of acid- hang all the players over a vat of acid and whoever drops last wins immunty
  • Charlie wins! Get it, Swiftie
  • ”Captain Big Mouth Pants” -Tiffany on Q
  • Jesus christ with the 6
  • Oh no, don’t get Tiff out. She’s one that I actually want to win.
  • Well, “want”
  • Tiffany not wanting her idol is so real
  • People I am okay with winning (in a particular order): Venus, Kenzie, Ben, Tiffany, Charlie
  • People I actually WANT to win:
  • I like Kenzie’s glasses
  • Okay, I like Kenzie too. Kenzie and Venus.
  • Tevin’s outfit is a LOOK and I am here for it.
  • jeff is literally making me so angry
  • a cushion and popcorn?
  • i cant even be bothered to use caps anymore
  • i think Tevin might be a fun jury member
  • i might be done with punctuation too this show makes me so tired
  • is Q playing a ‘sophisticated game of crazy’?
  • if Hunter is this worried he should play his damn idol
  • i like Kenzie’s glassses
  • hunter did not play his idol
  • what is with this music?
  • a tie? who voted for Ben?
  • bye hunter, deserved to go

What’s next week? Liz cries. More Q stuff.

Oh if you want to hear me and molls work through our anger regarding this season, listen here.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

Another gotdang off week?

But then I read the descriptions for next week’s episode and it sounds like a banger:

“Two teachers head out on a double date, but when they run into familiar bar patrons, it proves to be a distraction; at Ava’s first book club meeting, the group ends up in a debate over who would be the best post-apocalyptic leader.”

So I will hush it now.

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn

hiatus again, y’all. Be back with this next week and I CANNOT WAIT.


The Clapper (Hulu)

This will be full of spoilers, so if you plan to watch this, come back after you have done so.

Here is the description of this 2018 flick:

“Eddie Krumble works as a paid audience member for infomercials and experiences a whirlwind of overnight fame after a late-night talk show host publicizes his frequent infomercial appearances.”

I liked it until the end.

The romance storyline honestly made me so angry. Ed Helms’ character basically full-on stalked a woman and in the end, she found it so romantic and they exchanged “I love you”s and the audience is all supposed to swoon or something.

Gross, I hate it.

Stalking is NOT romantic.


Hot Ones with Luda (YouTube)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sean Evans is the best interviewer in the biz. It feels like at some point during every single episode of Hot Ones, the interviewee says something like, “Wow, that’s a good question. No one has ever asked me that before!”

But, like, in an exciting way and not a frightened way. Like the guest is actually interested and excited to answer these questions.

I love Luda and have since I was a wee Jacki living near Atlanta. This interview delighted me to no end.

One day I will make it out to LudaDay Weekend. This has been a lifelong dream of mine, but I want to do it in a Jacki-friendly way. So my brain and my body are happy, you know?


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