Watch List – April 29-May 5, 2024: I’ve Been Here the WHOLE Time


Game Changer (Dropout)

This keeps getting more and more human and more and more endearing.

I love it so much.

p.s. if you want more details I wrote a whole blog about it.

p.p.s. they got giancarlo motherfuckin’ esposito for an episode!!!!!!

p.p.p.s. I might like Sam Reich BETTER than Anderson Cooper as a host.

Saturday Night Live (Peacock)

Dua Lipa was one of my favorite hosts in 2024. I think her acting was outstanding and the cast really seemed to warm to her.

They did her RIGHT with her monologue too.

I yelled at dumb old man Jerry Seinfeld whenever he was on screen, though.

Wholly unnecessary.

Palm Royale (AppleTV+)

Didn’t watch the new episode yet! I’m gonna do a one-two punch with this and the finale next week.

So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu)

It is movie week! Yay

They are trying out a romance storyline! Boo

The dancing is good! Yay

I feel like I just started watching this show and we are already at the final 6! Boo

I don’t think I’ll watch this new version again, but I want to see how it shakes out.

I had hopes, too.

Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

This tribal council set makes me so angry.

This is an episode of US Survivor and the title is: Run the Red Light, so prepare for some unhappy word vomit:

p.s. spoilers abound

  • No one likes Q
  • I said this on the podcast (YourFavoriteEpisode), but I am getting worried that they are editing Q as some sort of weird winner
  • He is chaotic as a player though
  • Okay great basically directly into a dumb obstacle course challenge
  • Let’s see what the “in addition” award is today
  • Ohly shit an actual reward challenge
  • I wonder who sponsored it, lol
  • Oh fuck Applebees did. At least they get something to eat
  • Liz reminds me of someone but I can’t put my finger on who
  • This commercial of a rewards challenge is terrible. Jeffs is just listing the menu.
  • Who is Jeffs gonna be mean to tonight?
  • No one maybe
  • Liz begging? Ugh
  • But I feel weirdly good about Q winning this challenge.
  • I might have decided to embrace his chaos.
  • OMG Liz please no
  • This is a temper tantrum? She is an adult businesswoman. What did she think she signed up for?
  • This makes me feel embarrassed for her.
  • Venus always looks good even with sand on her face
  • ”Wooha welcome to Applebees?”
  • What have they done to Sanctuary?
  • HA THEY DIDN’T EAT LIZ’S BURGER, I’m dying at this
  • Does Liz think she is the main character?
  • Charlie is scheming against Tiff and Q. Wuhoh. The Swifties always win
  • oh boy an immunity challenge
  • Fuck Jeffs with his torture. I hate it
  • Kenzie always doing cute stuff to her hair
  • Charlie wins immunity
  • Honestly, their flag/sign looks really cool
  • Maria got the episode title
  • Maria is trying to get Tiff out.
  • If Tiff leaves, I think I will definitely decide to embrace Q’s chaos
  • I hope she doesn’t leave
  • Kenzie burned her hair
  • Oh I am still Team Venus
  • I think Charlie or Kenzie is my second choice
  • I think Q is here for a long time, man. I think he’s safe tonight
  • Which means Tiff is probably gone, dangit
  • Charlie is cold, y’all. I see you, swiftie

Next time on Survivor: Someone does a cartoon voice, Liz calls someone a jerk, Q laughs

Oh if you want to hear me and molls work through our anger regarding this season, listen here.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

One of the things I love about Abbott is that they use classic sitcom tropes, but they don’t feel tired at all.

The double date episode this week is the perfect example of that.

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn

Okay, we watched episode 7 and episode 8 and after the episode 7 tribal council, Aubrey said, “That was epic”.

During the intermission, I whispered to Mickey, “I was really excited about a tribal council tonight, but it’s the next one, not the one we just watched!!!”

This is so much fun.


Anatomy of a Fall (Hulu)

Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve written a lot about this movie this year, but I really love it. And the amount of times I’ve rewatched it is NOTHING compared to last year at this time. If I were blogging then, every single edition of this “Watch List” blog would have had Triangle of Sadness in it for a good three months.

I guess this is maybe one indicator that my OCD is doing a bit better.

Like I said, I really love this movie a lot. The acting is impeccable, the dialogue writing is aces and I just love Messi, the doggo who plays Snoop.

He really was the actor of the year.


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