Watch List – February 12 – 18, 2024: ‘Self Reliance’: ‘The Musical’


Krapopolis (Hulu)

Came for the Dan Harmon of it all and stayed for the massive amounts of inspiration it dropped in my lap. For some reason, this show is not all that well reviewed.

I’ll buck the trend there and say that I enjoyed it very much. Dan’s brain just works similarly to mine, I guess.

I was also thrilled to see Holmes of “Welcome to Flatch” fame doing a guest spot on this show. I think Dan Harmon will see the same magic in her that I do. I hope so. She needs to go places. She is very natural at a hard to play sort of character.

The Great Pottery Throwdown (Max)

Let me tell you about the most wholesome reality competition show in history. Did you think it was The Great British Bake Off? Naw, bitch, you’d be wrong. The most wholesome reality competition show is The Great Pottery Throwdown.

Full disclosure, I have seen this series in full once already. It was before we moved, so it was before I started taking ceramics class. However, this show was one of the first things I thought of when I first signed up for class with Nadga.

I feel like one or the other of the judges cries every episode, not because of drama, but because of beauty. Plus! You get to see the judges actually demonstrate some of the pottery making skills they are judging on. It is lovely and seems like such a supportive community.

Which I guess I am a part of now, huh?

Now, I don’t recall if they do any slip casting on the show, but we shall see. I am watching because I had a ridiculous lightning bolt of inspiration while we watched ‘Krapopolis’ over Mickey’s weekend and I wanted inspirational background noise that was related.

Ugh, I am so excited about this idea, but I know my PDA well enough to know not to tell y’all what it is yet. Cause then my brain will see it as a demand and abandon the idea all together. This is such a dumb, hard thing to navigate, but I’m happy to have the language to explain it better.

Okay, now I am watching the show, starting with Season 1, episode 1.

I forgot how calming and relaxing this actually is. And I forgot about Rich the Kiln Man! What a stressful job.

Here is what I wish: I wish I could get over my brainissue where this alarm blares in my head veryloud whenever my hands are wet or dirty. I think I would very much enjoy wheel throwing.

The Americans (Hulu)

When I tell you I keep getting more and more invested into these characters it is not a lie. We finished Season 1 and are starting season 2 and I don’t know how anyone did season to season on this.

Mickey likened the show to game of chess and he’s not wrong.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Max)

Still here for the Meatwad. This is more of a drop in watching on my part, but they make me laugh so I’ma keep mentioning them until Mickey is done.

The Traitors (Peacock)

I had a panic the other day when I caught up to the current episode of Season 2. Now I’m watching week to week and dunno when the new episodes come out even. Fridays? I’ll let you know.

The day is Thursday!!! and I am watching now and DO YOU KNOW WHO JUST SHOWED UP?! (spoilers obv) Evil Doctor Will from Big Brother season 2. I remember loving his character so much that I couldn’t bring myself to watch any other seasons because no one else matched his energy.

I don’t, however, remember anything about what he did on the show. If I rewatched it now, as a grown up adult who has been through some therapy, I would probably hate him. I don’t think I want to do it. So I won’t.

But I did yelp a yelp when he showed up on my screen.

I hope somehow that Pavarti and Sandra win this thing together. (I’m not done with the episode yet, so one or the other might go).

I love this escape room challenge, because of Kate mostly. She’s chaotic, but also feels weirdly authentic in a way I cannot explain. I am learning, between this and Aussie Survivor that I really appreciate a chaotic reality TV competitor.

Also, Trishelle is growing on me. Her friendship with John is cute.

Okay, well I guess my Survivor ladies as winners dream is over. I’m sorry to see her go.


Schitt’s Creek (Hulu)

I watched the fold in the cheese episode this week. Is there anything else you need to know?

Australian TV

Survivor Season 9: Titans vs. Rebels

I am in love with Feras’ chaotic gameplay and I am also 100% still on team Valeria for the winner!

Three nights a week is not enough for this show. I cannot stress to you how much I look forward to that one-two-three punch of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, every single week.

It’s still not enough though!

Then, Molls reminded me on our podcast this week that it is important to give your brain time to digest all the gameplay that we watched in those three days. They really pack ‘em in.

Season 8: Brains vs. Brawn

We got the fallout from the cookie idol and it makes me love Simon even harder somehow. How did I ever hate him?

Molly reminded my that I found him to be somewhat of a dick on my first watch of this. I guess the other season in our Aussie Survivor School courses has really softened me up on Simon. (Pronounced occasionally as See-mon)


Self Reliance (Hulu)

This was legit excellent. Written and directed by Jake Johnson (Nick Miller of ‘New Girl’ fame), this movie reminded me of a mid-90s dark comedy in the best way.

The short description is that it is the story of a dark web reality show, but it is so much deeper than that. It says so many things about mental health and the homeless community, emphasis on the community. Johnson still manages to bring in a non-preachy ending, which left me breathing a sigh of relief.

Don’t read any more about it, just watch it. And then tell me what you think.


Wasted potential pisses me off. This movie was full of it. It was like the director told everyone else a different vision for the movie and they all played their roles with that in mind. There were tons of great parts and performances, but none of them made sense together.

And the songs were so simplistic and boring.

Dicks: The Musical (Max)

This was… a lot and I honestly wish I hadn’t watched it because Megan Mullally gave me the ick and that is something I never wanted in a million years. She just went too hard.

Megan Thee Stallion was the highlight, and the only reason this movie got a single star on Letterboxd from me.

The Color Purple (Max)

Fuck Margot Robbie, Fantasia Barrino was robbed. She was incredible. This entire movie was GREAT.

Every single time Danielle Brooks and Colman Domingo were onscreen together was electric. They are both truly masters of their craft.

Hell, the whole cast was.

Like, I understand that the movie lost its oomph because Taraji P. Henson spoke out about the poor treatment the cast recieved on set. I am not mad at Taraji, I’m proud of her.

On that note – fuck the producers, including Oprah Winfrey. No, especially Oprah Winfrey. She, more than most, understands how difficult it can be for a person of color in Hollywood, especially a woman.

I am so conflicted because this was STELLAR in almost all aspects, but I also don’t want Oprah and the shitty producers to get anymore streaming dollars. See you on the high seas?


2021 US Gymnastics Olympic Trials

Suni Lee is simply incredible to watch. I only wish I got the chance to do so without the announcers comparing her to Simone Biles.

The amount of times she is mentioned during other people’s performances is infuriating to me.

Simone seems like a champion of the sport, not a champion of herself and I really wish the announcers would get on board.

I’m loving Nastia Liukin this ‘season’ cause she is really doing her best to keep the focus on the performing gymnasts and has steered Tim and the other dood away from unneeded Simone chat more than once.

I am not ragging on Simone Biles at all, she is massively talented, like once in a generation. I love watching her perform. Especially her bar routine cause I love how fast she speeds through it.

I’m so excited to get to the Olympics to watch my Brazil girls. They’re about to be on the best upswing and I can’t wait.


Kerala Olympic National Gymnastics Championship – Acrobatic

Okay, so the other night before bed I was in a weird brain spot. I didn’t want to watch USA gymnastics, but I wasn’t in the mood for Schitt’s Creek. I wanted something short and boppy, so I took my ass to YouTube. I tried a couple things and nothing hit right.

Then I saw something in the “Live now” options. It was called “Kerala Olympic National Gymnastics Championship – Acrobatic” and I immediately clicked “watch”.

And then I couldn’t look away. They were not great, but then I am spoiled by watching the literal best in the world night after night.

This also wasn’t artistic gymnastics, which is what I’m normally watching, but acrobatic gymnastics. The best way I can describe this style of gymnastics is it’s like cheerleading stunts without the cheers.

But set to music.

I liked watching it. It was a life feed, so there weren’t any announcers talking all over everything. It was just performances with a lot of heart. I followed them on Instagram, so I can keep an eye on their journey.


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