Watch List – February 19-25, 2024: Two Awards Shows?! LOVE


Strange Planet (AppleTV)

This was a very human show (duh, it is another Dan Harmon show). I found my eyes to be moist more than once. You recognize these cartoons, right? Watch the show. It’ll warm ya.

The Great Pottery Throwdown (Max)

My ceramics class was cancelled this week because my instructor’s hubby had surgery. I understand and wasn’t mad or upset, but hopeful that the surgery went well and everything is back to normal(ish) next week. I missed class!

I was thinking about it the other day and the only thing I ever liked this much was tap dancing, I think. I get close with stained glassing, but still have trouble focusing all the way. At ceramics class, there is always a steady stream of chatter buzzing around me, enough to keep my brain engaged and able to respond simply, as needed, but not overwhelming enough to keep me from properly painting the whiskers of the gnome. It takes a steady hand and concentration, you know?

What I’m saying is, I’m living vicariously through the show this week. It’s reminded me of a few techniques I want to try: bubble painting and sponge painting. In the upcoming weeks, I will be learning how to do decals on a Florida-themed cookie jar for a friend and this stuff called wild fiber on a gnomie boy for my adopted brother. I love learning new things.

I really want to learn how to throw I think. It is something my brain will have to get over because the dirty hands is the only thing keeping me from it. I can do it. I know I can do it. It will just take time and patience (with myself).

Also, I cry almost every time the judges cry. They just love pottery so much. It’s lovely to see. I love this show so much.

The Americans (Hulu)

Okay, Margo from “For All Mankind” has shown up and, if I wasn’t in before, I am all in now. The actress’ name is Wren Schmidt and she is someone I have obviously been sleeping on. I adored her turn as Margo in my favorite space show and knew she was gonna show up somehow in ‘The Americans’.

We have finished season 2 and it has done something few shows have been able to do. It surprised me with a storyline.

I’m so into this. I thought it would be something good, but not something as great as it is.

AND there are so many things from mine and Mickey’s childhoods that we recognize. Plus, the sweater game in this series is just insane.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Max)

There are a surprising amount of holiday episodes in this show.

The Traitors (Peacock)

What a mother-effing cliff hanger. I have to wait a WEEK to find out what happens?

I don’t think I have more to say than this.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

This is the best traditional comedy on television. It warms my heart so much. This week’s episode was A+ as always.

Australian TV

Survivor Season 9: Titans vs. Rebels

We had three incredible episodes this week and I think my winner choice has changed.

I’ve discussed this with Molly on our podcast this week (and the rest of the drama, of course.)

Season 8: Brains vs. Brawn

I will describe to you a tribal council that happened this week: *spoiler alert, obv*

There were 7 folks in one alliance and 3 in the other. The small alliance somehow found themselves with two immunity idols. A key player in the big alliance walked over to the small alliance and told them who to play their idol for if they have one. The big alliance player did not lie – they were telling the truth.

Lots of words swirled around at tribal council and in the end, the small alliance played their idols for two people.

They got it wrong.

And that’s not even the best tribal council of the season. We’re gonna be starting another couple semesters of “Australian Survivor School” (that’s what I’m calling this) later next month – I think the new nights are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Let me know if you wanna get in on that action. Australian Survivah’ll give you that buzz that old Survivor used to.


Oppenheimer (Peacock)

Full disclosure: this is a rewatch and I am SO EXCITED TO REWATCH IT.

This was my number one movie of the year in my brain after watching all the Best Pic nominees. It will be interesting to see where it ends up after this rewatch. I will be looking for two things in particular on this viewing:

Thing 1: Does Robert Downey, Jr. deserve to win an oscar for this role?

Thing 2: Is this sound design better than The Zone of Interest.

The answer to both of the questions, after watching again… is NO.

It’s not even in my top three movies of the year anymore!

Don’t get me wrong, this movie is fantastic. It’s gorgeous to look at – I think cinematography is a lock at the Oscars. There are just better movies for my brain this year.

In the words of my friend Hunter, here is my very humble Best Picture ranking:

  1. Poor Things
  2. Anatomy of a Fall
  3. American Fiction
  4. The Zone of Interest
  5. Oppenheimer
  6. Barbie
  7. The Holdovers
  8. Past Lives
  9. Killers of the Flower Moon
  10. Maestro

I’ll have my thoughts on the Oscar picks next week probably. I’ve seen so many this year, y’all!

Rio de Janeiro – Rebeca Andrade durante final por equipes da ginástica artística feminina nos Jogos Olímpicos Rio 2016, em que o Brasil terminou em 8º lugar. (Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil)


2021 Olympic Games

Immediately from the beginning of this competition, it is obvious Simone Biles isn’t into it. At this point in my writing, I am only part of the way through the team competition and she’s only competed in one event. It just feels like her heart isn’t in it.

It makes me really happy knowing that she speaks up for herself and doesn’t compete in the all around. I’m wondering if the all around competition will have similar vibes to that one that Simone missed that Morgan Hurd ended up winning – where the announcers spent too much time talking about how Simone not being in the world competition will definitely end the USA’s gold medal streak. And then finally shutting the fuck up when another American wins.

Oh I should note, that for the team competition, I was able to find a replay that had zero announcer babble over it and it was so refreshing. I could form my own opinions and what not.

Hopefully, I get that lucky for the All Around, which I am about to start right now.

I DID! There was no one talking at all, so I could just focus on the gymnastics.

I walked away with a (most likely) unpopular opinion. Suni Lee didn’t deserve to gold. Rebecca Andrade did. Her performances, all four were incredible. Suni’s were too, don’t get me wrong, but Rebecca hit harder.

I hope to see both of them back at the Paris Olympics this summer. Suni Lee is struggling with her health right now, so her participation is up in the air.

I hope the Brazil team wins it all this year. I’ve been loving watching their rise.


The Screen Actors Guild Awards (Netflix)

This one is the one to watch when it comes to the acting categories. I’m just gonna word vomit my thoughts here as I watch. Buckle in.

Red carpet:

  • I love that men seem to be having fun with fashion.
  • Hannah Waddingham’s clutch is the cutest thing – her child made it for her and it looks like it. I love it.
  • Kieran Culkin is letting his facial hair grow in and it is a vibe. It’s a vibe I like.
  • Ooh, Billie Eilish is releasing a new album
  • Lilly Gladstone always looks so calming and gentle. That’s the kind of energy I would love to radiate.
  • Between Ciara and Juno Temple, I am loving all the big hair on the red carpet.
  • Ali Wong is an icon
  • Colman Domingo is killing the red carpet this season. I adore him so much.

The show:

  • I love the “I’m an actor” opening every year on the SAGs. It’s probably my favorite recurring awards show bit.
  • Goddamn, Colman Domingo’s look is perfection.
  • This is the first awards show to stream live on Netflix, apparently.
  • Idris Elba is kind of an awkward host. Strange decision, Netflix.
  • I love the lighting in the audience.
  • The stage is meh
  • You may not know this, but I am actively angry at the movie “Nyad”. I hope it doesn’t win a single thing.
  • God, I wish I could get a job working in awards show production. It is what I was meant for.
  • Oh I love Meryl’s dress. It looks great and so comfortable.
  • DEVIL WEARS PRADA REUNION on stage! I love that Anne Hathaway is wearing blue – as a callback to her sweater early in the movie?
  • Male Actor Comedy Series: Jeremy Allen White, so that means “The Bear” will be sweeping the comedy TV categories, probably
  • I love that they show a decent sized clip for the performances. This is how I used to discover new things to watch.
  • I take back what I said about the stage. I like the fluidity of it and that it is not all screens.
  • Female Actor Limited Series: Ali Wong – so this will be a “Beef” sweep too.
  • Before I watched it, I was really hoping “Beef” would be about food
  • Hmm, is this clips package for “Barbie” more effective than just sharing a clip?
  • Also, okay, so Idris is not hosting. They are doing some weird backstage stuff with Tan. No, I do not like this. It’s extra stuff for the winners to do. If this were a loud car driving by while I am on the porch, I would yell, “UNNECCESSARY!!!!’ at the top of my lungs.
  • I feel like they could have done something better with the spots where there should be commercials.
  • This is going to be an epically long blog post this week. TWO AWARDS SHOWS?!
  • Actress Comedy Series: Ayo Edebiri continues “The Bear” take over. Her dress looks like a comfortable tablecloth and I mean that as a compliment. Her speech is fantastic. She seems so natural and authentic.
  • I love how much space the presenters have to play with each other. It feels relaxed.
  • OOh, they are talking about “American Fiction”. I loved this movie SO MUCH.
  • Okay, I like all the time presenters have to play with, but I wish they would have gotten better writers. Again, please let me help. I can hook y’all up.
  • Best Actor Drama Series: Pedro Pascal! What a surprise!!!!
  • They picked the best scenes to showcase my “Succession” boys in the pre-award clips.
  • He is drunk and his outfit looks so comfortable. OKay, this is kind of cute. He’s endearing. I’m sad Kieran didn’t win, though.
  • I love that the actors are taking advantage of being able to curse.
  • Yeah, these Tan interviews are awkward. I feel so bad for the actors. And Tan. This time could have been much better used differently.
  • Elijah Wood might be the original pocket person.
  • Female Actor Supporting Role (Movies): I mean, Da’Vine is a given right now and my girl got it. She was the heart of “The Holdovers”. Her look tonight is incredible. I love the flowers.
  • Okay, Greta Lee’s dress is so interesting.
  • I love seeing the sign language representation!
  • Also Troy Katsur’s jacket is A+. I want to rub it.
  • Male Actor: Limited Series or TV Movie: Steven Yeun. BEEEEEEF.
  • They should just let drunk Pedro Pascal take over these weird mid-award spots.
  • Best Comedy Series: There goes the completion of “The Bear” sweep.
  • Okay, yes they needed some writers for these presenter bits. Is this a first time awards show producer?
  • Okay, now Sheryl Lee Ralph is singing Barbara Streisand backstage and congratulating her on her “Life” award. Now other celebs including Jon Hamm and Taraji P. Henson are congratulating her. This is weird.
  • I guess it’s cheap though. Just backstage crap and a mic.
  • At least get someone interesting to do the interviews – Ziwe or Zach Galifinakis or something.
  • Jennifer Aniston keeps getting wrong on the teleprompter – is it a reading or a teleprompter issue? I’m voting teleprompter, cause they have already had issues with it not scrolling fast enough.
  • I am officially over Bradley Cooper.
  • Barbara Streisand standing ovation
  • She is using every tool to hide her age in this outfit – gloves, necklace that covers the chest, hat, jacket. She looks great though. I actually really dig the gloves.
  • I have zoned out during this bit.
  • This definitely needs a host.
  • I would pick Vince Staples – actor on Abbot Elementary and he already has a contract with netflix, or his own show at least.
  • Male Actor Supporting Role (Movies): Robert Downey, Jr.
  • It’s looking like there aren’t gonna be any surprises at the Oscars this year. In the acting categories, at least.
  • RDJ’s shirt is the same color as his skin. Tom and Lorenzo are gonna hate it.
  • THe Nanny is talking! Did you know that that costume designer pulled from old looks from “Living Single”?
back to the show
  • Holy shit Fran Drescher looks incredible tonight.
  • Also her speech is getting me all kinds of hype. Fuck yeah.
  • Female Actor Drama Series: Elizabeth Debicki wins wearing no shoes
  • Okay, Lisa Ann Walters being miced up is hysterical
  • I want more bits like this
  • ”OMG, it’s Jamie Tarrt!”
  • Okay, but this bit could have used a bit more editing. Could be tighter.
  • Yeah, I’m in love with the audience lighting at this awards show.
  • This “breaking bad” reunion is kind of cute.
  • Boring fashion though, they’re all wearing black!
  • My boy Kendall Roy is not there. sadface.
  • Gerri looks freshly fucked.
  • Alan Ruck is giving the speech and his eyes are electric!
  • Oh it’s the sad part now. Who have I forgotten has died?
  • I don’t like this netting fashion trend
  • Aww, Sister Suffragette
  • Julian Sandddds
  • I wonder if it is awkward to get up during this part to go to the bathroom or get a drink when you are AT the show
  • Michael Gambon. =(
  • Oh shit Tina Turner
  • I didn’t forget Paul Ruebens but it still breaks my heart
  • oh god Andre Braugher
  • I hate this part
  • What is this song though?
  • What an experience this must be for anyone reading this. I can’t even imagine.
  • Best Actor Movie: Cillian Murphy! Yes, there will be no Oscar surprises this year
  • Oh I adore Cillian’s suit. It feels very dandy
  • Oppenhomies!!!!
  • Female Actor Leading Role: Lily Gladstone. Buh bye surprises, Oscar night. Luckily I did not vomit (see below)
  • I will vomit if Annette Benning wins this for that torture porn of a movie
  • I’m in love with Lillys dress
  • “Keep speaking up for each other”
  • Oh god another awkward winner interview
  • Motion Picture Cast: Oppenheimer
  • Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum presenting is A+
  • Until it wasn’t. They went on way too long.
  • Oh shit, Benny Safdie won a SAG Award
  • Okay, so is Idris the host? This is so weird.
The Independent Spirit Awards (YouTube)

Hello, it is very exciting to say this, but this is the first time that I’m watching an awards show that I voted in that I didn’t organize myself. I am a member of Film Independent and that affords me benefits like access to their screening room and voting privileges for the awards.

Ever since I was a 90s girl who worked at Blockbuster, I had a deep love for independent film. As soon as they started televising this awards show, I was watching them. I give them more credit than the Oscars in my heart.

Here are the picks I made + how they did in the awards. I will say that if ‘Chronicles of a Wandering Saint’ wins anything, I will weep big fat crocodile tears. There was something that touched me deeply about that movie.

  • Best Feature: American Fiction – Wrong!
  • Best Director: Celine Song – RIGHT!
  • Best Screenplay: American Fiction – RIGHT!
  • Best First Feature: Chronicles of a Wandering Saint – Wrong!
  • Best First Screenplay: Chronicles of a Wandering Saint – Wrong!
  • Best Lead Performance: Jeffrey Wright – RIGHT!
  • Best Supporting Performance: Da’Vine Joy Rudolph – RIGHT!
  • Best Breakthrough Performance: Dominic Sessa – RIGHT!
  • Best Cinematography: Chronicles of a Wandering Saint – Wrong!
  • Best Editing: How to Blow Up a Pipeline RIGHT!
  • Best Documentary: Four Daughters – RIGHT!
  • Best International Film: Anatomy of a Fall – RIGHT!
  • Best New Scripted Series: I’m a Virgo – Wrong!
  • Best new Non-Scripted or Documentary Series: Stolen Youth – Wrong!
  • Lead Performance, Scripted Series: Jharrel Jerome (I’m a Virgo) – Wrong!
  • Supporting Performance, Scripted Series: Benny Safdie (The Curse) – Wrong!
  • Breakthrough Performance, Scripted Series: Kara Young (I’m a Virgo) – Wrong!

I also watched live on Twitch… and you know I’ll be doing the Oscars on March 10, too.


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