Watch List: January 1 – 7 , 2024

Okay, so part of my plan this year is to really pay attention to things around me and how they affect my mood and brain and the way I interact with the world. I have a lot of screentime, so I’m including that and sharing it with the world for some reason.

For someone who hates being judged, I feel like I sure do put myself out there to be judged a lot these past few years. The big difference is I feel supported and seen by people who don’t judge… they accept. It’s a good feeling.


The Walking Dead: Dead in the Water (AMC Plus)

You know what? After the abomination that was the entire last season of “Fear the Walking Dead”, this was a breath of fresh air. It gave me hope for the series again.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 17 (Hulu)

This was a rewatch and each episode is fabulous. Especially the season finale.

What If…??: Season 2 (Disney Plus)

This was a bop. I laughed out loud a way lot more than I was expecting to.

Aussie Survivor: Brains v. Brawn: Episodes 23 & 24 (finale)

Aussie Survivor remains superior. Cannot wait to watch season 10: Heroes vs. Villains with Barb. It is even better than the one we just finished!

The Walking Dead: Dead City

The character of Maggie annoys me so much, but the production was fun.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

The best of the spinoffs so far. I wanted a spinoff of one of the episodes of this spinoff!

The Walking Dead: World Beyond – Season 1

The kids are great, the adults…? Notsomuch. They’d better never kill Corduroy Boy.

For All Mankind, Season 4, episode 9 (Apple TV)

I live for this hour of television every week. There will be times where I’m just sitting there, working on something and my brain will go, “what day is it? Is it ‘For All Mankind Day’ yet? And it never is. Apple TV is consistently putting out the best bang for your buck for your streaming money.

There is only one episode left of this season and I will be so sad that another long wait awaits me. If you want to do a “watch ’For All Mankind’ with jacki” – the answer is yes, when?

Mad Men: Season 1, Episodes 12 & 13 (AMC Plus)

This is a rewatch, obviously, probably like my millionth or whatever. I love having this show on in the background when I am arting, writing or compiling notes from 100 years of city council meetings. It keeps me inspired.

Episode 12: Nixon/Kennedy election episode – with the crème de me the party where Peggy’s mad money gets stolen. This episode always reminds me what an excellent actress Alison Brie is.

Episode 13: Crybaby Harry Crane. This episode is a masterpiece.

2019 Nastia Liukin Cup (FlipNow)

Okay, so I haven’t really talked about this a lot (unless you are one of the lucky that has had the chance to talk to me with my voice lately, I cannot shut up about this), but for the past 6 months or so, I have been doing a deep dive on Women’s Gymnastics.

It started as a rekindling of my Olympic Year obsession, but then I got all into the selection for the team that would be representing the USA at the 2023 World Championships. So much so that I went ahead and paid the monthly subscription fee to watch the selection camp competition. Then I noticed that they had competitions, both minor and major… going all the way back to 1976.

So I started there. At first, there were only one or two competitions to watch each year. Then, somewhere in the 70s and 80s there was this weird period of team or doubles gymnastics. Most were sponsored by hair care companies for some reason.

Now, I’m at 2019. There are SO MANY more competitions every year. This particular one that I’m watching is more of the lesser known gymnasts, the up and comers. It’s scored on the old school-ish “perfect 10” scale, so it’s more accessible to the casual viewer. It combines both Junior and Senior competitors, each level indicated with a different color leotard… designed by nastia liukin herself!

I like Nastia’s competition! I feel like it is intentional, and puts the gymnasts on a more level playing field by keeping the leos consistent. I love that I get to see the fresh faces and not all the same elite gymnasts I see in all the other competitions.

I feel like Nastia is very passionate about this competition. It’s been really neat watching her go from competition, to champion, to announcer and, now, to competition organizer.

And Simone Biles? Well, she has been a star since day dot (and if you’re also watching another one of the shows listed above, you’ll get that reference.)

2019 American Cup

You know? This was a mixed sex competition and I was only meh on it.

2019 GK US Classic

Morgan Hurd is BACK!


Fool’s Paradise (Hulu)

This was full of unrealized potential. I kept seeing glimmers and then they were gone. I’m interested to see where Charlie Day takes his post-Sunny career one day.

The Holdovers (Peacock)

My cockles were warmed. The performances were fantastic, the story was engaging, and it was gorgeous to look at.

Polite Society (Amazon Prime)

This movie is a vibe. And a movie that exists in a space that not a lot do – a family movie with some edge to it. PG-13, deals with some generational themes, but does it in a way that is engaging for multiple ages. And it was just plain fun.

Past Lives

I understand the hype. The performances were impeccable. It was incredibly written and shot. However, the score was not right for the rest of the vibes. It made the entire movie feel off.


Gosh, this felt like a mid-90s black comedy in the best way. Probably my favorite Anne Hathaway performance since “the Devil Wears Prada”. Also note: I watched both this and “Past Lives” on the same day and I thought about this one way more.

Anatomy of a Fall

Boy, oh boy did I enjoy this one. The pacing and structure really worked with my brain. I already love a good courtroom drama, and this one felt fresh, but also calm. A+ performances all around. The score was incredible. It’ll be added to the rotation temporarily, most likely. Update: I can’t stop thinking about this one the next day.


Katt Williams Unleashed: Club Shay Shay (YouTube)

Eye opening and engaging for almost three whole hours. A true feat.

p.s. Mickey had a lot of off days this week (his schedule is wild, y’all) and it is cold out, so we had a lot of tv time. plus, it’s awards season. =) so shh.


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