Watch List: January 22-28, 2024 – A ‘Gran’, ‘Mad’, ‘Killer’ ‘Passage(s)’


Turn (AMC+)

I’m invested in this so hard I’ve recast some of the actors in other movies. Notably, Benedict Arnold should play Gaston and Tallmadge should 100% play a vampire at some point in the future.

There are two things that stay on my mind as I watch this show.

The first one is about the costumes. I am convinced that these must be some of the most period accurate costumes I’ve seen on TV. I keep meaning to check with my friend Aubrey of Aubrey Hess Costuming to ask if she’s watched and, if so, what her opinions are on the costumes. Sometimes I notice things that are hand stitched, and crudely done at that.

I hope they are as authentic as I think they are. If so, there were no shortage of brass buttons at this point in history. For the officers, at least.

The other thing I can’t seem to stop myself from doing when we watch is to rank each male character on how good they would be in bed. Top of the list is Major John Andre and bottom of the list is 100% Benedict “Machine Gun Pounder” Arnold. I will have a complete ranking when we are finished with the show.

Plus, wouldn’t Benedict Arnold (pictured above) make an excellent Gaston someday?! (I obviously wrote the beginning and end on two different days.)

p.s. we have started Season 4 and THEY KILLED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!

Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains – Episodes 8-11

I give this show, particularly this season, a fuck ton of superlatives, but, y’all… it’s worth every bit of the hype. Like, I’ve never seen a single player play this well. I won’t mention names so that I don’t spoil it for future watchers, but this one player says they are gonna do something and you can’t imagine that it will actually play out as planned, but somehow it does.

And they aren’t the only good player!!! Here is a list of the people I love in this season, including the best player: Simon, Shonee, Liz, Flick, Gerry (He reminds me of a 20 year older version of my friend Jimmy), Hayley, George, Jordy, Shaun (he is very tall). And Jonathan is a superior, more human host. I love it.

We are gonna be starting another watch of these two bangers of seasons back to back with a friend when we’re done with this one – hit me up if you wanna get in on this sweet, sweet Aussie Survivor action.

Welcome to Flatch

I rotate between a few shows as my “comfort shows”. You know the ones you watch at night when you’re not sleepy enough for bed, but you’re not awake enough to take in new show information? The cozy shows!

Not exaggerating one bit when I say that Ava and her team at ‘Abbott Elementary’ got me through the hell scape (with some really shiny highlights) that was 2023. I still come back to that one a lot.

My other current frequent smile-maker of a show is something maybe me and ten other people watched on Fox called “Welcome to Flatch”. Now, they did not make it easy to watch this show. I got lucky and saw the first season all in one slump right in time for season two, which I watched week to week.

Well, when the time came to share the show with Mickey, season one had disappeared from all streaming platforms. I believed so much in Kelly and Shrub and the citizens of Flatch that I paid the $20 to buy the whole first season so that Mickey could watch the second with me.

The show is told in a mockumentary style, where the camera is often acknowledged. There are some of the sweetest, most human comedic performances – Holmes plays Kelly Mallet and Sam Staley plays her cousin Shrub. They are both early 20s and kind of lost, living in a small town.

It’s not about much more than that. Each episode is wrapped up with a bow and there is some carry over between episodes. The citizens of Flatch are flawed, human and, at the end of the day, accepting of each other. I dunno, I guess it hit me right because it was almost wholesome? Not really ironic at all and I think that is kind of rare in comedy these days.

It’s not streaming anywhere, unfortunately and it has been cancelled after two seasons. I’m bummed about both.

Mad Men

Yes, I am still watching Mad Men. It helps me stay creative. During the time when Mickey was out of town for weeks on end and the quarantine was in full effect, I spent a lot of time alone. So I was able to figure out a lot of patterns about myself.

This included really paying attention to how certain television shows make me feel. Like, I got so good at this that I could watch specific episodes of television to help me get out of certain funks, or help me work through something. There was one point where a few people were having mental health crises and looked to me for help. It was a lot all at once for my brain, but I knew that watching season 3, episode 6 (Josh is irrelevant) would help me figure out what to say or do… and it did, every time. I’m so thankful for that show for helping me with learning safe language to use in situations such as those.

I should write a whole blog post about my “prescription” episodes of television. There are quite a few that I still use to this day.

But yeah, one thing I noticed is that ‘Mad Men’ kept me feeling creative. The other show that does this for me is ‘Shameless’, which I will probably start when I’m done with MM… unless I watch’For All Mankind’ again, cause it does me the same vibes.

Not for a bit, though. I’m only at the end of season 2. Sterling Cooper still has a long way to go.


2020 Nastia Liukin Cup

This competition takes place on March 7, 2020 and it’s wild to think what’s coming for all these folks. In my gymnastics viewing app (FlipNow), there is only one other 2020 competition. I’m gonna guess it’s only a week or so later, pre-lockdown.

It has to be, right?

I found out more stuff about the Nastia Liukin Cup by actually listening to Tim Dagget instead of just yelling at him to stfu. Nastia seems to be truly personally invested in this cup, brunching with the competitors before they compete.

Now, this is interesting to me, because I would assume that these gymnasts have pre-planned meals and rituals before a competition, so the brunch would disrupt that, no? I dunno. I just can’t imagine doing the flippy flops with a tummy fill of biscuits and gravy. Maybe a gymnast brunch is different. They do require fuel for all the tumblin’, after all.

2020 American Cup

This was probably an early Covid spreader event. They are actively talking about the virus now, as a new a novel thing to be aware of. It feels kind of surreal to be watching it like this. It makes me think of that clip from Big Brother where they told the housemates about it. The first time I saw that, my stomach dropped, remembering how scary it all was then.

It’s still scary now, for the same and for different reasons.

There are international competitors, but Russia pulled out at the last minute. Since it was the first of four cups used as qualifying events for the Olympics, the top tier folks weren’t the stars on stage. Unfortunately, this ends up being the only All-Around World Competition for 2020, due to the others being cancelled. You know, the Coronavirus pandemic and all that.

That means, my gotdang girl Morgan Hurd was the only senior women’s gymnastics all-around world champion in 2020. Hell yeah, girl.


The Marvels

The fighting in this, uh, Marvel movie was easier for me to follow than most Marvel movies.

Dumb Money

This was fine. Good story. Missed the mark a bit, but I can’t put my finger on why. I think there might be a good argument for waiting about 5 years to make a movie about something that happened so recently. I think the reflection time would have improved the storytelling.

A+ cast, though.

Gran Turismo

This was WAY better than it had any right to be. I think it should have been a 10 episode limited series, to really flesh out the story. I avoided watching this because I thought it was like ‘Resident Evil’ or ‘Silent Hill’. You know, like a movie ABOUT the story that happens within a game, but no it was not!

It was also not a generic thing about Gran Turismo racing in general. It’s a full story about taking the best Gran Turismo video gamers and turning them into actual drivers. Why this wasn’t a reality show, I will never know. I would have watched the shit out of that! (I did a quick google and there are in fact 6 seasons of this!)

Archie Madekwe is an actor I’m gonna be keeping an eye on. Between this and “Saltburn”, I am quickly becoming a big fan.

A Summer Story

Molls requested I watch this one for the podcast. She gave me two caveats:

  1. I wasn’t allowed to look up anything about it beforehand.
  2. I had to watch it all the way through, no stopping.

The first caveat was much more difficult for me than the second one, but I was still victorious! If you want my feels, however. you’re gonna have to listen to our popcast!

I’m most interested to find out how this 1988 romance became Molls’ pick for this week’s episode!

Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple TV+)

Lily Gladstone deserves every lick of praise she is getting. Hand her the award right now. Kthx.

A little bit over one hour into this movie, I texted D: “THERE ARE STILL TWO HOURS LEFT”. It felt interminable, could have been half as long as it was.

Other than that, I am tired of whatever Leonardo DiCaprio has done with his craft since he won his Oscar. My biggest Oscar grudge used to be that Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive) beat Leo (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?) for Best Supporting Actor. Maybe I am thankful now, because maybe if Leo won way early like that, his career would have gone ~womp womp~ then instead of now. This is just my Leo opinion though.

Maybe I need to go back and watch all the Tommy Lee Jones movies I never did because of my grudge, huh?

I mean, this movie was gorgeous to look at and, Robert DeNiro did a wonderful job. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it, but I will be so mad and have a brand new Oscar grudge if Lily Gladstone doesn’t win.

Nyad (Netflix)

I mean this was fine. It was a movie. The acting was wonderful. It was a physical feat. It felt like a 1990s awards grab by some long-standing actress that has never won before, so she decided to take a role where she didn’t have to wear makeup. I’m looking at you 1996’s Susan Sarandon. I’m bored at awards grab movies, I guess.

Both Jodie Foster and Annette Benning are so natural in this. They did great. I learned about an aspect of the world I didn’t know about before. It just didn’t move me for some reason. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood.

Update: The more I think about and then read about this movie, the angrier I get. Apparently, Nyad has a long history of untruthfulness that didn’t get touched on in this movie at all. I think they should have. It would have made for an incredibly nuanced story. Instead they made a typical overcoming obstacles sports movie (albeit at a much older age than normal sports flicks).


I had this weird mental block for watching this movie, but I sucked it up and did it. I don’t know what my problem was. It was fine. It had real ‘Closer’ energy. You remember that movie with like, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen and Julia Roberts? Where like (spoiler alert) no one really ends up happy?

Something was missing and I cannot put my finger on what.

Unrelated to this week’s movie watching:

I cannot stop thinking about what a sweet, moving, uh, movie ‘Chronicles of a Wandering Saint’ was. It will probably be a hot minute before it streams anywhere, but I’ll alert y’all when it does.


The Royal Rumble

I haven’t watched this for a couple years, because I kind of got disgusted with the whole WWE machine. However, they timed the news cycle exactly right with Vince MacMahon resigning due to sex trafficking accusations the night before the Rumble Rumble (which is what I actually call it) and so I decided to watch it!

In fact, I did it live on Twitch even!! For part of the women’s Rumble Rumble and the Logan Paul/Kevin Owen’s match, my adopted brother Ryan joined me. It was not the first time we watched the Rumble Rumble together, believe it or not. At one point, a person who “doesn’t watch much television” joined my channel, which happens to be called “Your Favorite Episode” with a picture of a TV as a logo.

And then! For the men’s Rumble Rumble match, some random stranger joined me, who was also watching the match. This was pretty fun, having someone in the chat reacting to the same things I was. I felt kind of smart too, cause, even though they seemed super into it, they didn’t seem to know much about the wrestlers. So I got the chance to put my limited wrasslin’ knowledge to use.

I was happy with the winner of one Rumble but not the other.

I was also happy with all the fashion on display. So much so, that I decided to make an entire stinkin’ blog post about it.


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