Watch List: January 29 – February 4, 2024: ‘Butt Boy’ ‘On the Spectrum’


Masters of the Air: Episodes 1 & 2 (Apple TV+)

Ever since “For All Mankind Ended” I’ve been kind of missing the excitement of watching a current, week to week show. I was hoping this show would fill that blank. It’s good, but it’s not gripping, but I’ll keep this ride going because of the stellar cast.

And then I promptly forgot to watch episode 3, so I guess this one ain’t stickin’.

Turn (AMC+)

We have finished this show, which also means I have finished my ranking of which spies and generals would be best in bed. In reverse order, of course (from least best to best best).

  • Benedict Arnold
    • this guy hammers. knows no other way at all to sex
  • Abraham Woodhull
    • great at getting off, but not helping his lady get off
  • Caleb Brewster
    • fun, but fast.
  • General George Washington
    • most respectful fuck in this time period
  • Major Hewlett
    • has no idea what to do at first, but takes instruction incredibly well
  • Lt. John Simcoe
    • naughtiest mouth, into BDSM as a sub, suprisingly
  • Major John Andre
    • can immediately and repeatedly get it

That’s all.

But it’s not really, I learned a lot from this show and enjoyed it muchly. Do reccommend.

Love on the Spectrum (US Edition) Season 2 (Netflix)

I love Abbey. But I don’t love this show. It feels like it is talking down to me, as an autistic human. The music is patronizing and I get actively angry at most of the parents.

Autistic relationships don’t look like neurotypical relationships. It isn’t just a matter of meeting a person that has similar likes and dislikes. This is another part of this show that really wrinkles my shoulders. The things the autistic people like and dislike are normal things to like and dislike. The way they list them with the bad stock videos really gives me the ick.

Who likes clothing tags?! Like! That’s not that unusual, right? Or are all my friends autistic?

Shit. Wait.

And, like I said above there, autistic relationships look different than what we see in Disney movies, RomComs and the like. I’m all for people going after the love they want for themselves. However, a lot of the folks on “Love on the Spectrum” seem to be dating or taking part in the show due to parental pressure.

Now, this might just be another case of “jacki is projecting her own life onto a TV show” and that might be true. I was pressured to date from a young age. Most of the early memories of my mom are her pairing me up with anyone of the opposite sex that could string two words together in my direction.

I was reminded of this on a cruise – where my mom was trying to hook her teenage daughter (me) with a random waiter from Turkey, who was perfectly nice, but I didn’t have any interest in a relationship. I had just randomly had a baby! My literal entire life plan had been upended and I had no idea what to do at all.

Which I understand for her must have been scary as a mother, having a surprise granddaughter just pop out one day. I guess this was her solution, marrying me off to a stranger. She invited the Turkish waiter to Thanksgiving that year, despite me showing no interest.

Honestly, all of these instances from preschool on could be an entire series of blog posts. Or short stories.

And the thing that makes it worse is I know I was guilty of “shipping” my own daughter with potential relationship partners and what not. I just hope I let her feel she had more of a choice in anything than I did.

Okay, but back to the show. I watched the Australian version of this before this one and don’t remember it being so infantilizing, do y’all?

The American version makes them feel like caricatures instead of humans. We are more than that. And autistic relationships are more than that. They are HARD, because there is more than just day-to-day, work, and other neurotypical stresses. We get overwhelmed easily and when that happens, sometimes that is not pretty. It could look like shutting down or lashing out. Things can feel and get uncontrollable.

I feel by not showing the negative parts of the relationships and, heck, the autistic folks, can make those of us that aren’t always shiny and happy with jaunty music playing behind our overwhelming moments feel even more outisde of the norm than we (I) already do.

Representation is important to me, but I don’t want this kind. It feels like this show is laughing at me, having a private giggle at the very least. Instead, it should be giving me a sly, knowing glance, like, we see you. We love you.

Sex Sells: Season 3, Episode 6 (FuseTV)

Okay, so one of my clients was on this show! So I said, “let’s throw a viewing party!” and then we did. It was a blast!! I would like to do this for other people. So if you’re gonna be on TV and want to celebrate with a party, hit me up!

I was so proud of her, y’all. She was amazing and the show was pretty fantastic itself. She spoke about the SexTech and CBD industries with intelligence and humor and looked damn good doing so!

Watch it here. Her segment is the first one.=)

Saturday Night Live
Dakota Johnson / Justin Timberlake (Peacock)

I keep forgetting to add SNL to these lists. No exaggeration, I watch this show religiously and have ever since I had a TV in my bedroom (or if some reason my mom was not home, then me and my dad watched on the big TV in the living room). I love SNL even at its worst.

However, right now, I think the cast is one of the best. I love both Chloes, live for Che and Jost at the update and still happily scream “DISMUKES!” every single time his fresh face is on the screen. The writers are FINALLY figuring out what to do with Punkie Johnson and Michael Longfellow is a goddamned delight. Oh and Molly Kearny is gonna be a star. I don’t know what form their star will take, but they do not hold back and damn thing and I love watching them work.

Also, I get mega hype anytime there is a new Lonelier Island, er, Please Don’t Destroy sketch. Those 2/3 nepo babies never miss for me.

Favorite Sketch this week: “Home Videos”. This was a work of art.

Ayo Edebiri / Jennifer Lopez

Another solid episode. I remember laughing out loud a few times and I even teared up a bit at her monologue. She was truly chuffed to be there and you could tell.

The Americans (Hulu)

Okay, so we just started this and I get the feeling these reviews are gonna take on a different look than the others. Here are some lists.

Mickey’s Spy Alternatives

  • Quick release license plate screws – could make the messy business of switching license plates much more efficient

Spy Fails:

  • Wig fails – ain’t no way dood’s wig is looking that stylish straight outta the bag. NO way!

Spy questions:

  • Why did they meet for the first time in Russia- not Paris or somewhere to manufacture their backstory?

Spy quotes:

  • “Fucking at the crime scene is not a very spy thing to do” – Mickey
  • “Apparently KGB trainers get the same perks as Olympic gymnastic doctors” – Mickey
  • “Does he have fight ready WIGS?!” – Mickey

Walk & Plot:

  • Putting in contacts on the way to the gig – IN THE HALLWAY!

Other observations:

  • Someone on the camera staff must not like needles, because this show does an excellent job of obscuring the needle entry, skin puckering point. A+ job, show.
    • another instance of kind needle usage. Instead of a needle hanging out of an arm, like, inserted, it was just out of the arm fully. I guess I’m gonna keep track of this now.
  • I miss 80s sportswear for men. The shorts!
  • Casey from ‘Chuck’ is the most honest spy on TV – everyone in The Americans talk about protecting their way of life (russian way of life), but they don’t live it. Casey (‘chuck’) loved the spy life and the american life. Most other spies don’t get to live (and love) the way of life they are protecting. Casey did.
  • The sweater game in this show is on point. I would like to wear 99% of the lady sweaters worn.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Max)

Mickey is watching this for his first time. I cannot tell you how much I lit up internally when I walked out of the bath and saw Meatwad up on my TV screen.

This show makes me smile so hard my cheeks hurt.

The Traitors (Peacock)

Ok, so the reason I decided to watch this is so convoluted, so please buckle in.

Okay, so I guess I didn’t realize this show existed it’s first season. But then also, last year was kind of a black hole for a lot of it. Regardless, I became aware of it when season 2 began being advertised. Pavarti of ‘Survivor’ fame was in it!

Now, I have recently had my interest in Pavarti rekindled. Not because of my also recent obsession with ‘Australian Survivor’ but because Pavarti recently came out and is dating one of my favorite comics/stars of a TV show no one watched but me and Sam from Tom & Dan.

She’s dating Mae Martin from ‘Feel Good’. This show is on Netflix and helped me untangle my brain… or at least not feel so alone. It’s also fiercely funny and biting, which is one of the highest compliments I can give a comedy TV show.

So, I was interested a bit.

Then, I saw who the host was. Alan Fucking Cumming. Fun jacki fact: the first website I ever created in the late 90s was an Alan Cumming fan page – because of his remarkable turn in a movie called “Circle of Friends” WHICH WAS BASED ON A MAEVE BINCHY BOOK.

I have been watching a great deal of brainy movies lately to prepare for my very first voting experience at the Independent Spirit Awards, so I decided to get caught up on this as a cleanse.

As of this writing, I’ve just finished episode 3. Now that the show seems to be settling into some sort of rhythm, I think I like it. The challenges are the closest thing to “The Mole” I’ve seen in years. The elimination style? I’m not sold on it yet. It feels a little overly complex, but maybe that’ll clear up with time.

I’m so happy to have Cirie back on my screen and the rest of the people I don’t feel one way or another about just yet. I’m interested to see how this goes and think Pavarti will be SO GOOD AT THIS. I look forward to seeing her in season 2.

Okay, four episodes in and I can say that I’m into this. I think having Cirie there is really helping. She’s an incredible player at this game, too. How was she on Big Brother? I don’t think she won, did she?

Australian TV

Welp, the new season has started and now this needs it’s own subject heading. Cause I’m watching two seasons simultaneously.

The Amazing Race: Australia

In a weird turn of events, we are on hiatus this week, because Barb had a mad amount of work. So we did ‘The Amazing Race: Australia’ episodes 3&4.

Y’all, my heart was beating out of its chest because of BANANAS! What in the ever-loving hell? That’s bananas.

Okay, much like ‘Survivor’, the Australian version of TAR is better, more human.

First off, I LOVE (to infinity) how the plane tickets and trips aren’t part of the gameplay. No screentime is wasted on people trying to make deals at airports. I didn’t even realize how much that annoyed me about US TAR, but it’s so nice not to have to watch it here. It eliminates the airport bunch up and just in general makes for better TV.

The season we are watching is a “celebrity” season, so the personalities are big. Even though they are, though, they are mostly very nice. Sure, the way George talks to his sister is… something, but it seems to be the only thing that motivates her. Maybe they will learn another way to communicate with each other on this adventure.

I love that the first place folks get an upgraded suite for the night. What an awesome perk!

I don’t know if it is because it is a celebrity version of it, but the cast is not filled with couples that are prone to bickering. There is one couple! The rest are a really incredible mix of relationships. Parents and children, best buds, Siblings, all sorts of things. I love it.

I’m ready for the next episode, please.

Season 9: Titans vs. Rebels

No one is jumping out to me yet. There was one reward challenge that jumped out to me as a hysterical twist, that the Americans would have made even meaner by not providing a can opener. The Australians are just nicer, though.

However, the vibes of this season seem a little mean? I dunno. It’s early, still. Here is the podcast where Molls and I talk about this.

Maybe I just miss George, Shonee and Simon.


Society of the Snow (Netflix)

This one is nominated for two Academy Awards: Best International Feature Film and Best Makeup & Hairstyling, but it should be nominated for at least two more: Best Cinematography and Best Sound. Hoo boy the sound in this movie! It was near perfection. They caught the crispness of the snow and all the different sounds of the snow perfectly.

Oh, you probably want to know what this movie is about. Do you remember that 1993 movie about the Uruguayan Rugby team that got lost in the Andes? ‘Alive’? Yeah, it’s the same plane crash story, but it’s more human and less exploitative.

I really dug it. It’s a hard watch, because, you know (true story spoiler alert), cannibalism. And, I mean also, a horrific plane crash and all that ensuing horror. It’s real, though – tangible. Like you’re going through it with them, instead of watching as an outsider – looking for the drama.

Butt Boy (Amazon Prime)

This is another one Molly told me to watch without looking up first. I don’t know why, but I thought this was gonna be set in the 80s for that reason. Then I thought it might be like the Oscar winning movie from ‘Idiocracy’, just a butt filling up the entire screen, doing whatever butts do.

But what I found was a 2020 film that was a surprisingly sweet take on a classic murder mystery detective story. That deals with AA and butt stuff, obviously.

It was really well shot for a low budget film, with some scenes utilizing lighting in unique ways that gave it a dreamlike quality.

I liked it. I’ll keep an eye on what these filmmakers get into next.


2021 Nastia Liukin Cup (FlipNow)

So we’re a year past the initial lockdown date and the gymnasts are back at it! It feels surreal to see the crowd all masked up and I wish that were still the case today. We’d all be much healthier, I think.

I do, however, feel absolutely awful for the gymnasts, who have to perform their routines and then immediately return to the sidelines and mask up. That must make it so much more difficult to catch your breath.

Again, I’m very touched by Nastia’s care and love for these gymnasts and this competition. For a lot of them, this is their first ‘real’ competition. Their first televised event. It’s really fun to see who shines under that sort of pressure.

But then I also feel bad because what if one of them is, like, really good and better than the others, but she’s just not good on camera. Seems kind of unfair a bit.

2021 US Winter Cup (FlipNow)

The most remarkable thing about this competition so far is all the quarantine and mask talk. It is wild how they are only talking about it as a hinderance to the girls’ careers and not the absolute weirdest time in our lives. Oh, wait they do tell us if a gymnast has had covid and then list all their other injuries.

The other standout thing is that they keep saying that there are only three spots available for the Olympic team, wink wink nudge nudge. No, they haven’t already picked one of the four team members (which sucks for Morgan Hurd – had the olympics happened in 2020 as planned, she likely would have been on the team!!!!). This is just the announcers way of letting the audience know that Simone Biles is a lock, even though she’s not competing in this competition.


Yohji Yamamoto Spring / Summer Collection at Paris Fashion Week (YouTube)

On tiktok, I am on all those fashion weeks. I get almost as excited for them as I do Alabama Rush Week (even though it feels more grabby nowadays, like everything eventually does). After getting some tiny previews on TikTok, I decided to head to YouTube and watch some full length shows.

This was my first choice and I enjoyed it. There was a surprise Daryl Dixon. One of the things I appreciated about this show was how varied the rhythm of it was. Sometimes a single model would walk out very slowly (but still on beat) and then another model would walk out a bit later and catch up to them and link arms and continue together.

I liked the fashion too. I tried to watch two other shows before this one, but turned them both off within 5 minutes. One because a fucking cone bra made an appearance and the other because the inflatable calf sock thingies were a sensory nightmare for my brain.

Much like the 3 Little Bears, this one was just right. The shoes were chunky, there were a lot of coats and everything was oversized for the most part. I’ve been getting really into oversized sweatshirts lately. I’m talking comically big, like 4xl. I want them to swallow me whole. But then I also just want to wear leggings or tights with them. And a beret. But I haven’t gotten the guts up to even buy a beret yet. I think I would want a yellow one.

Another thing I was a fan of in this collection was all the hand painted details. In the first half of the show, they were mostly on the backs of things. A little surprise for the audience when the models make their first turn. Later, there were full on slogans and sentences. There were handy downy bits, too, like the letters wanted to extend into infinity.

Oh and lots of tongues out. On the shoes, not the models.

I enjoyed it muchly and might make fashion shows a habit.

The Grammys

It drives me batty that, of all the damn awards shows, the GRAMMYS can’t seem to ever get their sound production right. Wtf mate?

I wonder if awards show goers are tired of seeing stages that are just a bunch of screens.

Joni Mitchell made me cry. She was perfect.


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