Watch List: January 8 – 14, 2024


The Walking Dead: World Beyond (AMC+)

Corduroy Boy remains my favorite character, even if his suit is all bloody now. We have finished this and it has potential. There is one character I consistently want to punch in the face that is gonna end up being the reason I finally watch “The Americans”.

See? Her acting is SO BAD in TWD: WB that I looked her up on IMDB to see what else she has been in, because this ad acting must be a character choice of some sort, right? Imagine my surprise when I saw that she was in almost every single episode of the well-regarded drama “The Americans”.

It’s been on my list forever to watch and I think this actress is gonna be the push I finally need.

The Bear: S2E7: Forks (Hulu)

I’m prepping for the Emmys on Monday by watching some of my favorite eps from the nominees so I can get all emotionally invested again. I know “Fishes” received a lot of the hype for this season of “the Bear”, but I think “Forks” is a masterpiece. Plus, it doesn’t give me a panic attack in real time.

The David Byrne montage is breathtaking perfection.

The deep dish scene gets me hype in a way I cannot explain. This episode makes me so proud and Richie isn’t even a real person.

If they don’t use the car signing clip for his emmy’s clip, I’ll be sad. Note: They will not, Jacki, because this nomination is for the FIRST season of “The Bear” not the second. The Emmy’s calendar is so wonky. Especially this year.

For All Mankind, Season 4, Season Finale (Apple TV)

Full transparency, Mickey was not watching week to week with me, so we took a day of his weekend and binged the entire thing, beginning to end. (With a break in between for me to rewatch “Saltburn” for the podcast this week).

It is such a roller coaster all at once like this and the finale was fantastic. This show moves me emotionally a creatively in a way that few shows have since “Mad Men”. I get hype and excited for other shows, yeah. This one, though? This one has my heart.

I cried a few times. Of course I did. I also cursed space grandpa multiple times, unfortunately.

Haven’t watched yet? Hit me up and let me know your watch plans and I’ll be there for a watch ear!!!! Luckily, my friend Brittany provided that to me for my own viewing. =)

Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Episodes 1-3

This is the best single season of Survivor, ever. I thought there was a possibility that I wouldn’t still feel this way on a rewatch, but damn if it isn’t better.

It’s hard to talk about without spoiling though— I just want people to watch it!!! Someone needs to put it on a streaming platform so people don’t have to feel like they are breaking the law to watch a reality competition show. I’ll share my secret to watching if you wanna watch, too. Just send me a message!

The Amazing Race: Australia – Episodes 1&2 (AMC+)

The other day, Molls and I found ourselves without a Barbs on our designated Aussie Survivor day, so we did a quick presto chango swerve and started watching The King of Bankstown’s (AKA George) season of “The Amazing Race”.

Once again, the host on this one is better than the Amercian version. Don’t get me wrong, I love Phil, but Bo? Bo has some Anderson Cooper circa “The Mole” energy, except not twisted and mean and tortuous. Bo is so playful with both the cast and the team making the magic happen for the contestants. I’m excited to see where this takes us.

Tales of the Walking Dead

The VFX are not great, Bob, but there are some good things here.

Standout episode thus far has been episode two, starring Parker Posey and the always perfect Jillian Bell.

Okay, episodes 2 and 4 were great. 1 and 3 were serviceable. The last two didn’t catch anything in my brain ata all.

Bad Sisters (Apple TV) Episode 1

I considered power-watching this entire series before the Emmy’s on Monday, but then also decided that’s not fair to the show. Why rush it? I’ll treat it like a treat and watch an episode a night.

Okay, yes, this is good.

The opening credits are a twisted Rube Goldberg Machine. What else do I want out of TV?


2019 US Gymnastics Championships

Simone Biles continues to kill it, y’all. She’s pretty untouchable, which I think makes it kind of hard for the up and comers. For a few years now, they have all been saying that they don’t bother to compete for gold anymore because they know they can’t win it. They are all competing for silver.

However, the massive growth in attendance since Biles has been dominating the sport has been incredible. The arenas are packed now – even on day one of a 4 day competition.

I still hate Tim Daggett.


American Fiction

Goddamn this was good. I purposely didn’t read anything about this one before going in, aside from knowing Jeffrey Wright was getting some attention for Best Actor. Incredibly well deserved attention because he has now shot up to the top of my list for Best Actor this year. Hopefully he gets the nomination. The writing and direction should be recognized as well. The script was masterful. Oh, I already can’t wait to watch this one again.

I am bad at describing things so here is a short synopsis I borrowed from the internets:

Monk is a frustrated novelist who’s fed up with the establishment that profits from Black entertainment that relies on tired and offensive tropes. To prove his point, he uses a pen name to write an outlandish Black book of his own, a book that propels him to the heart of hypocrisy and the madness he claims to disdain.”

It was good good good and I’m still thinking about it a few days later.

Saltburn (2nd rewatch)

Molly messaged me the other day and said she watched this and wanted to talk about it on our podcast. We’re just talking TV and movies until the next season of Survivor starts back up. I watched this already, right when it came out, so this is my second rewatch.

If you wanna hear me share my thoughts, here’s where the podcast will be when I’m done editing.

All of Us Strangers

This was a thinker filled to the empty apartment building with fantastic performances. Claire Foy was the standout for me, but all four embodied their characters wonderfully. The music was perfection and I really dug the cinematography.

I don’t want to give much away about it, it’s hard to do in a way that does the movie justice that doesn’t give anything away.


Critic’s Choice Awards

First off, Coleman Domingo was dressed impeccably. No notes.

Second off, there weren’t many surprises, which makes me worried for the Oscars this year. But also glad, because “Oppenheimer” won best picture and it’s still my favorite movie of the year. Still gotta see “Poor Things”, though – I have a feeling I will LOVE it the most.

Here are three surprises that made me yelp:

  1. Billy Crudup winning for “The Morning Show”. Like I said to D when I was giving her updates, “He’s not even the best performance on the show, he’s just the best one with a penis.”
  2. ”American Fiction” for Best Adapted Screenplay. This movie has my heart and I want it to win as much as possible at the Oscars.
  3. ”I’m Just Ken” winning for Best Song. This is one of the upsets I’m looking forward to most at the Oscars. Don’t get me wrong, I love Billie Eilish and her song is very moving. “I’m Just Ken” is IT though. It’s a bop and it makes me happy.

I wish there were a job as an awards show fixer. The CW did okay with this broadcast, but they made some really weird choices. My least favorite was that they presented the Supporting Acting awards for actor and actress at the same time. It was awkward and I hated it.

The banter between presenters was pretty stilted and didn’t feel very rehearsed. I’ve written two awards shows presenter banter and I think me and my teams did a much better job than whatever this was.

The backdrop video screens were distracting for me, like there was an old Windows 95 screensaver on behind the presenters.

The burst of “We awarded these awards earlier” right before commercials. THEY WENT TOO FAST… and I’m a fast reader.

Now two great things:

  1. Harrison Ford looked like he was having the time of his life.
  2. America Ferrara’s acceptance speech for the See Her Award was the best of the night. She’s amazing.

Okay that’s all bye.


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