Watch List – June 1-7: That Girl Wrex


That Girl (Peacock)

I have never seen this. I am two episodes in and I already love Marlo Thomas so much.

Some things I don’t like:

HER FUCKING BOYFRIEND. She is electricity in a human body and could do SO MUCH BETTER.

Her parents. Yoof.

Watching shows like this and M*A*S*H feels very wild because of the progress we have made socially, even though it often feels like we are standing still, or at some times, moving backwards.

Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 (Hulu)

This is a fun show. I don’t really care much about the soccer scene, but I enjoy watching.

That said, I think each season has become less interesting for me progressively.

Make Some Noise (Dropout)

This is more of a background noise show, but it’s fun. A bop, as the kids say.

The Bear (Hulu)

*light season 2 spoilers ahead*

I haven’t watched season 3 yet. I’m savoring my rewatch. HOWEVER, season 2 is packed full of incredible episodes.

“Forks” is resoundingly my favorite. But Marcus’ episode is a close second. I just get such a warm feeling from his character.

I hope he is okay in Season 3. My body is ready.

Australian TV

Australian Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn – Episodes 21&22

We finish this season on Thursday night and it has been SO FUN watching someone else hate/love/hate/love/hate/love/hate/love King George.

I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON, because it is somehow even better than this one.


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