Watch List – June 10-16: Who is THAT?!


M*A*S*H (Hulu)

First off – any guesses who this handsome guest star is? I was SHOCKED.

This show is really going downhill.

I love that they are still doing the occasional high-concept episode. That’s where they really shine.

But I’m getting very bored at all the sitcom-y gimmicks and one-liners. It feels like they are performing, instead of acting.

Yes, even my beloved Colonel Potter. He’s still one of my favorite fictional bosses, though. He just understands how to lead his people without leaning on fear or anger or violence and that is the most important skill needed to be a leader. If you don’t know how to do that, you’re just bullying or belittling people into following you.

Colonel Sherman T. Potter is the boss I’ve only had glimpses of, then they went off to bigger and better things.

Oh, and, I don’t have any bit of a crush left on Hawkeye Pierce. In fact, he actively annoys me and I often want him to shut up.

Now BJ? He’s growing on me. And I also feel like I am watching his acting chops improve in real time kind of.

p.s. the hott dood above is JOEY PANTS.

Loot (AppleTV+)

I think one of the things that speaks to me about this show is the same thing that I love about “Abbott Elementary”. It’s a true comedy. Not a dark one that’s trying to be snarky or clever. Not something that exists to make smart people feel smart and dumb people feel dumb.

It’s just there to make you laugh and maybe look at your own life a little differently. Not in a preachy way, though.

After I finished the first episode of season 2, I thought the focus of the season would be on the hotel remodel, but that has really become a b-story, in favor of Molly’s love life, Sofia’s love life, Howard’s wrestling league, and Ainsley’s wedding.

Regarding Ainsley, I think she is both a true depiction of a Disney adult and a Disney Princess come to life. Normally, that is a character combo that would make me itch with irritation. But I love her. Stephanie Styles gives such depth to what could easily become a one-dimensional character. I feel real sympathy for Ainsley.

Then I realized, it was because I met her more than once in Orlando. People like her exist. If you’ve never met one, it may seem hard to believe, but they exist.

And they are lovely folks.

Top Chef Season 21 (Peacock)

I’m not watching this week to week, so it doesn’t make sense to do the list-style post about this show. I’m just gonna talk about it organically. If I’m watching and want to say something… coool. If not, no biggie.

Just know that so far, this reboot is doing an excellent job.

Also, I think you should know that I took a walk to the local historic gas station for the first time. I got two bottles of “Fitz” soda, which I have never heard of, and Doritos pictured above.

I’m looking for the Pickle Doritos, but I have been unable to find them. I’ll keep looking.

Ooh, they are cooking with hops for the quickfire!

I made spent grain bread once and it was lovely. I’ve not cooked with hops, aside from one hops-flavored lollipop that I made once.

Someone made a rice pudding with the hops and I love this idea. I bet it is very floral-forward.

This is just one of the most solid reality competition shows out there. I love how thoughtful it is.

I appreciate how varied the judging panel is, too. So far, I want to eat everything they have offered.

Laura is killing it in this episode. Everything she is making in this episode (2) looks absolutely fantastic.

One of the chefs has Kennedy’s disease and, so far, he has not told his fellow castmates. I feel like this is 80s programming in action. We learned so often that being weak, or perceived as weak, was a bad thing.

It’s not, it’s human. Being honest about what is going on with you keeps others from getting their feelings hurt and makes for stronger friendships and relationships in general.

People can’t truly get to know you if you’re not being honest with them. The 80s also gave us this pressure to be liked by everyone and that’s just not realistic. It’s okay if some people don’t like you.

As long as you’re not being a dick or an asshole intentionally, I mean.

You don’t like every single human you meet, do you?

Okay, good, he is telling him about Kennedy’s disease.

Valentine is gone and that is fine. I was not attached to him anyways.

Guess what? I found Pickle Doritos!

They are good as hell. They are like the sour skittles of doritos. It won’t make sense until you try them yourself and then you will understand immediately.

Okay, I’m watching episode 3 now.

I am also eating cheese ravioli from the local grocer, Moscheck’s. I rode there on my tricycle.

I also got a small lemon pie for later.

Carla Hall is a judge! AND CLEA DUVALL?! Obsessed.

Rasika is really growing on me.

Cherries and weird ingredients. I’m here for this quickfire.

Okay, I can seen this “Croquette Fest” is gonna go bad – frying onsite for 100 people? They don’t know what they are getting into.

I would like to go to this cheese festival, please.

I am not invested in anyone enough yet to get all mad when they go home, so I don’t recall who went home.


Hannah Einbinder: Everything Must Go (Max)

This special was as, uh, special as Bo Burnham’s “Inside”.

I loved it. She separated herself from her character, Ava, in Hacks. The writing was excellent and her use of her body and stage were fabulous.

Please watch and lets dish.


  1. woozxyl

    Fabbulous! I am glad the elusive triangles have found their way into your paws.
    I always loved MASH (giving myself a break from the ***) and understand your points. Think on this, though – they cycled some great writers through that machine. Not all pitches could result in home runs. And they did not yet know that their show would outlast the war itself. Things that irk me are continuity issues. Hawkeye doesn’t have a sister, but his sister sent him a sweater with a really long arm. I wish I knew more about Hawk’s back-story.

    • Jacki

      Oh god the continuity gives me such a headhache. I dunno what year it is supposed to be at any given time. But I also know that the show wasn’t meant to be consumed in this way – so close together.

      RE: the writing staff – I think they were at their strongest in the early-middle runs, like seasons 5,6,7. We started season 11 last night and I was very happy to finally get a Kellye story – even if dumb old hawkeye was at the center of it.

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