Watch List – June 17-23: Ratfish + Slave Play


M*A*S*H (Hulu)

We’re on the final season and I realized I haven’t really talked about Father Mulcahey, who I unironically love. This surprised even me. I am pretty anti-religion at my core, but there is something about Father Mulcahey’s pureness that speaks to me.

This isn’t the first time one of my favorite characters in a television show was the one who had the most faith.

The first time I can remember this happening is Matt Jamison in The Leftovers. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m obsessed with this show. It just changed my life that’s all.

Like with Father Mulcahey, I find something so pure about Matt Jamison’s focused faith. It’s unshakable and he navigates the world in such a way that keeps his faith and belief at the forefront of his life.

Sometimes this is to his detriment, but that can happen with anything singularly focused.

Two more things I wanted to mention about M*A*S*H until we finish it next week.

First up, the less awkward of the two:

Bj’s pink shirt. It keeps getting more and more faded. This is such a good bit of costuming. I know most people didn’t watch MASH all in one chunk like I did. However, one of the things that reveals is interesting costume design tidbits like this.

This shirt, I believe, came from the episode where BJ threw Hawkeye a “red” party.

BJ also has a red short-sleeved sweatshirt that might have also been used at this party. It has been a lot of fun to watch them fade throughout the rest of the series.

Second thing. Also BJ related.

I think my mom probably had a mad crush on him. I can see how BJ helped my dad form his style, definitely his hair and ‘stache style.

Old dad looked like Sean Connery so much so that we got free cornbread at a Scottish restaurant in Virginia because they thought he was him.

Young dad? A ringer for BJ. It’s weird.

Loot (AppleTV+)

I am starting the penultimate episode of the second season of this show and I have to say that it is great. I’ve learned more about each and every single character and learned to love them more.

And again, I don’t really have a big antagonist to hate, aside from capitalism. I mean, yeah, Adam Scott’s character is a mega-dick, but he’s barely in the show enough to make an impact. He’s more like a punchline.

But I’m not, like, mad at anyone in this show. That’s kind of weird for me. I like having someone to hate, y’all.

But I also like not hating a character in a show I love.

I am SO involved in Howard’s wrestling league and can’t wait to see it come to fruition.

Some of the guest stars in this season are A+, too: Jim Rash (the Dean from “Community), Ana Gasteyer, and Benjamin Bratt as himself. That BBratt reveal was lovely, too.

I didn’t know if it was Benjamin Bratt in the scene, and they left me wondering for a bit… and then, like when a chord is resolved, they addressed him by name and all was right with my world again.

Benjamin Bratt looks GOOD too. And did very well at the acting.

I know I said before that this show goes too hard on romance, but there is one couple I’m really rooting for this season. And if I’m being honest, also season 1.

There is a speech 18 minutes into episode 9 where Molly talks about how we give too much attention to billionaires and how they hurt the world. A+ speech.

Here is something else I love about this show: Molly is learning what it’s really like to love and be loved as a human should be. Before it was about acquisition and that’s how she ended up with a fella who ended up being a heartless billionaire.

This show has also done some work on how to be a good friend too, with the trio of fellas, Nicholas, Arthur, and my boi Howard.

CHANTAL FROM SEARCH PARTY had a very tiny bit part and I wanted tp punch her in the face immediately. I gotta watch that show again. It’s the best work in escalation of any show ever on television.

In conclusion, I love the idea of this world where women are getting divorced from billionaires, using their settlements to do good in the world, and getting back in touch with their humanity.

I want this to be a reality, please.

The end of this season is something. Very on the nose, using words like, “Fuck these old white guys” and “Sorry… I just… love money”.

Top Chef Season 21 (Peacock)

Talk about dream episodes, y’all.

This season of Top Chef takes place in Wisconsin. Episode 4 was all about Frank Lloyd Wright.

I dunno if you know this about me, but I have been obsessed with FLW since I was a wee Jacki.

I dragged my dad to an exhibit in a botanical garden in Atlanta when I was in middle school and was just agog.

Then last year, we went to Pittsburgh so Mickey could show me where he grew up. Then one day, we drove out to Fallingwater.

yes, I did cry.

THEN, we bopped down the road to see another FLW home, Kentuck Knob. I know younger me was bursting out of her skin with happiness on this day.

Well, she got pretty excited when this episode (4) of Top Chef was all about Frank Lloyd Wright and his ideas of duality. As well as compression and release.

Very few people nailed the food, but the ones that did really took the lessons to heart.

I made a note when I was watching this show -I enjoy the education more than the competition. I love learning about new to me things and watching other people learn things new to them.

But, in regards to the competition… I want Rasika to take it all at this moment.

Australian TV

Game Changer

Look, I’m counting this as Aussie TV even though it’s not. It’s made in the old US of A.

But in my brain it qualifies as Aussie TV because Aubz is the one who introduced me to it!

I watched three episodes: the two-part season finale, Ratfish. It was a masterpiece and I loved it. I would watch a whole season of that gameplay, honestly.

Then I watched the “Don’t Cry” episode again, cause I wanted to feel the same love I did the first time.


Slave Play. Not a Movie. A Play (Max)

Before Jeremy O. Harris wrote the script for Zola, he wrote Slave Play. Now, I’ve seen Zola about 100 times. It’s one of my fave flicks of the last decade for sure. I haven’t seen Slave Play once and that’s okay.

This documentary was still spectacular.

A couple of years ago, I remember being on TikTok and Jeremy O. Harris would be live, cleaning out his closet or doing some other mundane task. I always joined these, eager to hear one of my current favorite creative brains talk about anything.

The same was true of this documentary. I watched it the day it was released for streaming. It’s been a long while since I’ve done that, y’all.

Oh, before I keep babbling, here is a description of the doc from professionals:

“Slave Play” was one of Broadway´s most celebrated, genre bending productions, breaking records and receiving critical acclaim for tackling race, sex, and interracial relationships in a way never before seen on stage. In this playful and provocative documentary, playwright Jeremy O. Harris takes viewers behind the scenes, from run throughs to performance, as he strips down his own work and directs new actors through workshop rehearsals.

warner brothers

This documentary was so inspiring for my creative brain. One of the things that I get hung up on quite frequently is that I’m doing things wrong. And that’s hard, because a lot of the things I do, people haven’t done before, so there literally IS no wrong way to do something new.

This documentary reminded me there is no one right way to do things. Listen to your creativity and the rest will follow. Believe in your vision and do the thing.

I’m saying that to myself more than anyone else.


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