Watch List – June 24-30: Farewell and Amen (+ Olympic Trials)


M*A*S*H (Hulu)

This seems wild for me to say after watching this show for 11 whole seasons and yelling “SHUT UP CHARLES” at some point in almost every single episode.


Major Charles Winchester III was the only one who got tears outta me in that 2-hour finale.

Now, as a student of television, I had watched the finale before, so I knew the chicken story and all the stuff leading up to that. Had I not, that would have got me cryin’ as well.

But nope, it was fucking Charles. Early in the episode too – after he’d found the band and they were following him around. He mentioned Mozart in a very throwaway manner, and then one of the musicians started playing Mozart for him.

I felt what Charles felt then. He hasn’t heard *his* style of live music in such a long time. To simply hear a plain melody of a piece he loved playing in real-time.

I mean, Fuck, I listen to playlists on Spotify and I will stop and pause shit if a song I really love comes on (looking at you “The Run” by Jeff Russo). I’ll just sit there and experience the music.

I watched Charles do the same thing in a much more profound way and it touched me.

I’m also a big fan of how Klinger’s story wrapped up. It felt right for him.

hot lips disappointment

I was also simultaneously angry and happy at how Houlihan’s story ended up. The way I SCREAMED SO LOUD WHEN FUCKING HER AND PIERCE KISSED. I didn’t think there was any sexual tension there at all in the entire series. It was dumb to throw that in there.

There was a point where I thought she and Charles would end up together in the end, but I didn’t want that either.

I kind of love that they left her love life open. I feel like leaving it unresolved was probably a big feminist move back then – like “She don’t need no man to have a complete story”, but then they had to do this big ol dumb smooch with Hawkeye.


In conclusion, I think a Dr. Sydney Freedman spinoff would be incredible.

We’re gonna watch the movie next, which I am QUITE excited about. I love me some Robert Altman.

No, we are not going to watch the movie next because it is not available on streaming anywhere. Puh.

Total Forgiveness (Dropout)

Here’s the concept of this show:

People go to extreme lengths to get out from under their student loans.


Except it’s only two people and instead of feeling exploitative, it feels human.

Like everything I’ve watched thus far on Dropout does.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some of the challenges thus far have been wild. Like involving leeches, childhood diaries, and driver’s license photos (not at the same time). I’m excited/scared to see how far they are willing to go at the end.

Whatever it is, I’m sure Sam Reich (my new favorite TV host. Go on, git, Anderson Cooper) will handle it with grace and humanity.

One thing of note is how they handled the beginning of this show – it began with Ally and Grant (the contestants trying to pay off their student loans) pitching the idea to their boss. It really brought home the earnestness of the situation, handling the conversation very matter-of-factly.

Okay, I have finished this show and it fucked me up. It had me crying at the end.

After watching the penultimate episode, I found myself turning to Mickey and asking, “Like where can they even go from here? What can Ally even do to Grant that isn’t worse than what they’ve already done?!”

And there was no answer.

But then there was the finale with the perfect answer. With a human answer. Where friendship is more important than money in the end. This feels like the Dropout (at that time College Humor) way. It makes me happy to know that a world like this exists in some slice of the galaxy.

The Bear (Hulu)

*light season 1 spoilers ahead*

This is far from my first time watching this show, but I still can’t tear my eyes away. I fully expect my heart rate to be UP until I’ve watched through season 3.

Here are some things I love about this show in Season 1: Marcus, Abby Elliot, the fact that the show introduced me to Ayo Edibiri who is one of my favorite performers around right now, Jeremy Allen White in a role that isn’t Lip on Shameless, opening the show with one of my favorite movie songs (from the cleaning scene in Triangle of Sadness, if you’ve seen it, you know the scene I’m referring to), a show about food that feels real, and Joel McHale being mean.

It’s hot for some reason. idk.

Here is what I don’t like about season 1: fucking Richie, the tenseness, the anger that if Carm hadn’t 86’ed that can of tomatoes at the end of the first episode the money problems would be nonexistent, the fact that there isn’t an episode on the same level of Season 2’s “Forks, and, again FUCKING RICHIE.

But in case you haven’t watched it yet, yeah, this show is incredible. It also made me look at my drinking in a different way and for that I am thankful. I mean Brockmire started that and then The Bear just kind of drove it home.

It’s brilliantly written, and shot, and acted, and I just love it. If you don’t like tense things – like, if you HATED Uncut Gems because of how tense it was, you will most likely not like The Bear one bit.

And that’s okay, not everyone has to watch the same things!

Other Dropout Stuff (Dropout TV)

Mickey fell to sleep one early one day, so I was on my own for a bit. I wasn’t in the mood for seriousness like The Bear or anything like that. So I turned to Dropout to see how they could tickle me.

I ended up watching Breaking News. They are 3-8 minute episodes with four cast members reading the news. The twist is that they don’t know what’s coming next on the teleprompter.

Whoever “breaks” the most… loses. It’s fun and quick and I love it.

Then, because we were excited that I finally figured out how to get the app working on our TV, we watched a couple of episodes of Make Some Noise, which is a “same game” from Game Changer.

Like much of Dropout, it’s basically improv unhinged and I love it.

Australian TV

Australian Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn – Episodes 19 & 20


I’ve heard all of Aubrey’s amazing tales from the road and we’ve settled into another evening of Jonathan and the gang.

It was lovely and really easy to get back into it. Episode 20 features one of my favorite Wei moments of the season. It’s a challenge where she has to jump in the water. She doesn’t even attempt it. When Jonathan indicates for the castaways to start the challenge, Wei does not. Instead, she kind of stamps her foot and makes a “NO” motion with her hands.

THEN a few moments later, George panics and thinks he can’t jump that far so he gives up too. Then spends the rest of the challenge trying to show Wei that his jumps were not sufficient.

It’s weird and odd and the inclusion of weird moments like this is one of the things I love so much about Aussie Survivor.


USA Olympic Trials: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

This is my time to shine. I know all these gymnasts intimately and I am ready to watch them compete.

Now, there were a mad amount of injuries that really shook up the team selection this year. Shilese Jones was pretty much a lock – she got injured the first day. Skye Blakely AND Kayla DiCello ruptured their Achilles in the same week. They were both big possibilities.

So, my hope that was a few of the lesser-known gymnasts I know and love would slide into the top five.

Here is who I love:

Joscelyn Roberson – She is a powerhouse and a star. She was selected as a traveling alternate, but not for the team proper.

Hezley Rivera – She’s been a star in the juniors for a hot minute and she’s a really solid athlete. I don’t get the artist connection as much with her as I do other gymnasts, but she’s consistent and persistent and that’s what is important. I think her dad is gonna be a star at the Olympics this summer. He’s so fun to watch while he watches his daughter.

Leanne Wong – She fucking did the thing and I’m glad she got an alternate slot, but I kind of wish it would have gone to…

Tiana Sumanasekera – I think she is gonna be a star on the level of Simone Biles. She is electric to watch and I’m so sad she’s not going to Paris this summer. I hope we see her again in four years.

Who else is getting so excited for the Olympics even though it’s just a dumb distraction?


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