Watch List – June 3-9: Top Chef Loot


M*A*S*H (Hulu)

Okay, I was fine when the first boss left – that terrible Henry fella who was really no boss at all.

And then I was also fine when Trapper left. No big loss there. BJ is a much nicer human.

Of course, I was thrilled when dumb dumb Frank Burns left and am so glad to never look at his dumb smug face again.

But what M*A*S*H season 8 has just done to me, I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive it.


This is fresh and raw and I’m angry and sad. I love Radar. He’s the purest one on staff at MASH4077. I assume this will mean more work for Klinger, which I’m interested to see, but I’ll have to get over Radar being gone.

Now, he left because of a death in the family. When Colonel Potter said he had bad news, I thought it would be Radar’s mother who passed away. But no, it was his Uncle Ed, which means that Radar is now the man of the house.

However, and I’m sure we’ll get absolutely no follow-up on this, Radar did meet a nice young woman who lives only 100 miles away from his hometown, so hopefully he’s made a forever love connection. Look, I’m famously not one for forced romance, but, y’all, Radar deserves all aspects of a happy human life. Loving companionship included.

Oh also – one more thing that M*A*S*H has me thinking about lately – episode titles. This show aired back in the heyday of reading the TV guide and the schedule in the newspapers. Episode titles were pored over, like they were the “Corn Kid” from a few summers ago. Or terrible seasons of Survivor- dissected and gone over until they are rendered nearly meaningless.

I can only imagine how out of their minds some of the titles on this show made the oldhead TV folks. Like “The Late Captain Pierce” had to have ‘em going wild with worry over good old Hawkeye, you know?

I think it was probably a fun way for producers to kind of fuck around with their viewers that kind of lost nowadays, you know?

I did, however, find myself obsessing about “Succession” episode titles near the end there, so it’s not lost completely.

Okay and in conclusion, another thing I love about M*A*S*H – REAL TEETH. I love seeing a variety in teeth – no veneers, no chiclets, all-natural. NONE PERFECT. As they should be.

Hacks (MAX)

I watched all of season 3 in one setting and I’m still digesting it. I loved it, of course, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet. It seems weird, I know.

Okay, but here is one thing I want to say about it. I didn’t like it quite as much as the first two seasons. This isn’t an insult really, because I still consider it to be one of the best-written true comedies on television these days.

But there was something missing from it that was there in the first couple of seasons. It took me a while to put my finger on it, but I think I figured out what it was.

They weren’t building anything this season. The first season they were building a relationship, the second season they were building a special. This third season was about acquiring something… a late-night show.

Don’t get me wrong, I adored the season. I loved all the little relationship quirks. I laughed, I cried, I went through it with them.

I’m gonna call this a building year, because I know that season 4 is gonna be all about building the show, and building the audience, and everything else. I’m already eagerly awaiting it and will likely watch the first three seasons all the way through at least once more before then.

And then again right before it comes out. I love doing that with shows.

Loot (AppleTV+)

Full disclosure, I watched season 1 of this last year and LOVED it. LOVED. However, last year was also somewhat of a black hole for my brain so I barely remember what I loved about it.

So before I power-watch season 2, I’m rewatching season 1.

I mean, Maya Rudolph, Adam Scott, and (the reason I watched initially) RON FUNCHES.

Okay, I do remember something I love about this show – it takes the whole “let’s make a show about horrible people” and kind of turns it on its head. There is actual human growth shown in the characters and any show that can do that is A+ in my book.

Also, you know how the kids are calling some iconic women “mother” as, like, the ultimate compliment? Maya Rudolph is the ultimate “Mother”, in my opinion.

Also, between this and “Severance”, Adam Scott has had a wild career since “The Office” ended. He makes me so uncomfortable in both this and that and he’s such a good actor. I’m so glad he didn’t let himself get typecast.

Okay, so the gist of this show is – Maya Rudolph’s character is very rich, like Taylor Swift rich. She gets whatever she wants because they can afford it. Her hubby (Adam Scott) is selfish and obviously not invested in their relationship, aside from the money aspect.

The show opens on Molly’s (Maya Rudolph) birthday where she is showered with gifts: a huge yacht and a huge party. Then she finds out her hubby is cheating on her, so she very publicly asks for a divorce.

She gets a big payday: 87 billion.

Then we see her partying around the globe.

Okay, the production value on this show is excellent.


Also, she is so rich that she didn’t remember starting a charity – or having an office at said charity. For seven years?

Gosh, I love Ron Funches. Put him in anything and everything, please.

Okay, the first episode is done and I think one of the things that speaks to me most about this show is that it illustrates how far separated regular humans and rich folks really are. The world won’t change unless that hap is lessened.

I’m probably not gonna talk much more about the plot of this show because I don’t want to spoil anything and I feel like I am reinventing the wheel, kind of.

So, what I love about the shows on AppleTV+ is that they are so incredibly crispy. Like the pictures are crisp, but not too clear where the humans start to look alien. There is just something shiny about an AppleTV show.

Oh and in case I forget to mention it…Michaela Jaé Rodriguez is fantastic in this. Everyone is, but she especially is. And Ron Funches. And Maya Rudolph. And all of them. You get it.

I am busting through season 1 while I work on some stuff for the Historical Commission and fold laundry. I’m on episode 5 and I had to pull out my iPad to say some things.

Thing 1: Maya Rudolph must really love Hot Ones. I forgot there was a whole Hot Ones part of this show.

Thing 2: One of the things central to this show is the importance of taking a break… and self-care. Yes, Molly (Maya Rudolph) is learning lessons left and right about what it’s actually like to be a non-rich person in the current society. Also, she is teaching the folks at her foundation the importance of caring for our mental and physical health.

That’s the crossover this real world is missing. We just have walls up and think we can’t learn from one another if we are THAT different. We aren’t. We can. And we should learn. Now I am babbling, so I am getting back to folding laundry.

Okay, this is like my fourth day power watching season 1 and I am almost done with it and have one final thing to say – I get kind of annoyed at how much weight is placed on romance in this show. I am happy to see them having real honest talks among friends about it.

There’s still too much pressure put on relationships for me though.

Top Chef Season 21 (Peacock)

I haven’t watched many of the recent seasons. Not because I got mad at the show or anything, it just hasn’t fit into my lifestyle.

But I hear Season 21 has a new host and it’s someone I love, so I’m giving this a shot!

Okay, I have decided to do this like I did Survivor – stream of consciousness, but less annoyed at the show in general, I hope.

Let’s see (this is episode 1 btw):

  • Already it feels weird to not hear Padma telling me about the prizes, but not in a bad way
  • I think Kristen Kish is gonna kill it as host, honestly.
  • Has Top Chef ever come to Michigan? IT FUCKING SHOULD.
  • They are in Wisconsin now, so we should be next
  • And Kristen is from Grand Rapids, Bring this ish to Michigan, y’all!
  • James Beard nominees?!?!? Dang
  • And Michelin-starred chefs?! Woah
  • And a France Top Chef finalist?! Wooow
  • New rules!
  • No immunity automatically for Quickfires, but the winner of the elimination challenge gets immunity the next week
  • I like this – this will make for stronger competition from the chefs that are good
  • If Tom Colicchio wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be watching. He’s the show for me.
  • Okay, quickfires are: fresh pasta, soup, and roast chicken. – Roast chicken is a great one/hard one
  • Also, one of the things I love about this show is that I learn so much: about people, about food, and what restaurants I want to drool over
  • I am already making a list
  • I immediately love Amanda
  • Someone is making stuffed gnocchi and that is interesting.
  • Amanda is mixing all three challenges and that is exactly what my brain would do.
  • Okay it’s pasta time. Let’s judge
    • Kevin: squid ink raviolo – squid ink seems like a cop-out
    • David: stuffed gnocchi – now that looks good as hell
    • Rasika: Keema stuffed kozhukattai – looks like comfort food
    • Alisha: Ricotta Gnocchi with a mushroom bechamel and truffled goat cheese – truffled seems like a cop-out
    • I am not catching all of these, sorry about that
    • Charlie: Corn and ham soup – YES
    • Manny: Green pozole that looks literally incredible
    • Dan: Tomato and Fennel broth -it looks fine
    • Laura: mint yogurt soup
    • Amanda: might have tried to do too much. Another problem I fall prey to
    • Kenny – Pho butter roasted chicken – forgot the dark meat
    • Kaleena – Curry roasted chicken, does not look great
    • Danny – Fines herbes roast chicken with brown butter sherry -YUM
    • Savannah – Avgolemono sauce roasted chicken
  • IDK what that sauce is so I will look it up: lemon juice, egg yolk, and broth
  • These are the voices I hear in my head when I cook
  • A non-elimination this early? Or do the three low scorers get to cook again?
  • Also, Kristen is a great host. I am very much enjoying her.
  • Okay the three in danger of elimination are tasked with cooking a good meal in 20 minutes.
  • David made shrimp. I don’t like his energy.
  • Kenny made a cabbage salad and shrimp and it looks yummy
  • Amanda made a snapper crudo with hominy. I love hominy.
  • Based on this – I think David should go, but I think Amanda will
  • Also I don’t think this show would be the same without Gail, even though she looks like a muppet (this is a compliment)
  • David’s gone, woohoo!

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn

We had to take a lil hiatus this week to recover from last week’s emotional rollercoaster.

That’s not really the reason. I had to set up for Melvindale Days, where the Historical Commission has a booth and pop-up museum set up. And Aubz is living that jet-set life, touring with a musical in Mexico.

Hopefully, we get back into rhythm next week.


Not a single one. Again.


  1. woozxyl

    Teeth! Look at the lower teeth on actors in movies made before 2010 and you’ll see a lot of straight uppers and jacked up lowers. I hate that. The first time I noticed it was on Shelley Winters. This weekend, we ended up rewatching Galaxy Quest and my beloved Alan Rickman’s lowers were really crooked!
    Oh, and Gary Burghoff was a jerk. Mama met him when he came to the Capital for some reason.

    • Jacki

      Oh I am so glad to know that I am not the only one that notices teeth.

      It does make me sad to know that Gary Burgoff is a jerk, though. Not as sad as I would be if I found out Harry Morgan was a jerk. I love Colonel Potter so much.

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