Watch List – March 18-24, 2024: Anatomy of a Hot Ones


Palm Royale (AppleTV+)

I’m still on the lookout for another addicting show to watch on a week to week basis. I’m giving this one a shot. It has a bunch of people I love in it. And the colors look poppy. There are three episodes available now and new eps come out on Wednesdays!

Let’s see how it do.

Less than five minutes in, and I’m 100% in. The costumes are wonderful. I didn’t realized this was a period piece – 1968, to be exact. Kristin Wiig is doing an accent and nailing it.

Oooh and the first episode had a good twisty turny ending – it felt unexpected and I’m excited to see what happens next!

Ok, I’m three episodes in and ready for this ride.

The art direction and costuming is to DIE FOR.

So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu)

I don’t have much to say aside from:

It is choreography week next week and I am very excited.

Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

Okay, so that word vomit I did last week seemed to work for the podcast on Friday, so I’m doing it again.

I fear I will be extra harsh today because I’m still riding the high from the Aussie Survivor finale, so I apologize in advance.

Here we go:

  • Please please let this episode be good
  • Bhanu is breaking down in real time
  • Okay, Kenzie, Q and Tiffany might be good players if they could get off of this tribe
  • Can we pleaaaase have a swap, Jeffs?!
  • Hmm, an at camp reward challenge?
  • I hate that the castaway’s hunger is such a storyline in US Survivor
  • This song break is kind of cute
  • They shouldn’t be this gobsmacked by a reward? Like, what is happening.
  • This show is too short for any real gameplay. Or getting to know anyone minus those with big personalities.
  • Siga and the group idol hunt
  • Oh, not an at camp challenge. Womp womp. I got excited for an actually cool twist.
  • Great, an obstacle course with digging where they throw things at targets. How creative.
  • Fish look healthy though
  • I would definitely practice rowing if I ever went on this show
  • And I would employ someone to tie rows and rows of difficult knots so that I can practice untying them
  • Hunter is a challenge beast
  • Yanu wins something!!
  • Nami also wins.
  • I love the glimpse into the castawways’ home lives
  • Bhanu’s coaching sessions
  • I mean this as a compliment: Ben reminds me of Pauly Shore.
  • I love this fake beware advantage hunt
  • Moriah feels winner-y
  • I like getting to see more from the other tribes and not just Yanu
  • Moriah doesn’t know how to jump?! Brains are so interesting.
  • Immunity!: a water obstacle course where the winner is determined by throwing things at baskets
  • Get it, Hunter
  • I love Siga cheering Mo on!
  • Yanu to tribal again. Big surprise.
  • This is touching, but probably would have hit so much harder had the editors not spent the last few episodes making the audience hate Bhanu.
  • This is such a weird ending.
  • This season is such a non-event.
  • Bhanu is gone. Without a vote even.
  • So weird.

Ugh. The preview for next week even looks boring.

Community (Netflix)

I don’t just not hate Britta, I feel like I am Britta. You know what though? I can say this about each and every character.

Some more than others, of course.

Also, the “My Dinner with Andre” episode is one of my favorites.

The Great Pottery Throwdown (Max)

I have pulled out two slabs of clay for Mickey and I to work with this week. I’ll let you know how my Tracy Morban (An Aware Wolf) statue making goes.

The Americans (Hulu)

Fourth season is DONE, dudes and it was honestly one of the best, most ‘prestige drama’ cliffhangers I’ve seen onscreen. It didn’t end on drama for drama’s sake, but it did end in such a way that you were really wondering what happened.

I’m glad I didn’t have to wait.

I can’t believe how into this show I still am.

p.s. I am really into Philip and Elizabeth’s new looks. New characters, too I guess, if we’re being technical about it.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

I’m loving all these throwback guest stars I’m seeing. Last week it was Cree Summer as the librarian. This week we had Fresh Prince‘s Tatiyana Ali!

Again, as always, my heart belongs to Ava the most.

HOWEVER, I am very much enjoying the Melissa and Jacob messarounds.

Mad Men (AMC+)

I am worried that on this watch through I will have mad sympathy for Megan Draper. She hasn’t even hit the screen and I can feel it coming.

Australian TV

Survivor Season 9: Titans vs. Rebels

MY FUCKIN’ BOY DID IT!!!!!! It feels like a rare thing that one of the people I like most in the first episode is the actual winner. I think the only thing that might have made me happier is if my chaoitic weasel won instead. I feel like Raymond will be back in another season.

Feras, too. We need a George vs. Feras head to head season, obviously.

For now, though, I’ll settle for Feras and Raymond’s turn as a The Amazing Race: Australia team.


Anatomy of a Fall (Hulu)

This is a rewatch.

Here’s what my brain does with movies it gets real excited about: It finds it hard to concentrate on it for a first viewing. So, like, I know I liked it (and in the case of this particular film, LOVED it), but I couldn’t put to words why.

So that’s what I’m going for this time. Plus, I get to watch Messi’s award winning acting job again. What a puppers!

I’m taking notes with paper and pen and will leave any relevant thoughts here.

Okay, well, the notes started well enough, but 20 minutes in, I abandoned them, because I got all the way sucked in and just watched instead.

This is one of the most compelling courtroom dramas I’ve ever watched.


2023 World Gymnastics Championships

This is the year Brazil did the thing, y’all.

First team medal in an international competition.

Individual medals.

I cannot WAIT to see them soar at the Olympics this year.


Hot Ones (YouTube)

I watch almost every episode of this. Sean Evans is possibly the best interviewer on air now. He asks questions I actually want to know the answers to and not just the same questions all the other press people are asking.

Plus, I felt a hefty amount of chemistry between Gwyneth and Sean Evans on her episode. Was I the only one?!


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