Watch List – March 25-31, 2024: I See Your Value Now


Palm Royale (AppleTV+)

I don’t know the word for it, but the vibe of this show is so unique. Everyone is playing a caricature instead of a character. But here’s the thing, while normally that would annoy me to the point of not watching another episode, I think it works for this one.

Plus, it is a literal visual feast. And an audioable (audible?) feast, too!!

I’m still invested in the story and the team seems to be doing a good job of ending each week on a cliffhanger, but not one that only exists for the sake of drama. It’s all just really working for me.

Plus, I am so excited for Carol Burnett’s character to wake up so that her and Kristen Wiig can play offa each other. The thought of it makes my brain so horny.

So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu)


One round of choreo?! This is moving so fast.


I am very interested to see how the Elhers-Danlos wheelchair girl interprets this choreo.

I’d rather see more rounds of choreo than this seemingly unnecessary judging table content. Okay good, looks like they listened. I think they might be dancing to the White Stripes.

I can’t get over how many folks are dancing in jeans. Seems like it would limit movement.

They did dance to “Seven Nation Army”!!!!! Choreo is fantastic and I love it.

The wheelchair girl (note to self find her name) did not make it to the second round of choreography.

I hope the Sarah Sherman girl makes it (Olivia, I think. I am still learning names.)

If they had any sense, they would pick four people in the first round of cuts and six in the second so that there is a big surprise in the end.

But no, they picked all eight.

So that means there are two spots left. Are they gonna bring everyone else in two by two? Nope, all the rest of the eight at once. Yikes. Way to build suspense.

I do not like watching top ten Avery working through so much pain. Her future should be more important than this. I hope she takes care of herself.

Okay this preview is getting me hype for the rest of the season.

Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

Here comes the word vomit for this disappointing show.

  • ”We’re the worst tribe in Survivor history.” EVERY SEASON A TRIBE SAYS THIS!
  • Are we gonna have another medevac with Ben?!
  • Did they all get matching socks on the green tribe?
  • Salsa lessons?
  • What’s a dirty Shirley Temple?
  • Idol hunts are exhausting
  • Hunter finds the beware advantage
  • Q seems depressed.
  • This is episode 5 and this would be the third vote at tribal. Seems so weird.
  • Another quit?! I feel like this every episode.
  • “I’m willing to pass out and die before I quit” – Q
  • “What are y’all talking about?” montage was fun
  • I might like Tim? Talking to Tiki man.
  • Oh look an obstacle course where they have to throw things at targets at the end. How unusual!
  • Oh great another “In addition” reward. Pastries and a watermelon and pineapple.
  • Longest tribe with no flint – new era
  • Okay, Tevin, you are doing a good job, buddy.
  • What is this challenge music? It sounds like a circus nightmare.
  • Hunter wins the challenge again. He is the only acceptable winner in my mind at this point.
  • Yanu wins first immunity of the season – Siga to tribal
  • Is Kenzie getting a winner edit?
  • Jesus fucking christ another journey
  • Why do the Yanu folks keep blabbing their mouths during the journey?!
  • Testing Survivor knowledge. Only one person can do it. Hunter takes it.
  • What the fuck? Who can arrange logos in order?
  • I do like watching Hunter’s logic during this dumb challenge. He got 8 out of 20.
  • Jem has no vote – the beware advantage is a math puzzle.
  • Jem got the idol. Now she has a vote.
  • I don’t understand why getting rid of Ben? Ben is good!!!
  • I still like Ben. He has no vote.
  • I honestly do not care about these people. What has happened to this show makes me so sad.
  • I hate this tribal council set so much. It looks like a hotel lobby. Like a failed themed hotel.
  • I think Jem made a mistake not playing her idol.
  • She did.
  • Bye Jem.
  • I’m glad though, cause Ben is one of the only characters I care about.

My thoughts on the previews for next week: Merge? Or Mergatory?

Community (Netflix)

Okay, first off. Netflix (and other streaming services) have removed the Dungeons & Dragons epsiode of this show. But they are fine with Pierce’s hand puppets (pictured above)?! In my eyes, this is way more problematic and embarassing.

I have real problems with Jeff Winger on this watch through. He’s so mean to his friends, but they coming back after the mean. This show really is a study (room) in humanity.

We have temporarily paused watching The Americans this week in order to power-watch the eff out of Community before it goes offa Netflix. We want them to pay as much as possible for this gem of a show.

Also I hate the fucking puppet episode with a thousand burning fires.

We finished last night with 30 minutes to spare before the show left Netflix forever. I forget every single time how emotional the finale is. It’s two tissues worth at least.

p.s. If you would like to watch the Dungeons and Dragons episode (on of the best/most important of the series), it is still available to stream on Amazon Prime.

The Great Pottery Throwdown (Max)

We did not make our Tracy the Aware Wolfs, yet. But I am still watching this and getting mad inspired each and every episode. I wish there was somewhere to try wheel throwing near me.

The Americans (Hulu)

We are not watching this until Community is removed from Netlfix… or we finish it. Whichever comes first.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

No episode this week, I guess they were on Spring Break. sadface

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn

Ok, we started a late night Thursday session of Australian Survivor School with my friend costume designer Aubrey Hess and introducing someone new to this remains one of my favorite things to do.

There is one contestant on this season that I am so vocal about my hate that I am unable to contain it. I told Aubrey, “Normally, I try my best to keep my feelings about the players as close to my chest as possible because I can’t stand this castaway. He reminds me of my ex!”

It is a strong and visceral feeling and I cannot control it.


Road House (Amazon Prime)

You know what? This was fun. The camera angles annoyed me a bit for some of the fight scenes, but Jake Gyllenhaal was oddly perfect for this role. It was like Donnie Darko kept brooding but also got swole.


No gymnastics this week. It’s been a weird one.


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