Watch List – March 4-10, 2024: The Oscar Goes to…


Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

You know? This season is full of bullies, which are completely different than villains, which is what they are trying to be.

I bitch about this a lot on our podcast and am just frustrated in general with US Survivor.

Community (Netflix)

No movies or other shows were tripping our trigger the other day while we were eating lemon cake with lemon frosting, so I suggested “something familiar, like Community”.

We started over at Season 1 and I I tear up every time I remember 6 seasons and a movie is coming to fruition. They start filming this year.

Every time I watch a familiar show like this or Mad Men, I find myself focusing on or sympathizing with a different character. This time it’s Britta, who is definitely not the worst. I relate to her a lot, but I think didn’t even admit it to myself because of that repeated cry.

She’s real relatable, y’all.

The Great Pottery Throwdown (Max)

Starting season 3 and meeting a whole new set of potters!! I told my ceramics class about this show and it was so cute to see how they all remembered. One made a not in their phone and said, “I think I have that app”. One wrote down a note on a scrap of paper and said, “I will ask my grandson how to do that.” And the other I am thinking about inviting over to watch a season because she didn’t have access to it.

Is it weird to ask your ceramics teacher over to watch television? I don’t know how to navigate the world anymore. Did I ever?

There is a new host?! I don’t remember this happening!!!

The Americans (Hulu)

We started a new season and Dylan Baker has shown up.

I have a mental block with him because in the late 90s I became obsessed with the filmmaker Todd Solondz. It started with recognizing myself in Dawn Weiner in Welcome to the Dollhouse and stuck the first time (and many, many, many times after that) that I watched Happiness.

In Happiness, Dylan Baker plays a (spoiler alert) child molester and it is really hard to see him in any other light. He was *that* good in that movie. I can’t in good conscience recommend anyone else watch it. It’s a dark AF movie, but it has always had my heart.

Probably because that is also where I became obsessed with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. This was also my favorite Jon Lovitz performance in history. Also, people always said I reminded them of Jane Adams and I only knew her from this movie for the longest time so that made me feel slightly offended.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

This was a rerun this week, so I just rewatched the new episode while I made a pom pom. sadface.

The Traitors (Peacock)

Okay, this is all done now and here are my reactions to the finale.These are coming in real time, so beware of spoilers.

  • The scream I scrumpt when Trishelle came through the door at breakfast. I cannot believe I am somehow rooting on her.
  • The CT and Sandra team up is good. I like that this is boiling down to a Sandra vs. Kate showdown.
  • I still love Kate.
  • I wonder if The Amazing Race is angry that this show is using the term “detour”.
  • Sandra not helping with the Detours is gonna make her get banished or whatever
  • Or will Kate trying all these combinations make her get banished?
  • This honestly looks like a very fun, reality-tv-dangerous journey.
  • I feel like a Faithful has to win this year.
  • Honestly, I will be fine with anyone winning this – aside from MJ. I’m just meh on her.
  • Trishelle has so many people trusting her.
  • If Kate pulls this off…
  • She diiiiiiiiid. OMG. I hope she wins it alll.
  • But it would also be satisfying for Trishelle and CT to take it all and share it.
  • Alan Cumming is just a dream of a host. I adore his bejeweled cape.
  • Kate fucked herself by voting to end the game and saying she believed they were all faithfuls, even though someone was murdered the night before.
  • What a classy exit.
  • WOAH TRISHELLE. CT?! Damn that is cold.
  • Ok but then she came through.
  • Poor MJ.
  • I am happy with this ending and it seems like Alan Cumming is too.

I will watch next season for sure. Please cast George from Australian Survivor. And Shonee. Hell, go ahead and throw in Simon and Feras while you’re at it.

I didn’t watch the reunion though because I was too eager to watch my pottery show.

Australian TV

Survivor Season 9: Titans vs. Rebels

One of the tribal councils left me barely breathing this week. THAT, THAT is how you do a secret advantage.

Earlier in this week’s lump of episodes (there are three per week, in case you didn’t know), I wrote down the note, “Raymond is one of the most chaotic good players I’ve seen on Survivor”.

And now both Molls and I agree that he is now a lil evil weasel. Except we mean it as a compliment.

THIS. HAS. BEEN. A. ROLLERCOASTER. and I do not want it to end.

Season 8: Brains vs. Brawn

We have finished this season and boy is the end good. It was fun to rewatch this season, because I got to focus on the winner’s game, since I’m not all caught up in the drama. They played incredibly and I was completely blinded by another, bigger personality on this season.

We’re starting Aussie Survivor School (two semesters) on Thursdays at 10pm. Let me know if you wanna get in on this.


The Iron Claw

I thought this movie was going to be a bit lighter than it was for some reason. I didn’t know the full story of this family, so I thought it was gonna be, like, a simple “woohoo wrasslin’ drama!” movie, but it… was not. It was not at all.

By the end of this I was fully expecting our main character to actively die in the ring in an extremely dramatic way. Hoo-boy!

All of the acting was A+. Harrison Dickinson is going to be a STAR.

Poor Things (Hulu)

I watched this almost immediately when I saw it was available on Hulu. Almost immediately. I calmed myself down first and watched an episode of Community (see above), but then I said, “LET’S WATCH POOR THINGS”.

I was ready to fall in love with Bella Baxter all over again and I did.

I also thought about the split I’ve seen in reactions on this movie from a few different online sources – some women, like me, love it and feel a kinship with Bella Baxter. Others, find it to be exploitative. And that’s easy to dismiss as “they didn’t ‘get’ the movie. But I think there might be more to it than that.

I wonder if those people, like me, who love Bella and this movie were the ones that felt victimized or exploited by men at some point or points, so this movie felt familiar to us. Those who didn’t like it, maybe they didn’t find that feeling relatable. In fact that made them uncomfortable enough to not like the movie. If this is the case, I’m jealous of them for knowing only wonderful male specimens. We should all be so lucky. <3

I think about weird shit when I watch movies.

Maggie Moore(s) (Hulu)

This movie was fine. It felt like a silly excuse for Tina Fey and Jon Hamm to hang out while John Slattery yelled at them (he was the director). They have great comedic timing together, so their scenes were fun to watch.

The rest of the script was kind of messy though and it kind of made me sad to think about all the unproduced scripts out there that don’t get made in favor of blips like this. (A blip is the opposite of a bop in my brain).

Even though I looked this up and the writer of this movie is the same person who is responsible for the Halloweentown franchise. Goddang I loved watching that when D was growing up.

Bottoms (Amazon Prime)

Tonight when I was deciding what to watch while I ate my grilled cheeses, I flipped trhough a couple things and nothing was tripping my trigger. Then I saw Bottoms was available on Amazon brain and nothing less would do it for my brain.

This movie gives me such hope that the classic 1990s black comedy is making a comeback. It was one of my favorite cinema genres of all time.

I paid attention to the music this time (I’m embarrassed to say I’ve watched this one a lot already) and it’s honestly just as silly and satirical as the rest of the movie.

It all just works together wonderfully.


2022 US World Championships

I found the BEST stream for this – it was the BBC and they were so positive. They weren’t telling me who was screwing up and how.

They were telling me about the expected moves. Even better, they expressed disappointment and said things like, “Aww, man. That must be so disappointing for them!”. Instead of what I hear from Tim Daggett and crew where they just harp and harp and harp on mistakes.

It was an A+ watch and I will see them out for my YouTube Gymnastics needs in the future.


96th Annual Academy Awards (FuboTV)

I got a Fubo TV trial so I could watch the Oscars and I’ll report on what that is like here too.

Fubo TV was fine as a platform and I would use it for this purpose again.

I can’t say the same thing for Jimmy Kimmel as a host, though. He was so milquetoast and boring, while at the same time making some unnecessarily mean jokes to people I love, like Emma Stone and RDJ.

I am THRILLED The Zone of Interest won for Best Sound. I was even more thrilled that I had two friends in the chat room on Twitch to celebrate with me.



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