Watch List – April 15-21, 2024: The Greasy Fallout



Okay, this has started amazingly and Kyle MacLachlan is a perfect human being.

I am writing this at three episodes in and so far, it’s great,

I’m gonna try my best to write about this show as someone who has never played the games because I’m the TV person, not the video game person.

I offered Mickey word space here if he wanted to write about how it compares to the video games. So far, though, based on all the pausin’, I think the show is translating very well.

As a drama, I’m into it. I want to know what happens next. I care about the characters. And the aesthetics are moody and perfect.

But sometimes the aesthetics are shiny and happy (and still perfect).

I was very taken with the scenery and had my fingers crossed that it was not CGI. I was ecstatic to find out that it is not. This show was filmed on location in a few different places, including Namibia, New York, Utah, and Vegas.

And whatever CGI the show does use, really works for it. Since its roots are in a video game, the CGI doesn’t feel out of place.

This is gonna be a fast watch, too. I bet I don’t even get two weeks outta writing this.

Here is another thing I learned about the show – the first three episodes were directed by Christopher Nolan’s little brother Jonathan. That explains the elevated vibe, for sure.


The score is impeccable. Ramjin Dijwadi is practically begging me to add this playlist to my soundtrack rotation.

We finished it. It was all good, all the way. I vote watch it.

Palm Royale (AppleTV+)

Didn’t have a chance to make time for this one this week – that means two episodes next!

So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu)

There is a new episode this week! Woohoo!!

They made music videos, splitting up into groups of 5 with two different choreographers: Phillip and Makenzie Chbeeb and Luther Brown. At the end of it, they picked the bottom four and made them “Dance for their Life!”

The two female dancers didn’t dance hard enough and I had to say goodbye to my “Sarah Sherman” dancer.

The Americans (Hulu)

We have started the final season and I am worried about everyone. But mostly Oleg and Paige.

Mostly Oleg.

And I am so annoyed at Phillip in general, which is odd for me, cause normally he’s just a big old crush. Matthew Rhys is IT and I can’t believe I slept on him so long.

One of the things I love about Phillip is his natural hair – it looks like real person hair, not celebrity hair.

This final season of this show is tense in the same way that the finale season of Breaking Bad was tense. I don’t want it to be over, but I know it will be soon.

It’s over.

This show goes immediately on my top ten drama list.

It was good all the way through. No draggy parts.

It will be one I will rewatch again and again.

I will never think about Keri Russell as “Felicity” ever again. She will always be Nadezhda in my heart.

Also, attention The Americans showrunners: I would watch a 30-minute series that is just Elizabeth, Paige, and Margo Martindale’s character having their Russian immersion lessons. These scenes are some of my favorites in this final season. Paige is really coming into her own while Elizabeth seems to be totally falling apart.

Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

Let’s see what Jeffs “HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE”.

p.s. spoilers abound

  • I still get very good vibes from Ben – he’s real authentic
  • Q stressed me out as a player so much
  • I think I say that every way
  • Okay, who was really in charge of getting Soda out? Tim? Venus? LIZ?!
  • The editing on the opening credits is better than the editing in the entire show
  • The Q skirt
  • Do you think Charlie would have gone on the show if it was the same time as a Taylor Swift album release?
  • Charlie is a pretty good narrator – especially in his confessionals
  • Playing hide and seek?
  • Solid hiding spots so far
  • Hunter up in the tree
  • Venus’ commentary throughout is great
  • Ben was HIDDEN
  • I would not want to be friends with Q, he is reading so much into every little single thing. I’d be afraid to say a word or play a game, lest it be misinterpreted… and I’m pretty guilty of that already, so I might just be silent
  • But this is a game for a million bucks, maybe he is different in person.
  • Where did they get paint?! (painting checkerboard)
  • They are still trying to figure out who’s idea the Soda vote? Yikes
  • Oh god are they setting up a Liz win?
  • Again, Q is such a stressful player to watch
  • Ooh, a challenge! Is it a reward, Jeffs?!
  • Nope. Immunity.
  • Holding onto a pole. =/
  • Earning food. This is worse than an “in addition” reward
  • Four players have to sit out. Who is doing it?
  • OR two people can agree to give up their votes.
  • No one wants to sit out
  • Q does! Liz does! No one else does.
  • No deal, no reward. Lammmmme
  • This feels like the show is helping people get used to accepting less and less
  • Q & Liz out, then Kenzie, then Ben, then Maria, then Tiff, then Tevin
  • Venus looks solid
  • Charlie ain’t got this.
  • Dee’s big toe would have helped her be the winner here
  • Damn, Venus is out. Charlie and Hunter are still hanging in, literally.
  • I want to see Jeff get up on that pole
  • Charlie trying to get some rice there at the end? It didn’t work
  • Hunter winning and then showing off. Not a good look dood.
  • Maybe this is where his path to the end begins. I’ll be so mad. SO MAD.
  • This is a lot of words for a show I am this annoyed at
  • They are trying t blindside Tiffany so that means she will not be going home
  • Okay maybe they are setting Liz up for a win
  • Venus is very observant.
  • Watching this cast plan a vote is infuriating and doesn’t really make for good TV
  • Something about the editing makes it hard AF to follow
  • The music at tribal is so noncongruent. It doesn’t match what is happening on screen
  • WTF is Q doing? I feel like there has been a “quit threat”, like, every episode this season
  • Tevin is very well-spoken in this episode. He must be going home
  • Yeah, this feels like they are setting up a Liz win.
  • Do I say that someone different is getting a winner’s edit each week? I can’t even remember
  • And the contestants saying “Dumbest tribal ever” YES
  • Shit Tevin is going home. =(
  • Tevin is freaking out externally (and internally probably)

Next week: people yell at and about Q.

Saturday Night Live (Peacock)

Ryan Gosling got everyone high before this episode, yes? I haven’t seen so many breaks since Jimmy Fallon was a cast member.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

Now this was a GOOD episode. I laughed, I cried, I went through all the emotions, which is everything an AE episode should be.

The opening scene had me dead with its perfect sendup of The Bear which keeps stealing the “Best Comedy” award away from Abbott.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Carmy, I love The Bear, but a comedy, it is not. I wish the awards shows would create two new categories – 30-minute drama and 60-minute comedy. That way shows are getting their due in the category they actually deserve it in.

I loved this week’s Ava-heavy storyline this week and was happy to see her come out on top in the end.

How many more episodes do I have left in this season before I have to wait TOO LONG for a new one?

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn

We are taking a short two-week hiatus on this, because the amazingly talented Aubrey is working on a show in the evenings, and making that money is important, y’all.

I’m glad we got that banger of a tribal council in before the break though.

Hey, this gives YOU a chance to get caught up before we continue with episode 7- the tribal councils stay being amazing this season. Hit me up if you wanna join us!


The Greasy Strangler (Amazon)

Molls has been on me to watch this for a couple of weeks now, but those couple weeks have been WEIRD. If you read my Maeve Binchy blogs, you know. So, I told her we’d watch it together on Friday after we record our podcast!

Here are my thoughts!

Well, this was among the weirdest movies I’ve watched in my life and I truly liked it.

I am quite unsure how to explain it, though, so my best suggestion is to go in completely blind like I did.

There is a lot of nudity and language and repeated lines, but they feel comforting, like you wanna yell them out at a midnight showing.

I’m gonna make someone else watch this with me someday in the future. I just don’t know who yet.

It is on Amazon Prime. If you watch it, please let me know, so we can talk about it.

But don’t judge me for liking it, ‘kay? I like weird stuff.


Coachella Weekend 2 (YouTube)

I said I was gonna blog about this, and I did! Here it is.

Here is who I discovered on this Coachella watch:

  • Clown Core
  • Jungle
  • DJ Snake (I knew him already, but his set was AWESOME)

I also watched No Doubt and Blur. I stayed for No Doubt, but peaced out of Blur pretty quickly. I found them to be the wrong vibe for the location.

HOWEVER, I did very much enjoy Ice Spice.

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  1. James Simmons

    I binge watched Fallout last week. I loved it and I’m extremely excited they have announced that there will be a Season 2.

    Some of the hardcore gamers hated it because it broke canon. Well, boo-hoo! If I wanted to watch a movie based on somebody’s play through of a game I’d watch Gitch TV. They kept the interesting and entertaining Fallout world without a bunch of game stuff that many may find boring and dull. But I like that they did explain some of the history that wasn’t explained in the game.

    I loved the cinematography, the effects, the soundtrack, but most of all, I loved the characters. They had their own personalities and they were genuinely likable. Even the Ghoul, as bad and mean as he could be, was likable and you actually care what happens to him. And the real villains of the show are despicable and cannot wait to see them get what they deserve.

    I also love the humor that is thrown in at some of the most unexpected moments; “cock explode”, “sex slave”, and “death sentence”… I didn’t want to give away any complete spoilers yet because for anybody that has not watched the series, I 100% recommend it.

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