Watch List – April 8-14, 2024: David MF’ing Jolly


Palm Royale (AppleTV+)

So the photo above has nothing to do with what I’m about to wax poetically, uh, about, but I had to take a moment for the fashion – just look at this. I love everything happening here.

One thing that I truly love about this show is the father/daughter combo of Bruce and Laura Dern. My brain didn’t even make the connection before Mickey pointed it out. This sounds like the dumbest thing when I try to explain it, but, like, I knew they shared a last name, I even knew they were father and daughter, I knew she played a character, I knew he played a character, I knew they were father and daughter, I knew they shared scenes together, but somehow I didn’t connect how beatifully they were working together. Father and daughter playing father and daughter.

Their love for each other was so obvious and apparent in this last episode in particular. In what was probably the most emotional moon landing episode of television, Laura and Bruce’s characters tripped on LSD as the astronauts landed on the moon. It was a beautiful scene and I honestly don’t know how either of them got through it.

I’m enjoying this show. It’s a weird vibe, but once my brains switches over to it, I’m all in. I love what Kirstin Wiig is doing here. And, of course, Carol Burnett keeps getting better, especially know that we can tell what at least one of the words she’s trying to say is.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the story shakes out. Hopefully, Apple TV will give them a season two, because I’d love to spend some more time with these characters.

So You Think You Can Dance (Hulu)

I am about to give up on this show, because it feels like a month since I watched an episode. No new episode again this week.

The Americans (Hulu)

If anything happens to Oleg I will cry. That is about where I am right now. Phillip is annoying me. Mostly because he doesn’t want his very smart and very ambitious son to go to a private school. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for Henry.

Also, I think Stan’s partner is the smartest FBI agent in the show. I’m also rooting for him. Which seems weird, because he feels like the wrong side to root for in the show. Which feels wrong, too, because if I’m not rooting for the American FBI, does that mean I am rooting on the Russians?!

Survivor Season 46 (Paramount Plus)

I probably am doing myself a disservice by watching US Survivor on the same night that I watch Australian Survivor with Aubrey. It’s so hard to get through and it makes me so sad. Let’s see what makes me sad about it today!

p.s. spoilers abound

  • Okay, the title is “Episode Several” and that is actually kind of funny. I see you, Jellinsky.
  • Oh also, I found out that Hunter did a mid-season interview with Entertainment Weekly. He is the ONLY castaway that did this. If he wins, I will riot. What an obvious move from the production team.
  • Everything feels like filler.
  • I’m rooting for you, Venus
  • I know I am dumb for saying this, but I hope there is a reward challenge today
  • Also, if Charlie wins, I will be convinced that Taylor Swift is nothing more than a marketing tool
  • The new tribe name is NuiNui
  • What is wrong with Ben?
  • Panic attack, and we’re showing Kenzie step in as a hero. I’m still convinced she’s getting a winner’s edit
  • ”Nui” means “hope” in Fijian, so I guess the new tribe name is “Hope Hope”?
  • It’s challenge time! There are picnic benches for some reason.
  • Triangular platform balancing.
  • Let’s see how ugly this immunity necklace is.
  • Oh, not bad. I actually kind of like it. It looks like red berries.
  • Divide into random tribes of 6, two people win immunity, two people go home
  • ”In addition” reward – longest player wins coffee and breakfast stuff and the chance to go to tribal second
  • Only the second person voted out makes the jury
  • Dee would have done great at this challenge. Big toe gang!
  • No one knows how to do the alphabet game. I see you, Q.
  • I do like the color on all of Kenzie’s tats. It’s really vibrant.
  • Why are they just casually standing on the top? It seems easier than the other footholds? This challenge annoys me.
  • I would stand sideways in second position. This challenge seems too easy.
  • Kenzie wins immunity.
  • It’s between Tevin and Maria for the final immunity spot. Maria gets it.
  • Okay, so my podcast prediction of Hunter going undefeated in individual immunity challenges is wrong.
  • Mickey: “You should just apply and say, ‘I’m here to fix Survivor!!’”.
  • Also, I see production hit up the Costco breakfast pastry section
  • OOooh are they getting rid of HUNTER?! This would be a move.
  • Ben is a more social player than Hunter, but I think it would be dumb to not get Hunter out while they have a chance.
  • Big fan of the post-meal overhead shot. That was lovely.
  • Oh god with the Shot in the Dark shit. It has been played correctly once, right? IT IS NOT A GOOD BIT OF GAMEPLAY
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There are too many advantages. It is too hard to keep track of. Keep it simple, Jeffs.
  • We are having 90-minute episodes that are 25 minutes of commercials. Feels pointless.
  • I think Venus is kind of playing like an Australian player
  • Also, I feel like Maria is becoming a player this episode
  • BATS
  • Q is stressing me TF out
  • Kenzie is definitely getting a finalist or winner edit, IMO
  • Ok, Kenzie’s buff hair bow is so adorable. I love it. Excellent style choice
  • Yeah, Kenzie is growing on me
  • Q can GTFO though, jesus. I know if he wins I will make money, but ooooof
  • TIM?! I don’t get it, but I’m glad it wasn’t Ben
  • Okay, next tribal.
  • I hope Venus is safe. Maria too, for now. And Charlie, so my Swiftie theory can still live.
  • Liz can go away, though. If she does go away, she won’t even have her bag.
  • Why are the bags such a big deal though? Why are their old stinky clothes so important?
  • Why is the music so loud at tribal? Are they trying to manufacture drama?
  • Okay bye Soda
  • Big fan of Soda’s open emotions here

What’s up for next week? Let’s see. Hunter up in a tree?

”Never seen anything like this” – Jeff

Knowing this season, they probably found a weird bug or something.

Saturday Night Live (Peacock)

The Kristin Wiig episode was iconic. I really wanted to see her movie reviewer Weekend Update character review Poor Things, but I guess that movie wasn’t mainstream enough.

I did appreciate how well they used the many guest stars in this episode, but kind of wish they didn’t have them. Kristin is enough to stand on her own.

Abbott Elementary (Hulu)

I feel kinds of bad/sad saying this, but this was only a meh episode. It is still leaps and bounds above most network TV comedies, though, so it was still great.

It was just missing something from it. Or maybe it is because they seemed to focus a bit on the Janine and Gregory relationship and I’m not in it for the romance.

Australian TV

Survivor Season 6 (or 8 depending who you ask): Brains vs. Brawn, episodes 5&6

One of my favorite, ‘character’-changing moments of this season happened tonight. I am writing this before we watch, but I wanted to slide in with some cry predicitions. I will cry, Mickey might get allergies, but I think Aubrey will be dry-eyed. I’ll be back later to explain the episode and how right I was, okay?

Okay I am back and we have watched it. First thing, I need to handle some episode 5 housecleaning – GFTO and good riddance to you, Mitch. I will not miss your face and insistence in participating in challenges that aren’t suited to you. Not one bit.

Second thing, I only got teary and the rest of ‘em were just into it. That episode 6 tribal council is something special for sure. I love the way these Australian Survivor folks play.

Here is a new feature I am adding called “stories we have made up about the people on this season”:

  • All of their clothes are from Australian Target
  • Gerald spends most of his time outside the game at a country club
  • Joey = Every Single Joey You’ve Ever Known Played By Matthew Lillard
  • Baden is Australian Daniel Craig
  • George is a plant from Target on account of all the times he thinks someone is Targeting him

I am sure there are more of these to come – we’re only six episodes in!


Sr. (Netflix)

Full disclosure, we watched this last week, while we still had Netflix. This is a documentary about Robert Downey Jr.’s dad, who they affectionately call “Sr.”. The first part of the film is hella inspiring and the second half is hella sad.


Kill Tony with David Jolly and Kam Patterson

So, we just popped this on the other day, because we love David Jolly. He is literally one of my favorite people on the planet. He is naturally hysterical and his laugh is one of the most contagious I’ve ever heard. He’s recently had some luck on Kill Tony in Austin and I couldn’t be happier for him.

A few months ago, he was on the panel with Tony and the team (so was Kam Patterson). It’s been so fun to watch him take in other people’s comedy. Tony is really good about talking to his guests until he can find some sort of good in them… and for some of them it feels preety difficult to do.

Jolly is shining, even when he offered to sing “Billie Jean” despite not knowing the words one bit.

And weirdly enough, suit kid from that Walking Dead show I was watching a few months ago was one of the bucket pulls. His comedy was …not good. In fact, I just thought he was some random open mic douche until Tony began the interview part.

Then this douche wearing a t-shirt for a hat said he was the voice of Leonardo in the new TMNT movie (which, if you’ve read this… I LOVED). I, of course, immediately IMDB-ed him, only to discover this excuse for a comedian was none other than suit kid.

Tony spent enough time with him to make him feel likable and gave him some really solid advice about being himself onstage.

Sam Tallent’s Wide World (YouTube)

I don’t know how to explain this, but I do think you should watch it if you loved the weird bumpers on Adult Swim along with the most weird of the shows.

Sam Tallent is a, uh, talent of a generation. I am glad it is mine (I think).

Coachella (YouTube)

I’m gonna write a whole separate blog about this.


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